Factors Affecting The Dosing of CBD Products

Correct dosing is a fundamental part of reaping maximum benefits of any health and wellness products. Naturally, you want your CBD consumption to bear fruits. 

One of the easiest ways to achieve that is by taking it in the right proportions, and after the right time spaces. This therefore begs the question, “How do you ensure you take the appropriate doses?” 

Whether you are a user concerned about your amounts, or a curious person seeking to learn, this article helps you learn all you need to understand. When doing your research about a particular product, also search for where to buy CBD products near me, especially, when you are new to the area. With that said, let’s dive more into the topic. 

What is dosing?

Dosing is the act of administering a certain specific amount of medicine, nutrients or substance to a human being or animal, usually for medical purposes. 

Usually, it is done using precise metrics such as units for measuring liquids (milliliters), mass (e.g. milligrams) and frequency (three times a day)

Ever been ill and received instructions like “Take 2 pills, 3 times a day?” Well, that’s exactly what a dose is. 

Why is it important?

It is important to effectively dose your CBD intake. Doing so ensures that you take in adequate amounts of the substance to guarantee it serves the purpose for which you are taking it. Some of the reasons may be chronic pain, anxiety, depression or even inflammation.

 If you take it in amounts that are too little, it may not work. On the other hand, taking it in too high amounts may cause you to develop some of the adverse effects associated with cannabidiol such as dry mouth. 

Striking a balance on the amount to take is the ultimate way to reap all the product’s benefits while minimizing over-consumption. See more here https://betterhumans.pub/optimal-cbd-dosing-everything-you-need-to-know-fee4a85ce0db 

Factors that affect CBD Dosing 

There are certain factors that you ought to weigh out before settling on an ideal amount and frequency of your consumption. Some of these include:

1. Your body weight

For medications, doctors offer the amounts to take based on a patient’s body weight. The same applies for cannabidiol products. 

It is in milligrams (of cannabidiol) per kilogram (of the body weight). This means therefore, that persons that weigh more need to take more to achieve the same effect. 

This also depends on whether the substance needs to pass through fat to have an effect, its metabolism in the body and its rate of elimination from the body.

2. Your reason for consumption

People take cannabidiol for varying reasons. Some of them include treatment of:

  • Anxiety or depression
  • Ailments that cause chronic pain such as cancer
  • Acne and skin inflammations
  • Sleeping disorders

Some of the reasons generally, warrant the use of more of the phytocannabinoid than others. For example, you may need less of it to treat anxiety than you would to treat cancer-related symptoms.

3. Individual body functioning

Every individual body is distinct and unique from all others. The distinctions come about due to genetics, the environment, psycho emotional health, physical activity and even food intake. This therefore, means that CBD in the same amount can have an entirely different reaction on two people. 

The chemical functioning of the body also differs from person to person. As such, to effectively dosage, all aspects of an individual’s body and metabolism come into play.

4. They type and concentration of CBD products

Cannabidiol substances come in different forms. For example, you will find gels, salves, oils, vapes and even sprays. Some of the substances have a higher concentration of the hemp derived substance than others.

You should know exactly how much is in each product type in order to dose effectively. Generally, the higher the concentration, the stronger the substance hence the lower the dosage ought to be. The reverse is also true.

They type and concentration of CBD products

5. How new you are to the substance

As a general rule, you should start CBD in low dosages and gradually increase them over time. This is because CBD is foreign to the body and it may need some time to adjust. Thus, if you are entirely new to the substance, your amounts and frequency of consumption will be smaller. On the other hand, the dosages will be comparatively higher for a frequent user.

6. Substance- substance interactions

It is normal for chemicals in the body to interact. When this happens, sometimes the results are adverse. Therefore, when planning your dosages, take note on the probable interactions that may occur. What other medications, drugs or substances are you on? What is the likelihood of negative reaction between cannabidiol and those substances?

For example, alcohol often causes drowsiness. Cannabidiol sometimes has the same effect. That means that taking the two concurrently might increase the drowsy effect. In such instances, driving a vehicle or using machinery can be fatal. 

It is crucial that you talk to your doctor about any medications or substances you may be using before embarking on any cannabidiol therapy. Click here to read more.


Effective dosing of CBD is vital. It may the reason your intake either works or fails. Doing it however entails the interplay of factors relating to the weight, treatments target, body chemistry and type of products. Though there is a lot of information available on how to dose, it is important to understand that there is no one size fits all approach in this. The best way is to inform your physician about your desire to use cannabidiol, and have them assist you in setting workable amounts for you.  Most times, the amounts and frequencies are low, and increase over time. You may have to undergo some trial and error before finally getting the perfect dosage for you.