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In Aviator, the “doubling” strategy is one of the most popular. There is no need to make forecasts or wait for signals. In many ways, the players in the former Aviator choose this tactic because of simplicity. How does it work?

The secret of the popularity of the option is that you will be able to win back all the defeats by winning at least one round. At a long distance, the tactics in the former Aviator work perfectly.

Aviator strategy x1.1

This strategy is similar to the “no rush” tactic, but here we will withdraw money when the multiplier x1.1 is reached. Another difference is to correctly conclude one bet by activating automatic withdrawal. This will allow you not to miss the right moment. As soon as the funds are in the account, you will hear a beep. With the help of the algorithm, you can increase the bank by 2 times in a few hours.

Game fork in Aviator startegies

In each round of Aviator, a player can make 2 bets at once. This can be used. The first of them (x2) will allow you not to go into the negative, and the second (x4-x5) — to win money and increase the pot. If everything is done correctly, you will not need any forecasts or signals, since this is a win-win option, although it takes a lot of time.

Aviator 3-to-1 strategy

This option has not been a secret for all casino players for a long time. This is another algorithm for the game with the former name Aviator, which will require 2 bets. One will be 3 times larger than the other. We will put a large amount on a multiplier of x1.4, and we will catch x10 on a smaller one. Even if the second one is lost, the first one will cover the losses. As statistics show, it is better to use tactics when high multipliers do not come across for a long time. Therefore, do not forget to conduct an analysis based on history.

Aviator game: strategy how to play and is it possible to win

Aviator game is quite simple, and it can be played even by those users who do not have much experience in online casinos. To get started, you need to register with 1Win and top up your balance. After that, open the application from the Games section and go to the latest results of the rounds.

The secret of success in Aviator is to correctly make predictions for the game based on patterns from previous rounds. Pay attention to the multipliers, the amounts that the winning users bet, and other signals. Analyze the data until you choose a tactic that is best suited in this situation. Correctly made forecasts will help to win much more often, without allowing the bank to drain.

The main idea of the tactic is to make a cashout on small coefficients, for example, on x1.2. The chance that the plane will crash at the very start is not so great, and you will be able to gradually increase the amount of winnings. In addition, this tactic is perfect if you don’t have a lot of money on deposit.

Moderate risk in Aviator

If you are not strapped for funds and are ready for a more substantial risk, try a moderate risk tactic. It practically does not differ from the previous one, but recommends doing a cash out with larger coefficients x2 and x3. They appear in the slot on average in 40% of cases. And by the way, if you notice that there have been no large coefficients in the game for a long time, you can think about switching to the tactics of large risk.

Big risk

Who does not take risks, he does not drink champagne! But we still urge you to take risks wisely and keep a sober mind. On average, a really large prize multiplier appears in the game once every 1-2 hours. Look at when the last big win was, and try to make a risky bet in an hour. Maybe you will be the next lucky one!