Fun Ideas for a Victorian Era Themed Party

The late 1800s Victorian style is truly iconic. This is why a lot of women are into the womanliness and elegance of this style, such as the big fluffy skirts, the corsets, the pearls, the hats, and the curls. In fact, even young girls today are attracted to the Victorian style and may also think about incorporating it into a party. No matter what your age is, if you are into this specific style, then maybe a Victorian-themed party is perfect for you. 

When you think about throwing a Victorian Era themed party, you might also think that it is hard to pull off. But that is not always the case as it can be a lot easier than you think. You can make it as simple or as elaborate as you want. If you are planning to have a Victorian-themed party soon, we’re here to help you. In this post, we are going to give you some fun ideas for a Victorian Era themed party.

1. Fun Décor Ideas for a Victorian Era Themed Party

an outdoor Victorian party

When thinking of decorations for a Victorian-themed party, you will want to think refined and modest. Most of the time, the colors chosen for this type of party are white, pink, lace, and roses. It is also important to have tea sets or at least one tea set for the main table or as a centerpiece. You can also decorate the chandeliers with small plastic teacups. Here are some of the other decorative pieces that you may want to consider for a Victorian-themed party:

  • Real or fake roses in pitchers on each table.
  • Elegant dinnerware, which can either be china or plastic.
  • White lace tablecloths for each table. You can choose between linen or plastic.
  • Find lampshades that you can replace modern ones. There are lots of Victorian-style lamps in thrift stores or maybe from your grandparent’s house.
  • You can also borrow your grandmother’s set of doilies or fancy handkerchiefs and use them to decorate each table setting.
  • Fake vines are also great decorations. You can get them from craft stores and decorate them around tables and banisters to make the place look like a Victorian garden.
  • Display photographs of Victorian people. You can print out random photos online and frame them. Set the photos up around the party area.

2. The Best Food and Drinks for a Victorian Era Themed Party

a Victorian themed table setting

Of course, the party will not be complete without food and beverages. The menu is very important because back in Victorian times, women would gather around a table for snacks and tea. Victorian ladies back then would entertain their guests with delicious cakes, sandwiches, and more. Here are the best food and drinks that you can serve to your guests:

  • Hot tea like English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Orange Pekoe, and any kind of herbal tea for those who do not like black and green teas.
  • Cupcakes that are decorated with butterflies, flowers, teapots, etc.
  • Sandwiches like ribbon sandwiches, checkerboard sandwiches, and round sandwiches.
  • Blueberry and cranberry scones.
  • Any kind of muffin.
  • Chocolate chip cookies, lavender cookies, etc.
  • Fruit and cheese plates.

You can also search for many Victorian recipes online. You can be as creative as you like to be able to serve the best foods at your party. 

3. Make It a Costume Party

Your Victorian-themed party will not be complete without dressing up Victorian style. Depending on the crowd that you are inviting, you can make it a costume party, or let your guests decide if they want to dress up or not. You can state in your invitation whether the party is going to be full costume only or you can also ask them to just wear their finest hats, pears, gloves, etc. 

You can also provide some Victorian accessories for your guests as a party favor. For instance, you can give fancy hats for the girls and bow-ties for the guys. Some of the other accessories that you may include are lace, white gloves, fluffy skirts, parasols, curly wigs, and more. 

4. The Setting of Your Party

After sending out the invitations and choosing the decorations, costumes, and food, the last and important thing you should not forget is the setting of your party. The venue of the party depends on your personal preferences. In addition to that, you also need to think about the pieces of furniture needed, such as tables and chairs. You can decide if you will use your own at home, borrow from friends, or rent.

It is also important to have some music. If you have the budget, you can hire a small orchestra or a violin player. If you are tight on budget, you can simply create a playlist of some classical music or Victorian-style music and play it on a surround sound system. To keep your guests entertained, you can decide if you want to play some games or maybe raffles. There are lots of game ideas for Victorian parties online.


Throwing a Victorian Era themed party may seem daunting at first, but it can be easy if it is well-thought-of. You don’t actually need to spend a lot in order to throw a beautiful Victorian party. The secret is to make it classy and fun for you and your guests. Pick the right colors and decorations for the party, and serve the most delicious foods. Don’t forget to serve tea, of course, as this is a very important part of Victorian parties. We hope that the ideas we shared in this post will help you in conceptualizing and throwing the best Victorian Era themed party of your dreams.

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