Fun Ideas for Using Laser Lights for Parties

Different events also require different types of special lighting. There are also lights that can be used on almost any special occasion out there, such as in shows, business openings, and parties. One of those lights is laser lights. They are the number one choice of most people when it comes to parties because these lights are pretty effective in the job they are doing.

Laser lights are also great in creating effects on the patio elements. They are perfect for making a theatrical scene that looks beautiful. Laser beam lights can have a lot of uses, and they also come in many color choices. They are also designed to be used either fast or slow and can be used indoors and outdoors, too.

If you are planning for a party soon and thinking of utilizing laser lights to make the event more fun, lively, and colorful, we are here to help you. Today, we are giving you fun ideas for using laser lights for parties.

What are Laser Lights?

Laser lights are also known as laser lighting display. It involves the use of laser light to entertain an audience. This type of light is useful in entertainment because its coherent nature lets a narrow beam to be produced, allowing the use of optical scanning to draw patterns or images on walls, ceilings, and other surfaces. Laser lights also have different functions:

  • Scanning: Laser scanners reflect the laser beam on small mirrors that are mounted on galvanometers where a control voltage is applied. This enables the laser lighting designer to make patterns and images on walls and surfaces using the lights.
  • Diffraction:This is a less complicated way of spreading the laser beam. A grating splits the monochromatic light into several rays. With the use of holograms, the beam can be split into different patterns. This is the primary method on how many simple laser light projectors workby projecting light out towards multiple points.
  • Static Beams:These are uninterrupted stationary beams from one or more laser emitters. These are used to create aerial beam effects that are turned on and off at different intervals, creating a sense of excitement. This is the simplest form of laser light show because it is not manipulated in any way.

How to Use Laser Lights for Parties
green laser light beams

The ambiance of your party will depend on the quality of the lights you use. With this, we can say that lighting is an extremely crucial element in a party scene. Therefore, you need to find suitable lights for your party. There are different factors that you need to consider before buying a laser light so you can make an excellent choice.

  • First, you need to consider where you are going to hold the party. The location of the party determines the rest of the important things. For example, if you are going to hold a party inside your house, most of the time, default lighting is enough. But if you are partying outdoors, it can be a bit tricky because you need to light up the area, and you can’t do this by just using a standard set of lights. Therefore, to make your outdoor party more alive and fun, using laser lights is perfect. It can also leave a good impression on your visitors.
  • Another important thing you need to consider is the exact spot where you will place the laser lights. Laser beam lights are not harmful in their natural usage. However, if a person exposes himself directly to the light, he might experience some troubles. The duration is also important to avoid the harmful effects of any kind of light. With this, you need to place the laser lights in a spot where direct exposure to the light would be avoided.
  • Lastly, you also need to consider the kind of party you are throwing. If you are planning to have a dance party, you can get a disco ball that canilluminate the whole dance floor quickly. The laser lights should match the lights of the disco ballto make the ambiance look more stunning and alive. For simple dinner parties, you can get a laser light with just one or two simple colors to light up the place.
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The Best Laser Lights You Can Use for Your Party

To further help you, here are some of the best laser lights that we can recommend, which can make your party brighter and more fun:

1. DJ Disco Stage Laser Light for Parties

This laser light features 3 beam combinations and 6 color backgrounds. It also has a multi-effect combination to create a more wonderful atmosphere. This laser light can cover 269 sq. ft. to 323 sq. ft. at the height of 3 meters after testing. Aside from that, it is also sound activated. The lights can move, shine, merge, appear, disappear, and flash to the beat of the music, which creates a fantastic atmosphere. It comes with a remote control to adjust all the light settings. This laser light is widely used for a disco, ballrooms, family gatherings, parties, concerts, and more.

2. BSYUN Professional DJ Lights for Laser Lights Show

This laser light features multiple effects. It can activate more than hundreds of light effects patterns. It is also sound activated and will change depending on the beat of the music. It is made of a diode-pumped solid beam, making it more stable and durable. It also ensures a clear color resolution. These laser lights will surely make your party more alive and will keep your guests dancing.

3. LED Auto Flash Strobe Laser Lights for Parties

This laser light has three colors, which are red, green, and a mixture of red and green. It has an automatic mode, which creates a romantic and relaxed atmosphere. It also has a strobe mode that makes the lights and colors appear and disappear quickly. It has sound control wherein the lights’ colors change according to the rhythm of the music. The housing of this laser light is made of high-quality aluminum alloy. It has a built-in fan for heat dissipation. It is a stable, light, and compact laser light for parties.

4. SUNY Mini Portable Cordless Laser Lights

If you are planning to throw a mini-party or gathering at home, this is the perfect laser light for you. It is designed small and lightweight for easy portability. It has a built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery. It comes with a charging cable that you can plug into your computer, power bank, or any device with a USB port. This is a great choice for indoor and outdoor parties.

5. Party Lights Dj Disco Lights, Strobe Stage Light Sound Activated Multiple Patterns Projector with Remote Control

Unlike other similar goods, party lights include a backdrop function. SPOOBOOLA Party lights features three lenses that will display red and green patterns with a colorful LED backdrop, creating a stereo ambience. Let stunning patterns appear at your great party. DJ lights come in three beam colors (red, green, and red and green) and six different color backdrops (red, green, blue, red & green, red & blue, blue & green). You can turn on or off the beam and background as needed. The beautiful mix brightens up the night.

6. Crazy Fire LED Laser Lights Projector

This laser lights projector features 7 dazzling light colors and effects. It also has 16 lighting modes. Aside from using it with a Bluetooth speaker, it also works with audio control that is 10 meters away. It also has a built-in speaker where you can connect your smartphone to play your favorite songs while projecting laser lights. It is indeed perfect for parties.

7. SUYBUY Party Laser Lights

This party laser light has three colors and three working modes. It has auto, flash, and sound-activated modes that will make your party more fun and lively. It is made of aluminum alloy and also has tripod support, making it easy to install. It is suitable for any type of party or event.

8. Sumger Professional Stage Light Laser Scanner

This laser light scanner has three colors, which are green, yellow, and red. It is beam effective and sound-activated. It can be installed on the ceiling and also has a cooling system and intelligent temperature control for safety. It comes with a remote control to control the lights, effect, colors, and more. It is a professional stage laser light scanner that is perfect for any kind of party or event you are planning.


Laser lights are indeed a great addition to any party. It can improve the ambiance and brighten up the venue of the party. It can also jive with the music, which can make your guests dance and have fun. We hope the information we shared in this article gave you ideas on how you can use laser lights to make your party more fun.