From Frosty to Frozen: Classic and Modern Winter Movies for Kids

The winter season is a great time to spend with your kids while teaching them valuable life lessons. One of the best ways to do so is through watching shows!

Enjoying winter movies for kids with the rest of the family is a great way to get closer to each other. Moreover, you stay entertained and learn things along the way. But you might wonder, which shows should you start with?

We’ve put together some of the top films to see, from classic to modern, during the winter season! Let’s start.

Home Alone (1990)

Home Alone is a quintessential Christmas classic that gives off heartwarming and hilarious scenes. It’s an excellent movie choice that keeps audiences of all ages entertained.

The film offers a perfect blend of comedy, holiday spirit, and memorable lessons. With its unforgettable characters, it creates a timeless experience that brings joy and laughter decades after its release.

Whether it’s mischief or family, Home Alone captures the essence of the holiday season. So, it’s become a beloved tradition for many during the winter time.

The Grinch (2000, 2018)

Besides Santa Claus and his elves, many people associate Christmas with the Grinch. So, films, stories, and even theater shows about it are a must-see!

You can go for the classic 2000 live-action film starring Jim Carrey or check out the more modern version as a 2018 animated movie. Either way, it carries the same meaning and teaches you similar lessons.

Both explore timeless themes of understanding and forgiveness during the festive season. Moreover, they showcase the transformative journey of their main character, the Grinch.

With this, you can explore visually stunning and heartwarming storytelling regardless of your age.

Frozen (2013)

Disney’s Frozen is a beloved modern classic that takes you on an enchanting journey into a captivating world. Set against the backdrop of a magical winter wonderland, it showcases a story about family, love, and self-discovery.

This timeless tale unfolds with breathtaking animation, heartwarming songs, and an unforgettable story. It highlights several themes that focus on different issues about the self and the people around you. So, it’s sure to be an emotional ride.

Moreover, you can catch them in a live performance of ice skating and musicals! If you’re up for it, you may want to check out other Christmas shows for kids to get a unique winter fun experience. Join Elsa and Anna as they embark on an extraordinary adventure that will warm your heart and leave you spellbound.

Elf (2003)

The movie Elf is a heartwarming film that stars the talented Will Ferrell, who gets raised among Santa’s elves. It gives you a unique look at holiday magic from a different perspective.

With this film, you get to experience the hilarious yet touching journey of an elf. It focuses on how he navigates the hustle and bustle of the human world, spreading cheer and discovering the true meaning of Christmas.

It’s a cinematic treat anyone is sure to enjoy, especially if your kids wonder what it’s like to be Santa’s little helper.

The Polar Express (2004)

The Polar Express is one of the most visually captivating animated films of the season. It takes viewers on a breathtaking train ride to the enchanting North Pole, where they learn different lessons along the way.

It presents sparkling snowflakes dancing in the air and shimmering lights to illuminate the way. These unique visuals make up the ambiance of the film and highlight the heartwarming tale it carries.

This film is a classic that teaches you the power of believing in the Christmas spirit and discovering the true meaning of joy, love, and wonder.

The Snowman (1982)

This charming British classic offers an enchanting and heartwarming tale of a young boy who builds a snowman on a snowy winter’s day. And later on, the snowman magically comes to life that very night.

They embark on a magical adventure filled with joy, laughter, and friendship. All the while explore the wintry landscape as they meet other whimsical characters.

The Snowman is a timeless story that captures the essence of childhood wonder and the magic of the holiday season. And so, it makes an ideal choice if you want something easy to take in. It might even inspire your child to build a snowman of their own!

Arthur Christmas (2011)

This charming British-American animated film offers a delightful and heartwarming experience. It gives you a glimpse into the high-tech operations that power Santa’s extraordinary deliveries.

It focuses on uncovering the intricate machinery, secret workshops, and dedicated elves that make Christmas magic come to life. So, you and your kids can witness the wondrous world behind the scenes of Santa’s gift-giving mission.

The Christmas Chronicles (2018)

The Christmas Chronicles is a modern heartwarming Netflix film that follows the journey of two curious kids. In the story, they unexpectedly find themselves joining forces with Santa Claus.

Together, they go on a thrilling and magical Christmas adventure. It’s a tale you want to see if you want to experience enchanting surprises and moments.

Rise of the Guardians (2012)

The film weaves together a tapestry of holiday characters, joining forces to safeguard the children of the world. You can think of it like a superhero movie dedicated to the heroes of Christmas.

The story revolves around the team that strives to protect and preserve the joyous spirit of the holiday season. All the while learning about themselves and their purpose with every challenge they face.

You might even find an indoor performance of this show along with other familiar animated characters!

Klaus (2019)

Klaus is a heartwarming Netflix film that lets viewers reimagine the origins of Santa Claus.

Set in a snowy village, the movie follows Jesper, a postman who encounters Klaus, a mysterious toymaker. Through captivating storytelling and stunning animation, Klaus brings to life the spirit of generosity and friendship.

The main characters deliver holiday joy and inspire a community to rediscover the true meaning of Christmas. With its attention to detail, it makes an excellent modern film choice for the holidays.

Make the Holidays Special With Winter Movies for Kids

Christmas films are more than just winter movies for kids. They’re a source of laughter, joy, and holiday spirit. Moreover, it’s something the entire family can enjoy.

So, it’s an excellent way to spend time with your family during the holidays while staying entertained and active!

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