28 First Anniversary Gift Ideas

Your first anniversary is a huge milestone in your marriage. That first anniversary is worth a celebration as well as a memorable gift to mark the occasion.

Gift giving for anniversaries dates back for centuries. There are traditional gifts that couples have given each year. The gifts are chosen by a specific material. The material for the first year is paper, from there, the materials of each subsequent gift is a stronger material, representing the strengthening bond of the marriage. The 60th-anniversary gift ends with an item made from diamonds, the strongest substance.

Here are twenty-eight gift ideas for your first anniversary. Some follow the traditional paper theme while others are a more modern gift idea.

Our Top Five First Anniversary Gifts:

Where to Buy
Scratch Off World Map Poster
Our Soppy Love Story: A Journal about Us
Crystal Stemless Wine Glasses
Hand Casting Kit
Sensual Massage Oil

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28 Best First Anniversary Gift Ideas

Where to Buy
Scratch Off World Map Poster
Our Soppy Love Story: A Journal about Us
Crystal Stemless Wine Glasses
Hand Casting Kit
Sensual Massage Oil
Ann Arbor King and Queen Matching Couples T-Shirts
ThisWear Mr & Mrs Luggage Tags
Ucharge Black White Duvet Cover Set
Our Moments Couples: 100 Thought Provoking Conversation Starters
Vilight Mr. Mrs. Coffee Mugs Set
The Newlywed Cookbook by Sarah Copeland
Way out West Romantic Jar Candles Scented Set of 2
Love Kiss Passion Heart Statue Bali Abstract Art Wood Statue
Luxor Linens Couple’s Terry Cloth Bathrobe Set
Queen Size Mr. and Mrs. Pillowcase Set by Where the Polka Dots Roam
Personalized Carved Oak Clock by MRC Wood Products
1st Year Anniversary Gift Flat Circle Porcelain Ceramic Ornament by Digibuddha
Spa Gift Basket Refreshing Rose and Jasmine Fragrance by Giftational
Bamboo Cheese Board by iBambooMart
Personalized Wedding or Anniversary Cutting Board by NakedWoodWorks
Kate Posh 1 Year as Husband and Wife – Our First Paperweight and Keepsake
First Anniversary Gift for Him or Her with one down and Forever to Go
Our First Anniversary Engraved Leather Picture Frame by Kate Posh
IPIC – “Love Evergreen,” Personalized Artwork with Names and Date
Custom Catch Personalized Unique Wedding Couple Gift Blanket
Plush Picnic, Picnic Backpack
Happily Ever After: Our Wedding Anniversary Album by Nick Beilenson
Knock Knock What I Love about You Fill in the Love Journal

1. Scratch Off World Map Poster

Following the theme of paper, here is a great gift for couples who love to travel. It is a scratch off world map poster. It will help you track your memories as a couple and is a great addition to any home as a conversation starter.

The poster measures 24 inches by 17 inches. It is printed on 220GSM paper, which is a thick poster paper that can be framed or hung on its own.

The poster contains all the countries of the world. It also includes all fifty states of the United States and the Canadian provinces. It also has the flags of all the countries lining the bottom of the map.

The countries and flags are all covered in a gold coating. As you travel to different places around the world, you can use the special pick to scratch off the gold coating and reveal the colored country beneath. You can also scratch off the flags to reveal them as a list of places you have been.

In addition to the countries, the map also includes landmark drawing across the globe that include a soccer ball over Brazil and the Statue of Liberty in New York. You can also record your activities through an additional sticker pack that includes pictures of scuba diving, rock climbing and other vacation activities that can be added to the places you took part in the activity.

Your first anniversary marks the start of your life as a couple. You will hopefully have many years to come. Those years can fly by past. This map is a way to preserve the memories created each year. It is also a challenge to help encourage you as a couple to see more of the world. It is a great gift that will keep giving. It can be used as a couple and later with an entire family as you continue your world travels.


  • The gift is the traditional paper gift.

  • It is a gift that will last for years.

  • The gift is personalized to your memories.

  • It comes with extra stickers to better illustrate each vacation.


  • Some of the colors of the countries blend in with the gold overlay.

  • The map is a gift that would be only appreciated by those who enjoy traveling.

2. Our Soppy Love Story: A Journal about Us

Here is another paper gift for those who are following the traditional route for gifts. The book Our Soppy Love Story: A Journal about Us by Philippa Rice helps record every moment of your marriage as well as sparks great conversations that will deepen your relationship through laughter and thought-provoking topics.

This book was created by graphic novelist Philippa Rice. She is known for her best-selling Soppy comics. She used those comics to create this meaningful couples journal to help couples discover new things about each other every day.

The topics of the book come in a broad range. Some days it may ask you and your spouse to write down your favorite memory together. The next day it may ask you to draw your facial expression that day. There are pages for listing travel ideas and other pages for listing ideas to do when staying in together. Each page is creative, fun, and inspiring. It can be completed together or individually then shared. You will have a chance to explore your dreams, plan out your survival tactics in a zombie apocalypse, or list who is the most ticklish and other fun comparisons.

A book is a small keepsake that is easy to store. It will last a long time filled with memories from the year. When the book is completed, you can purchase another one and start over. Fifty years down the road, the books can be taken out and compared to see the progression of your relationship.


  • This gift follows the traditional paper route.

  • This is a gift that will last for years.

  • You can use this gift together.

  • It will help spark great conversations together.

  • It’s a good way to record memories and inspire new memories.


  • Some couples found the comics approach to be a little too lighthearted for their relationship.

  • Many of the topics only have room for one person to complete it instead of both to be compared.

3. Crystal Stemless Wine Glasses

An anniversary gift can also be an item that is used during your anniversary celebration. This beautiful set of anniversary wine glasses by ZAVU is a great way to incorporate your gift in your special day in order to help it become part of your memories and more sentimental.

After going out for an evening of celebrating your one year anniversary, you can come home to an expensive glass of wine purchased just for the occasion. Pair the wine with some cheese, crackers, grapes, and other light snacks as well as some of your favorite romantic tunes. You could even choose to have a glass of wine while re-watching your wedding video or going through your wedding album to relive those memories again. While the night cannot last forever, and the wine will soon be gone, the glasses can be washed and stored as a reminder of that night.

These wine glasses are stemless and are made from premium lead-free crystal. The crystal is high-quality and will last for years to come. It is also highly refractive which helps the cups to sparkle and shine. Each glass can hold up to 22 ounces. They have a 68mm rim with no lip and are 125mm high.

The glasses are both sentimental and can be personalized. Both glasses are laser engraved to say “Together Forever.” The cups also include a large, gold coin that fits into the bottom of the glass. The coin measures 40 mm and has the ZUVU logo branded on one side. The other side is left blank for your own personalized message. Personalization is not included, but can be done separately. The coin is large enough for very short messages, or a name and date.


  • This gift can be used as an add-on gift.

  • It can be personalized for your specific relationship.

  • They are high-quality glasses.

  • They can be kept for years to come.


  • Engraving is not included with the product.

  • This is not a traditional paper gift.

4. Hand Casting Kit

Hand casting kits are becoming increasingly more popular for all occasions. Your first anniversary is a great way to start this tradition in your family to record your growth and change. This hand casting kit is both fun, and is sentimental. It is an activity you can do together and will result in a keepsake that will last for years.

Hand casting in a relatively simple process. You will mix up a cement type of mixture into a bucket. You will then place your hands into the bucket. Many people will choose to hold hands for their mold. You then wait a few minutes for the outer mixture to dry. Most mixtures will turn a white when it is dry, which may take one to two minutes. You then wiggle your hand as you pull it out. A second mixture is then poured into the mold. This second mixture can be made from a wax or some other material. You then allow this second mixture to harden. Once it is hardened, you can break away the molding revealing the perfect statue of your hands forever intertwined. This can then be painted or decorated however you would like.

This hand casting kit by Discovery DIY is a complete hand casting kit with all the materials you will need from start to end. The kit is made for two people, which makes it perfect for an anniversary gift. The bucket included is large enough for two hands that are holding, or connected in some way.

The kit includes all the basics. There are large bags of each of the mixtures that are clearly marked with the step number so you know which one to use when. There are also two bags of molding and casting powders. There is also a large bucket for mixing the item in and doing the casting in.

There is also a small sample pack of each so that you can do a small sample mold before doing the real mold in order to make sure you understand the instructions correctly. An instructional video is available with the product to also help you understand the process.

This is one of the only casting kits that also provides all the protective gear necessary. There are two protective masks that can be worn to protect yourselves from breathing in any of the powder. There are also latex-free gloves that can be worn to protect your hands when mixing the materials and doing the mold.

What you do with your mold afterwards is completely up to you. This kit does, however, provide one option for preserving the mold. The kit comes with a paintbrush as well as a bronzing paint and a sealant to preserve your hands even longer.


  • This is a fun activity that can be done on your anniversary.

  • It provides a keepsake that will last for years.

  • You can customize your keepsake.

  • This kit has all the materials you need for the process from beginning to end.

  • There are samples to practice with beforehand.


  • The outside cast mixture tends to dry very fast so you need to be sure to follow the timing and directions precisely.

5. Sensual Massage Oil

Your first anniversary is a day to pamper yourselves. Going to a spa can be expensive and not quite as personal as staying in. With this sensual massage oil by Honeydew allows you to have both. You can bring the spa experience to your own home.

Your first anniversary is a time to celebrate being together for a full year. You can do this through an intimate spa experience that you can create in your very own home. To create this spa experience, you can purchase scented candles to adorn your home and relax both you and your spouse. You can start the evening off with a delicious dinner out or intimate home-cooked dinner. A romantic chat by the fireplace while sipping on specialty wine would be a great way to wind down after the meal. When the wine is all gone, you can bring out the towels and provide your spouse with a massage, or alternate massaging each other to relax and be close to each other.

This massage oil is for external use only and is not meant to be a lubricant. It is only a massage oil. It can be rubbed on the skin to create a relaxed feeling and leave the skin feeling moisturized afterwards. The oil is 100% natural. It is made from relaxing lavender, jojoba, and almond oil. It can be used for both men and women. The oil is designed for the perfect absorbency. It will remain oily long enough for a massage, but will completely soak into the skin after a period of time without leaving a sticky feeling. All the ingredients together help promote tissue softness while allowing the hands to glide while massaging.

This is a very personal way to pamper the one you love. The massage is far more intimate than going out to a spa for a massage. It is a way to bring each other closer together and help ignite romantic feelings for the evening. A massage from the person you love most can be one of the most romantic gifts that can be given.


  • This is a very personal and intimate gift.

  • This gift involves action as well as just a gift for added meaning.

  • It is a gift that can be enjoyed by both.


  • The massage oil will not last as a keepsake.

  • Not everyone knows how to massage their partner.

  • Skin allergies should be considered before using this.

6. Ann Arbor King and Queen Matching Couples T-Shirts

If you are going out or are planning a vacation, what better way to show your commitment to each other than an adorable set of matching t-shirts. This is a way of showing the world that you are each other’s. It also makes great pictures that can be saved and looked back on for years to come. This way, you are not just re-declaring your love to each other on your first year anniversary, you are declaring it to the world.

There are two t-shirts available in this set. Each shirt should be ordered separately with the right size. The t-shirts are both black. On the back of both shirts is a giant card. The men’s shirt has a giant King of Hearts while the women’s shirt has a giant Queen of Hearts. On the front of the shirts, they say Mr. and Mrs. in the upper left corner of the shirt. They make an adorable couples shirt that is subtly declaring your love as you are out and about for your anniversary travels.

These t-shirts are high-quality and made in the USA. The shirts are designed and printed in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The company is very transparent with their creation process and where the money goes when buying a t-shirt. They are also open and honest about where they get all their materials from. In this way, you know exactly who you are supporting with each purchase which can help you feel better for every cent paid.

The shirts are made from cotton which is mostly farmed from Texas. They are very soft and comfortable to wear. The shirts are preshrunk, but because they are made from cotton, expect a slight shrinking during a few subsequent washes. They fit each person well. The shirts are specially tailored in order to fit and compliment each person’s form more than the general box t-shirt. This goes for both the women’s and the men’s shirts. The shirts are also tagless, with all the tag information printed directly inside the shirt in order to free the shirt from those pesky tags that scratch the back of your neck. All the models that wear the shirt for their advertising are real people who work for the company in order to show the most accurate fit for the average body frame.


  • These are very high-quality shirts.

  • These shirts can be worn for pictures so that they can last longer.

  • They are a cute way of letting others know it is your anniversary.


  • There are no design or color options, just the one.

  • Only one shirt comes in the order, so each shirt needs to be ordered separately.

7. ThisWear Mr & Mrs Luggage Tags

While Mr. and Mrs. items are typically thought of as wedding gifts, they also make perfect anniversary gifts. Your first anniversary is a great time to relive those honeymoon memories or make new ones through a fun trip. For some people, their first anniversary could  be one of the few anniversaries before kids arrive, so it is their chance to do traveling as just a couple. Why not boast of your anniversary status during your travels! These Mr. and Mrs. luggage tags are a great way of letting everyone know your wedded bliss.

Luggage tags serve several purposes. The main purpose is to hold your address and other contact information so that if your bags were to be lost or stolen, they can later be identified and returned to you. Luggage tags also help you identify your own bags. There are many people that have red luggage going around that carousel at the airport. The way you know it is YOUR red luggage is that tag hanging off the side. It is a cute, and easy way to instantly recognize your luggage and beats having to wrap bright duct tape around the suitcase as some people do to help identify their bags.

The tags are made from a durable material with laser engraved “Mr.” and Mrs.” The laser engraving ensures that the wording will not fade or peel off of the luggage tags. Two tags come in each pack with a variety of color options available from black, brown, and pink. A clear plastic covering holds the address paper which can be filled out before securely being replaced. The tags attach with a secure buckle to any luggage. The adjustable buckle ensures that it is tightened appropriately and will not be hanging far down where it can be snagged or caught.


  • This is a great gift for traveling couples.

  • This is a gift for the couple.

  • There are two items in the pack.

  • There are multiple colors to choose from.


  • These are not as sentimental of gifts.

  • These would not make good main gifts, but rather a side gift along with vacation tickets or the like.

  • Depending on the amount of traveling, luggage tags do not tend to last very long.

8. Ucharge Black White Duvet Cover Set

After a year of wedded bliss, it may be time to change up your decor a bit. A great place to start is in your bedroom. These adorable and humorous covers are a fun way to keep laughter alive in your relationship.

Many couples have had a joke about how one or the other steals the covers or takes over the bed. This joke has almost become a staple in every relationship. These humorous covers are a great way to keep laughing about the ongoing “Who’s side of the bed is it?” battle.

The covers are duo colored: white and black. The left side is white with black lettering that says “her side.” This takes over about three-quarters of the bed. The last quarter of the bed on the right side is black with white lettering. The lettering says “his side.” The pillowcases have the same pattern.

The bed sheets include three pieces. There are one duvet cover and two pillowcases. The duvet comforter is not included with the set. These all fit a queen size bed. The cover measures 88 inches by 90 inches and the two pillow shams measure 19 inches by 29 inches. The comforter has a hidden zipper that keeps the comforter securely in the cover. In this way, you can easily wash the cover instead of the entire comforter to save on water and energy.

The design is printed through reactive printing and dyeing technology. The design will not fade over time. Everything used to create this set is environmentally friendly. The duvet cover set is made from brushed microfiber and is resistant to shrinking or wrinkling. The cover can be machine washed on cold and tumble dried on low.


  • This gift is a humorous way to celebrate your anniversary.

  • This is a practical gift that can be used every day.

  • It is a high-quality duvet set.


  • This gift is not the most sentimental of gifts for an anniversary.

  • The humorous design may not fit everyone’s bedroom decor.

  • This design is only available in a queen size.

9. Our Moments Couples: 100 Thought Provoking Conversation Starters

While you have spent the last year together as a married couple, you are probably still far from knowing everything about your significant other. Exploring deeper into your relationship and past as well as your hopes and dreams for the future can help strengthen any relationship.

This world today is focused so much on social media. People can spend hours each day on their phones. Couples kiss goodbye in the morning then are off to work for the day. When they get home, many couples are tired and like to sit quietly side by side to eat dinner or watch a movie. These conversation starters are a great way to break that silence and instead turn that precious time together into the time you can use to get to know your spouse on a deeper level.

This box set includes 100 cards with great conversation starters. Some ask about specific favorite memories such as a favorite vacation together or favorite childhood memory. Others ask about experiences such as something the other has tried but would never try again. Some explore your sex life, while other explore your home life. Each is designed to learn more about what makes the other tick. You’ll understand what has impacted your significant other to sculpt them into who they are today as well as what their dreams for the future are.

These cards have two purposes. They can either be used to get to know each other better. In this case, you can bring them to your date nights and break them open. This will then help those evenings become deeper and more meaningful as you explore your relationship together and what was most meaningful about it. The other use would be day to day to break up the usual “how was your day?” greeting. When you come home from work, instead of just talking about your day, you can also pick a card and ask your spouse about their proudest moment from the last twelve months or ask them about the five things they enjoy doing most with you.


  • These cards are a great way to help strengthen your relationship.

  • They are able to be used by both partners in the relationship.

  • This is an activity that can be completed all year long, not just on your anniversary.


  • This gift is not as long-lasting as some other items.

  • It is not as sentimental and personal of a gift.

10. Vilight Mr. Mrs. Coffee Mugs Set

After your wedding, you may have gotten dozens of gifts for your home. You received towels, plates, pots, and more romantic saying posters than you have wall space for. One item that many people love to collect and never feel they have enough of are mugs.

Mugs are very versatile. They can hold morning coffee, afternoon tea, or evening hot chocolate. Their convenient handles may make them even preferable for cold drinks throughout the day. Mugs tend to be sturdier than regular drinking glasses, so they are often used more than a regular glass. Mugs can also be used for food items. There are mug soups, yogurt and granola in mugs, there are even some delicious mug brownie recipes.

While you may have your favorite mugs and your spouse has his favorite mugs, why not celebrate one year of being one by purchasing a matching set of mugs. There are plenty of black and white Mr. and Mrs. mugs available, but these mugs are different than most. They have a very unique and stylish look that makes them stand out from all the other couple mugs.

The mugs are handmade from a marbled ceramic. They are available in either pink and gray or both gray. The writing on the mugs has a stunning gold cursive font. Gold also lines the top of the mug and the handles. There are three different lettering options. The first is a small cursive “Mr.” and “Mrs.” with the established date underneath. The second is the large cursive “Mr.” and “Mrs.” The third is the typical humorous saying “Mr. Right” and “Mrs. Always Right.” The mugs each hold 11.5 ounces. The mugs arrive in a gift box that is ready to be presented as is. The mugs are not dishwasher or microwave safe and should only be hand washed.


  • This is a more personal gift and can even be personalized with your wedding date.

  • These mugs are unique and handmade.

  • Mugs are very useful and have a long lifespan.


  • Mugs are not as sentimental as other gifts.

  • These mugs are not microwave or dishwasher safe.

11. The Newlywed Cookbook by Sarah Copeland

After a year of marriage, you may start to have a routine in life. This could include when you get home, what you do when you get home, and what you eat each dinner. This Newlywed Cookbook will help spice up those dinner times with great ideas and helpful tips.

The book has several sections to go through as a couple as you prepare your meals together. You do not need to be a newlywed to enjoy this new recipe book. The author herself was a newlywed when she wrote the book, so she is able to provide some insights in those first few years of marriage interspersed with the recipes. She also writes in a modern style that is interesting.

The book includes more than 130 recipes. These vary from traditional recipes to more modern recipes. She is very conscientious about healthy eating and gives great tips for delicious meals without loading up on the calories.

The start of the books goes into details about finding the perfect ingredients. This includes helpful tips for shopping at a farmer’s market. The book then moves on to preparing the meals. The first few recipes are focused on preparing meals for two. It has easy to follow instructions and helpful tips. From there she moves on to cooking for small groups or a small family. Lastly, she provides helpful tips and recipes for entertaining large parties.


  • This gift is very practical no matter what stage of marriage you are in.

  • This is a gift that will last for years.

  • The book is very interesting and provides helpful tips.

  • There are more than just recipes in the book.


  • This is not as personal of a gift.

  • This gift would be mostly appreciated by couples who enjoy cooking.

12. Way out West Romantic Jar Candles Scented Set of 2

If you have ever been walking outside and smelled the scent of the grass right after rain which brought back memories of camping as a child, then you know the power of a scent. Smells are very closely tied with memories. The best memories, as well as the worst nightmares that lay dormant for years, can be brought back in an instant with a specific scent. This is what makes scented candles so powerful.

There is a tradition many couples have started which is to tie all their most romantic encounters with one another to a specific scent. In this way, the couple can instantly revive their best memories and spark their romantic feelings in an instant by bringing out the scent. A couple would choose a specific scent that neither of them has memories associated with, and both enjoy. This candle is then lit at every important occasion whether their honeymoon night, birthdays, or anniversaries. The candle is put away at all other times. Then, as soon as the candle is lit again, their minds begin associating their romantic feelings with the scent.

These scented candles by Way out West are a great way to start this tradition. There are two romantic scents: “Romantic Rose” and “Lava Lovin’.” What you are giving as a gift when you present these candles is a way to preserve the memories of your anniversary forever in your mind. You can light the candle of your choice during your anniversary celebration. When the day is over, you can blow out the candle and save it for the next special occasion to relive the feelings.

The adorable gift box includes two different candles as well as a wick extinguisher. Each candle is an 8-ounce jar which can last more than forty hours of burn time. The candles are crafted in the USA. They are high-quality. The scents included are a rose and citrus scent, as well as a tropical fruit scent for your choice of an intimate rose garden, feel or a romantic beach feel. The scents are created through premium fragrance oils blended into soy wax with a cotton wick.


  • Scents are a great way to preserve a memory.

  • The candles will burn for more than forty hours each.

  • There are two scents to choose from.

  • They come in a gift box.


  • The candles are not very personal.

  • They will not last for years as a keepsake.

  • The candles work best as a side gift.

13. Love Kiss Passion Heart Statue Bali Abstract Art Wood Statue

This beautiful wooden statue depicting love created by OMA makes a great sentimental anniversary gift that can be set around your home to remind you of your lasting bond. A wooden gift is the traditional anniversary gift for five years of marriage. The wood signifies the strength that has developed in the relationship over the past five years. That being said, those who do not follow the traditional anniversary material rules will find it makes a great gift no matter what year it is.

The statue is very simple, yet profound. Its design makes it a perfect match for all types of room decor. The statue is available in three different sizes so that no matter whether you live in a one bedroom apartment or a five-bedroom house, you can find a size that will fit your space. The sizes are 9-inches tall, 12-inches tall, and 16-inches tall. Each statue is hand-carved. They are part of the fair-trade agreement signifying that the workers are compensated properly for their work.

The statue depicts two forms kissing. There are a male and a female with long hair. Their heads are smoothly designed. Their bodies are long twisting shapes that intertwined to form a heard before curling up in an elegant tail. The heart and kiss statue is placed on a wooden stand with the Oma seal to mark its authenticity.


  • This is a very intimate gift depicting your relationship to commemorate your anniversary.

  • The statue was made under the fair trade agreement.

  • There are multiple sizes available.


  • The gift is not a personal gift.

  • It is a more expensive gift as it is handmade.

14. Luxor Linens Couple’s Terry Cloth Bathrobe Set

This luxury set of robes would make a perfect addition to that home spa night that you could plan for your anniversary. These robes could be given along with the massage oil and the scented candles as a gift of relaxation. In this way, your gift is not about the items that your significant other receives, it’s about the memories you are able to make.

The couples robes come in a set of two. They are monogrammed with “Mr.” and “Mrs.” You can also choose to have “His” and “Hers,” or a custom monogramming on the robes. The soft robes are made from 100% Egyptian Cotton terry. These Luxor Linen cotton robes are the same robes that many hotels and spas purchase for their high quality and luxurious feeling. They are both extremely soft as well as lightweight and breathable. This allows the robes to be used in both summer and winter. In winter, the robe’s warm cotton will embrace you and keep you cozy. In summer, the cloth will allow your skin to breath so you do not overheat.

The robes are great for use as a spa covering or for use every day after your shower. The robes have a shawl collar as well as two large pockets on the front of the robe. A belt wraps around your waist to keep the robe in place. They are one size fits most and unisex. The length is 52.5 inches and the sleeve length is 17 inches. The robes come in custom gift boxes that make them ready to present to your significant other on their special occasion.

These are a gift that will keep giving. After a day of anniversary celebrations, you can both come home to your comfortable matching robes. This will allow you to relax and unwind as you sip on your wine out of your matching couples, stemless glasses. This can be followed by a massage session. After the anniversary is over, the robes can hang in your bathroom as a comfortable covering to slip on after your shower before heading to your room to get ready. They are a gift that is both personal and practical.


  • The gift can be personalized.

  • This is a practical anniversary gift.

  • These robes come in two packs, one for each.

  • They are very high-quality robes that can be worn year-round.


  • Not everyone uses bathrobes.

  • They are one-size fits all, so not everyone will find they fit well.

  • They are only available in white.

  • They are a more expensive bathrobe option.

15. Queen Size Mr. and Mrs. Pillowcase Set by Where the Polka Dots Roam

While an entire bed set is a fun anniversary gift for some, others may prefer the bed set they already have and only have two classy pillows added. This is what makes these Mr. and Mrs. pillowcases a great alternative to the entire bed set.

There are two pillowcases in the set. The pillows are not included, it is only the case. There is a white pillowcase with black lettering. The black lettering says “Mrs.” in a large cursive font. The black pillowcase has white lettering. The white lettering says “Mr.” In a large block font. Their neutral colors and simplistic look help them blend right in with any room decor.

Each room can hold something that celebrates your love and your years of marriage. Your living room can hold pictures and statues on the shelves. Your kitchen will have special mugs and wine glasses. Your library might hold your picture albums. Often times the bedroom can be missed when it comes to items that commemorate your life together. These pillowcases are a great way to turn your bedroom into yet another symbol of your love.

These pillowcases are made with high-quality microfiber with 90 grams per square foot. This microfiber helps to perfectly control your temperature so you do not overheat in the summer while it stays warm in the winter with the breathable material. The pillowcases measure 30 long and 21 high, which is a perfect size for a queen size bed. The material is wrinkle-resistant as well as stain-resistant. The tight weave of the microfiber makes it more durable than many other pillowcases.


  • These are a great way to show your relationship.

  • They are a more neutral design to blend in with any decor better.

  • They are a more practical gift that will also last longer.


  • They are a less personal gift.

  • There are only pillows in the set and there is no other sheets or blankets.

16. Personalized Carved Oak Clock by MRC Wood Products

What better way to celebrate the passing of time to your first anniversary than with a personalized clock. This clock is wood, so it would make a great five-year anniversary gift for those who are more traditional. It would also make a great first anniversary gift because of all the great meaning and customization that can be put into the clock.

The clock is a great reminder of where you were and where you are going. You can personalize the face of the clock with your first names as well as your last name. You can also write the year you were married. This reminds you of where you started out. The hands on the clock ticking away the minutes remind you of all the seconds, minutes, and years to come that you have to look forward to. This deep meaning is a great way to celebrate the start of your life together.

The clock is made in Indiana in the USA. It is made from oak and stained with traditional cherry stain. It comes with a hanger that is installed on the back for hanging it on the wall. There are three different sizes available for the clock. You can purchase it in 13 inches, 16 inches, and 20 inches. Each clock is meticulously crafted and high-quality by MRC Wood Products. The clock face has your names and the year you were married. It also has all twelve numbers in elegant Roman numerals. Outside of the Roman numerals are notches for the seconds. There are a minute and hour hand, but no second hand.


  • This gift is highly personalized and filled with meaning.

  • A clock is an item that is always practical and useful.

  • It is made in the USA.

  • There are multiple size options available.


  • The clock is more expensive for a wall clock.

17. 1st Year Anniversary Gift Flat Circle Porcelain Ceramic Ornament by Digibuddha

There are multiple ways to record each year that passes in your marriage. One popular way is to purchase ornaments for their Christmas tree. Christmas ornaments are available in all shapes and sizes. There are Christmas ornaments for buying your first house, for your first child, even for all types of careers. Digibuddha has created a beautiful ornament to commemorate your first year anniversary.

Digibuddha creates their ornaments with a white porcelain ceramic. The ornaments are then finished with a flawless gloss. The ornaments are each handmade. The artwork is fused onto the ornament so it becomes part of the porcelain and will not wear off. The ornaments come with a gold hanging ribbon.

The ornaments are 3 inches round and flat. On the front of the ornament is a rustic design. There is wood paneling in the background of the image. The top of the ornament has three large, white roses with foliage around. The words “Our 1st Anniversary” followed by the year are followed below in a mixture of cursive and block font. The year can be customized when ordering the ornament. The ornament comes in a gift box that is ready to present to your significant other.


  • This gift can be personalized for your marriage.

  • It will last for years to come.


  • The ornament is meant for the Christmas season, so is not meant to be displayed all year around.

  • This is a small gift that may not be appropriate as an only gift for an anniversary.

18. Spa Gift Basket Refreshing Rose and Jasmine Fragrance by Giftational

Gift your significant other the gift of pampering themselves through this gift basket of fragrant soaps and lotions. This kit will allow you and your significant other to relax on the day of your anniversary and just enjoy your time together. This gift would pair nicely with the set of matching robes.

The kit includes eight items plus a beautiful wooden jewelry box that holds all the items in. The jewelry box can be kept after all the soaps and lotions are used, and it can become a keepsake. The rest of the items are all mean to create a soothing and relaxing bathing experience.

There are three items for preparing the bath. A 320 ml bottle of relaxing bubble bath will fill up the tub with luxurious bubbles and the sweet aroma of rose and jasmine. Two 80 gram large fizzy bath bombs are wrapped in a bag and tied with a ribbon. Last is a 100-gram box of bath salts for a soothing mineral bath experience leaving your skin feeling invigorated and fresh.

Once in the bath, the kit provides all the necessary items to fully clean yourself. A refreshing shower gel will clean off all the grime of your body. The kit comes with a delicate rose shaped bath puff for exfoliating your skin when rubbing it across. Last is a rejuvenating body scrub for clearing off all the dead skin and leaving a fresh feeling all over your body.

When you have finished your relaxing bath, you can continue your routine with the two provided lotions. There is a 120 ml container of body cream and a 120 ml container of body lotion to moisturize your skin to complete the pampering process and leaving you feeling fresh and smelling like jasmine and roses.

All the items are ready to be given as a gift. They are beautifully wrapped in the jewelry box. The jewelry box is made from wood with a careful seal. Inside of the box is a mirror and an empty area for storing jewelry and special keepsakes throughout the year.


  • This is a gift of relaxation and pampering.

  • The gift comes with a keepsake jewelry box.

  • The spa kit comes beautifully wrapped and ready to present.


  • This gift is not as personal.

  • This gift is more for the wife than the husband to enjoy.

19. Bamboo Cheese Board by iBambooMart

There are some elements that are almost certain to be part of any anniversary. One of these elements is food. Food is a great way to celebrate the joyous occasions or comfort yourself when you’re sad. Food is the first thing many people search for when they wake up, and one of the last things they consume before going to bed. For something that has such a prominent place in people’s life, it only makes sense to spend time presenting the food in an elegant fashion.

Your anniversary is one time that it is worth spending a little extra time and energy on presenting this necessary item as food in a special way to make the day a little more memorable. This bamboo cheese board is one way to provide a light evening snack with an elegant twist.

The board measures 13 inches by 13 inches and is 2 inches tall. It is made from an organic bamboo wood. The top of the cutting board has a large flat area to keep cheese and grapes. Around the edges of the board are grooves for lining the edge with crackers or meats. There are two holes in either top corner for sauces to be placed. The board comes with two porcelain bowls.

The bottom of the cutting board comes out as a drawer. Inside the drawer is a set of four stainless steel blades placed in specific slots to keep each one in place. There is one semi-heart knife which is designed for spreading soft cheese on crackers. Two different sizes of rectangular spatula knives are perfect for slicing the cheese or spreading a topping on crackers. The last knife is a fork for spearing the food and serving onto people’s plates. Each of these knives has a bamboo handle that is both comfortable and easy to grip.

The board is very sturdy and will last for years. It is also easy to clean. The wood is both antibacterial and antimicrobial. The bamboo material will last longer as bamboo is less porous than regular woods and it is a harder material that will withstand more cutting. The bamboo material is also less likely to harbor bacteria growth making it safer for use with food. The bottom of the board has non-slip pads to keep it in place.

This beautiful addition to any household would make the perfect anniversary gift. It will add an elegant twist to your evening of wine and snacks while providing a new item for the house that can be pulled out for other special occasions.


  • This is a very high-quality cheese tray.

  • It will last for years to come.

  • The tray comes with serving knives and sauce bowls.


  • This is a less personal or romantic gift.

  • It is a larger tray that will require space to store it between uses.

20. Personalized Wedding or Anniversary Cutting Board by NakedWoodWorks

The cheese cutting board is a more practical kitchen gift. NakedWoodWorks provides a more personal take on the cutting board idea by providing a keepsake that can be hung in the kitchen to remember that special first anniversary.

The cutting board measures 12 inches by 16 inches by 1.5 inches. It is made from maple or walnut wood. This keepsake can be stood up to display in your kitchen or dining room using the provided stand. The cutting board is also oiled using the Naked Wood Works food safe oil to provide that the cutting board lasts even longer.

The cutting board is meant to be personalized as a sentimental gift to commemorate special occasions such as your first anniversary. The board can have the first names of each of the couple engraved in a fine script. It then has the last name printed in large block letters. After the last name comes the date established, which would be the year of your wedding. These details can be decided upon when ordering the cutting board. The creators take great care to ensure the accuracy of their engraving so that you will receive a beautiful piece that can be kept for years.


  • This gift can be personalized.

  • This is a gift that will last for years.


  • This gift requires space to stand up.

  • This cutting board is not meant to be used as a regular cutting board.

21. Kate Posh 1 Year as Husband and Wife – Our First Paperweight and Keepsake

Your first anniversary does not only need to be celebrated on the date of your first anniversary. It is a milestone that deserves to be recognized for years to come. Making it to one year is an achievement worth telling all your visitors and friends about. This paperweight can stand in your home and tell others about your commitment and important milestone.

The paperweight is made from high-quality clear Lucite. It measures 3 ¾ inches by 3 ¾ inches. The paperweight is able to stand up on its own so you will not need to deal with the extra hassle of a stand. The poem is engraved on the front of the paperweight. Because the words are engraved and not printed, they are ensured to last for years and not fade or start to peel. The entire keepsake is presented in a beautifully wrapped gift bag. The keepsake is designed in the USA.

This keepsake follows the traditional gifts but with a different twist. While the gift for a first year anniversary usually is made from paper, this gift provides a twist of being a paperweight so that it is still related to paper, but has more durability than a paper item.

The front of the paperweight is inscribed with a special first anniversary saying: “1 Year as husband and wife, 12 months of love, 52 weeks of bliss, 365 days of loyalty, 8760 hours of blessings, 525600 minutes of laughter, 31536000 seconds of friendship.” The saying is followed by the words “Happy Anniversary.” On one side is the date of the wedding, on the other is the current date, marking the special occasion.


  • This gift is very specific for a first anniversary.

  • It follows the traditional paper theme.

  • This is a very sentimental gift.


  • This gift will take up room to stand around.

  • It is not a practical gift.

22. First Anniversary Gift for Him or Her with one down and Forever to Go

Tucker’s Trinkets and Treasures has created a very personal gift that can be given to either partner in the relationship. It is a keychain that is specific for your first anniversary. A keychain is an item anyone could use. It can be used to keep your car keys, house keys, or just hand on a bag or purse to take with you from day to day.

This keychain has to elements. The main element is the copper penny. The company personalizes the keychain using a penny from the year of your choice. The creators have hand stamped the words “1 Down” with a heart around the year. Behind the penny is an aluminum circle. This circle is hand stamped with the phrase “Forever to Go.” The reason for the back piece being aluminum versus stainless steel is that aluminum is not as likely to tarnish and is much more lightweight for carrying around.


  • This gift is very personal as the coin has the year on it.

  • This is an item that can be given to either person in the relationship and still be appreciated.

  • This is an item that will last for a longer period of time as a keepsake.

  • It is a practical gift.


  • This is a handmade product which leaves a greater room for design flaws.

  • Only one keychain comes with each order, so to have matching key chains they would need to be ordered separately.

23. Our First Anniversary Engraved Leather Picture Frame by Kate Posh

Kate Posh does not only design paperweights as anniversary gifts. She also has other items, like this beautiful leather picture frame to celebrate your first anniversary. Whatever you choose to do to celebrate, it will only last the day. Unfortunately, we can only bring the memories with us to the next morning. A picture frame allows you to preserve those memories even longer. You can capture the most heartwarming moments of your marriage on camera and print it out to keep inside your home and remind you of this special occasion.

The picture frame is made from top-quality leatherette. The picture frame is versatile as it can stand either vertical or horizontal. It comes in two different sizes. You can either purchase it in 4 by 6 or 5 by 7. The back of the picture frame has clips for wall hanging if desired. This makes this frame very versatile and able to fit in nearly anyone’s home situation.

The frame is a light tan color. On the frame, there is an engraving. The engraving is not printed, but actually engraved into the leather so that it will not peel or fade over it. The engraving is a saying that says “Our 1st Anniversary” followed by the poem: “1 Year as husband and wife, 12 months of love, 52 weeks of bliss, 365 days of loyalty, 8760 hours of blessings, 525600 minutes of laughter, 31536000 seconds of friendship.” The front of the picture frame is made of clear glass to protect the pictures from outside elements. The picture that is put inside follows the traditional paper gift that is given for the first anniversary.


  • This is a gift that is specific to your first anniversary.

  • This is a traditional paper gift.

  • This is a keepsake that will last for years.

  • It is highly personal.


  • It is a smaller gift and would work better as an add-on gift.

  • The frame can only be used for a first anniversary picture due to the specific saying.

24. IPIC – “Love Evergreen,” Personalized Artwork with Names and Date

When you think of a paper gift, one of the most popular gifts are pictures. Pictures are both highly personal and flexible in their use. As long as a home has wall space, there is also room for more pictures. What better to celebrate through the pictures than the important milestone of your first anniversary.

Unlike a picture frame that is specific for your first anniversary, this picture celebrates you as a couple and is relevant for years to come. The pictures feature a tranquil scene in the middle of a forest. In the forefront is a tree with a heart carved into the bark. Inside the heart is where the picture is customized to include the two names of the happy couple followed by a date of your choice. The background of the pictures is the still green of the sleeping forest with a rising sun just peeking through the backdrop and casting its warm rays on the important markings of the front tree.

The entire picture is 18 inches by 12 inches. It is inside a frame that is 21 inches by 15 inches by 1.25 inches. The frame is black and is ready to be hung on the wall. The poster itself is printed in the USA on a high-quality inkjet printer that will help the picture last even longer. The printers use a method that is similar to how museums and art galleries print their own pieces.


  • This is a highly personal gift.

  • It can be kept for years to come.

  • It follows the tradition of paper gifts.

  • It is a very high-quality printing.

  • The gift can be customized.


  • It is a larger picture that will take up a significant amount of space on the wall.

  • The frame is not the best quality.

25. Custom Catch Personalized Unique Wedding Couple Gift Blanket

If your anniversary falls during those cold winter months, you may find yourselves cuddling up together to stay warm. A throw blanket would be a perfect gift no matter the occasion. A throw blanket that is personalized is perfect for an anniversary as you stay warm with the blanket and the memories that are associated with it.

The throw blanket measures 50 inches by 60 inches. It is made from a super soft Sherpa plush. The throw blanket can be machine washed and machine dried. The blanket is available in five different colors. The colors are blue, red, camel, sage, and grey. You can then choose which type of customization you would like. First, you can have two first names followed by hearts and the wedding date. Second, you could have Mr. and Mrs. followed by your last name and the wedding date. The third option is a classy decorative ring that encloses a single initial. Underneath this initial is the wedding date.


  • This is a highly personal gift.

  • There are many customization options.

  • The blanket is very soft.

  • It is easy to wash.


  • This is a smaller blanket.

  • There is only one blanket in the pack, so they would need to be ordered separately if you would like a pair.

26. Plush Picnic, Picnic Backpack

This beautiful picnic backpack by Plush Picnic offers a great opportunity to take your loved one somewhere special for your first anniversary. First anniversaries do not need to take place in expensive restaurants or in exotic places. An anniversary dinner can also be done very elegantly outside while enjoying the nature around you. This would be an especially meaningful anniversary activity if major parts of your relationship were connected to specific locations or to the outdoors in general.

A picnic backpack is a simple yet genius invention. It is a backpack that involves all the necessary insulated pockets and areas to carry items to have a picnic. It is less bulky to carry than a picnic basket, which offers more versatility as to where the picnic could be held.

The backpack measures 11 inches long by 7 inches wide by 16 inches high. It is made from a 600d polycanvas and is very soft to the touch. Do not let the softness fool you as it is also very durable and can last through many picnicking excursions. The adjustable shoulder straps make it comfortable for people of any size to carry. The backpack is black and the canvas is waterproof so it can withstand whatever weather you may encounter while keeping your food and other picnic items safe from water damage.

The backpack also comes with a fleece picnic blanket. This matching blanket has the extra protection of a PEVA back that will keep the wet ground from soaking through to your picnic on top. The blanket measures 4.3 feet long by 3.75 feet wide.

There are a couple different pockets in the backpack. On one side of the backpack, there is an insulated wine cooler for keeping a fresh bottle of your spouse’s favorite wine for the picnic. The other side has a second enclosed insulated wine bottle cooler that can be removed. The back of the main compartment is an insulated pocket for small snacks and food items. The pocket will keep either warm food warm, or cold food cool.

Also inside the main compartment of the backpack, but at the front is an entire picnic set to get you started on your adventures. The set is designed for a couple, so everything comes in sets of two. There are two plates, cashable cotton napkins, steel knives, steel forks, steel spoons, and acrylic wine cups. There are also a salt and a pepper shaker. The picnic backpack has one cheese board as well as one cheese knife. There is also a corkscrew with a bottle opener.


  • This is a gift that can be used during your anniversary as well as afterwards.

  • It is a practical gift.

  • This backpack includes a complete picnic set.


  • This is not a personal gift.

  • There is only room for small snacks in the backpack.

27. Happily Ever After: Our Wedding Anniversary Album by Nick Beilenson

Here is another paper gift that is a gift that will keep giving. It is a sentimental book meant to capture all the memories from anniversaries past and anniversaries to come. This is a gift that will be given at the start of your marriage, but is meant to take a lifetime to complete.

The book is a hardcover style book with a spiral binding. The front has the title, “Happily Ever After” written in a sprawling script. Underneath, the book has a subtitle, “Our Anniversary Album.” The cover is a yellow tan color with a floral design filled with hearts giving it an elegantly romantic feel. In total there are 56 pages to be completed. The book measures 11 inches wide by 8 ¾ inches high. The book comes in a beautiful gift box for presentation.

Inside the book is a page for each anniversary. The first page is meant to be filled out at your wedding. On the left, there is a floral frame with room for a photograph or collage. The right has blanks to fill out about your wedding date as well as space to write your own memories. Each subsequent page follows the same setup. On the left, there is a floral frame and on the right, there is a lined page with two questions: how you celebrated that anniversary, and what your favorite memories from that year were. As the book is filled, you can go back and see how your marriage has progressed and relive those happy celebrations together. The back cover has a pocket to hold keepsakes or additional photographs.


  • This is a gift that will last for many years.

  • This is a very personal gift.

  • It is a great way to record your memories.

  • This gift follows the traditional paper gift theme.


  • There are no other design options.

  • The cover cannot be personalized.

28. Knock Knock What I Love about You Fill in the Love Journal

When it comes to finding the perfect paper gift for your loved one, you can never go wrong with handing them a book just filled with reasons why you love them. That is the very foundation of what you are celebrating on your first anniversary. You are celebrating your love that has lasted through time and difficulty. You are also celebrating all the reasons you still want to remain with that special someone for years to come.

This book is a special way to tell your significant other just how you feel about them. It is like a glorified card with prompts to help you better express your appreciation of every part of them. The pages are filled with prompts such as “You deserve the _____ award,” and “You have the greatest taste in _____.” This is a story by you about your true love. What goes inside is completely up to you.

The front cover has the title written in a large block print. Underneath is a space for you to write who the book is for and who it is written by so that you are noted as the author. The book is hardcover and measures 4.5 inches by 3.25 inches. It has a total of 112 pages.

With being the author you can choose the direction of the book. You can choose whether it is a humorous look at your relationship dynamics or a sentimental confession of your deepest feelings for each other. Whatever direction you want it to take, you have complete control to make it your own and specific for your relationship. The best part is that it is made by you so there are no wrong answers.


  • This gift follows the paper theme.

  • This is a gift that can be completely personalized.

  • The prompts are general enough that they can either be humorous or serious depending on what you are trying to achieve.

  • The book is small enough to store easily.


  • The book is only available with a pink cover.

  • The small size makes it more of a side gift.