Fun Ideas for a Space Themed Party

There are many different party themes to choose from for various celebrations. If you want to throw a memorable one that is out of this world, why not choose a space-themed party? Whether you’re throwing a kid’s party, graduation party, or engagement party, a space-themed party can make any special occasion more fun and unique. Throwing this kind of party can be challenging for some, but with the right décor, snacks, and activities, all the people at your party will feel like astronauts who are exploring the galaxy while having fun. 

A space-themed party can be more than just rocket ship designs on the wall or stars stuck to the ceiling. If you are planning to throw a space-themed party soon but needs more ideas, you’re in the right place. In this post, we are going to give you some fun ideas for a space-themed party.

1. The Venue

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One of the important things you need to consider when throwing a space-themed party is the venue. It actually does not take much to turn any area into a space base or outer space. All you need is a little creativity, imagination, and some space party supplies. 

When choosing the venue, you need to consider the number of guests you are planning to invite. You also need to think about the kind of activities you want to host. Choose whether you will be arranging lawn games as the venue should have lots of outdoor space for that. If you wish to make an immersive space experience, you can transform a space with blackout blinds and put in some glow-in-the-dark decorations and other space-themed props. 

2. The Right Invitations

Your space-themed party starts from the moment your guests receive their invitations. You can set the tone right away with outer space-themed invitations. You can send the invitations through traditional mail or online, whichever feels better for you. But you need to make sure that the invitations match both the occasion and the whole vibe that you are aiming for. 

If you are throwing a party for a kid’s birthday, you can design the invitation with cartoon aliens and astronauts. For your 16th birthday, you can choose to have a Star Wars-themed party with lightsabers designed on the invitation. When the guests receive the invitations, they should know that they need to prepare for a galactic adventure. 

3. Space-Themed Signage

You can welcome the guests to your party by using space-themed signage. You can create some directional signs that will lead them to different areas at the party. Some of the best ideas include astronauts, space stations, rocket fuel, and of course, the name of the celebrant. You can either buy the signages or create them yourself. Include designs like stars, moon, planets, and space shuttles to match the theme well.

4. Space-Themed Snacks

The party is not complete if there are no delicious snacks that will give energy to everyone. You can serve space-themed food that your guests will love. Some examples are solar system cupcakes, rocket fruit kabobs, star ice cream, planet cookies, and more. Don’t forget to include matching plates, cups, and napkins to make everything look enticing. 

To finalize the snacks, don’t forget the cake for the celebrant. A special space-themed cake is important to have. You can bake or order a rocket-shaped cake with star-shaped candles and colorful icing. You can also add some quirky aliens for design. It also depends on the type of your party if you are going to serve meals or just snacks. 

5. Space-Themed Decorations

It is not a complete space-themed party without any decoration. You can transform the venue into an exciting galaxy through ceiling and wall decorations. Here are some of the best ideas for decorations that we can recommend:

Solar System Ceiling Décor

You can design the ceiling of the venue with the solar system. It is also a fun way to bring some learning to your party. Aside from suspending it from the ceiling, you can also feature the planets on the main table as a centerpiece or create smaller versions that you can use as décor for each table. 

Space-Themed Party Lights

You can also decorate the venue with some space-themed party lights. These lights can feature spaceships, aliens, and UFOs. This is a fun way to brighten up the party. The lights are also a great backdrop for a photobooth. 

Alien Balloons

woman with star balloons and confetti

Balloons are among the best party decorations out there. For a space-themed party, alien balloons are perfect. You can choose big, oversized alien latex balloon figures or characters from your favorite movies and comic book. After the party, you can give away these cute balloons to your guests. 

Glow-In-The-Dark Wall Stickers

If you are looking for something to design the walls with, some glow-in-the-dark stickers of stars, moon, planets, or maybe aliens are a good idea. When the lights go down, you and your guests can pretend that you are exploring outer space together. 

Rocket Ship Standee

You can create space shuttles made of cardboard to decorate the venue or the stage. You can DIY it or buy it ready-made from a party supply store. You can also create smaller rocket ships and let the guests decorate them using marker pens and stickers. 


If you are thinking of how to make the party more interesting, you can incorporate inflatables. There are inflatables that resemble aliens, rocket ships, astronauts, and planets. You can turn the music up and watch your guests dance with these inflatables. 

6. Dress Codes

You can upgrade the party to a fun costume party that will surely bring out the best in the space theme. Let your guests show off their creative costumes. They can come as astronauts, Martians, or maybe Star Wars characters. The costumes can include shooting stars, rocket ships, planets, and more. At the end of the party, you might also want to award the best-dressed guest and give him an extra goody bag. Dressing up is a fun way for the guests to fully immerse in the cosmic celebration.


These are some of the fun ideas for a space-themed party that we can recommend. All of these can help bring out the best in the party theme. With proper planning, space-themed parties can mentally transport everyone at the party to a new universe. The secret to success is to infuse the theme into every aspect of the party, from the food and decorations to the lighting and attire. We hope this post helped you in planning and organizing the best space-themed party of all time.

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