25 Gifts for Brothers

It has been said that the main difference between men and boys is the price of toys. This saying implies that men often prefer more expensive gifts. The first gifts that people often associate with the males in their life are gifts such as a new car, fancy electronics, or a complex toolbox. While these gifts are often appreciated, there are many gifts for your brother and other males in your life that do not have to break the bank. Here are a few ideas for creative gifts you can gift your brother on their next special occasion

25 Gifts for Brothers Reviewed

1. LEVONTA to My Brother Pocket Watch

LEVONTA to My Brother Pocket Watch

A watch will always be needed at some point. Even though we have cell phones, smart watches, and many other gadgets, there is nothing quite as classy as an old fashioned watch. For an added statement, you can gift your brother this personalized pocket watch for his next special occasion that will be as unique as he is.

This pocket watch is created by LEVONTA. LEVONTA is a USA brand. They create different types of personalized gifts for all occasions and all people. In order to help guarantee your satisfaction with their product, they back their products with a 30-day money back warranty with no questions asked.

This pocket watch is made from a premium zinc alloy metal. It is a shiny black follow. The watch face is kept safe by a flip lip. It is double sided and has a very shiny, polished exterior. Inside the case is a white face. On the outside of the case are the words “I hope you believe in yourself as much as I believe in you” written in a circular pattern around the outside of the case. A crown symbol marks the separation of the first and last word of this quote. Inside this circular frame is a further quote. At the top, written horizontally are the words “To my brother never forget that.” These words are followed by a linear break. Then, in a large cursive font are written the words “I Love You.” These are followed by another linear break. At the bottom is the one word “Forever.” This is followed by three-star silhouette designs.

The face has the numbers 1 through 12 marking each hour.  There are then individual lines between each hour to mark the minutes and seconds. The minute number are written in smaller lettering behind each five-minute mark.

There are also three hands. A simple, straight second-hand move gracefully across the face. Next is a long, elegant minute hand that is designed with patterned swirls. The last had is the shorter, yet wider hour hand with a crown-type design. The clock uses a precision quartz movement to help with the ultimate accuracy and the easiest use.

The entire pocket watch measures 1.8 inches in diameter. It also weighs about 1.86 ounces. The top of the watch has a knob for adjusting the time. If you would like to open the case of the watch, you press the crown at the top downward to open the front panel. If you would like to set the time, you pull the crown up. You then turn the crown clockwise. This will move the hands on the face of the watch until they are in the position you would like them to be. At that point, you press the crown back down to its original position.

In addition to the watch, you will also receive a chain measuring about 15.7 inches long. It is a sturdy chain, measuring .2 inches wide. This chain attaches to the top of the watch and makes it easy to carry around. The watch also comes with a waist chain. There is an instruction card that will arrive with the watch to help you remember how to use the watch properly so that it will last longer. The last item that will come with the watch is a beautiful gift box. The color of the gift box cannot be chosen. Once the pocket watch arrives, it is ready to use. You will first need to simply remove the protective film that was keeping the watch safe so that you are best able to utilize the new gift.

This gift is perfect for all occasions. There is no better time to tell your brother how much he is loved than the present. He can now take that reminder with him on his day to day errands in the form of this handy yet very useful pocket watch.


  • This pocket watch is personal.
  • It has a warranty.
  • Both the minutes and the hours are marked.
  • It is made from high-quality materials.


  • A pocket watch is not practical for all occasions.

2. CustomGiftsNow First My Brother Forever my Friend Bottle Opener

CustomGiftsNow First My Brother Forever my Friend Bottle Opener

A pocket watch may not be a very practical gift for all brothers, but that is not the only personalized gift option you have for that special sibling in your life. Another smaller option that you could gift to your brother is this unique bottle opener key chain by CustomGiftsNow.

A keychain is always a great gift for anyone. They are practical and very versatile. While a keychain has the term key in the name, it does not necessarily have to be used for keys. A keychain can be used as an identifier and as a way to not lose smaller items. A keychain works as an identifier by being placed on a bag or purse. If that bag or purse is left in a public place, you will always be able to tell which bag is yours. A keychain is especially helpful for suitcases at the airport. When a suitcase comes around a conveyer belt, it can be difficult to distinguish between three red suitcases. A unique keychain will make your own suitcase always stand out so you can confidently grab it off of the belt. A keychain also works to help small items not be lost. A smaller item, like keys or USB sticks, can have a keychain attached so it is more difficult to lose. It will make it a larger item and easier to see and grab.

This keychain is not only a practical identifier but it is also a practical tool for your brother to use on a daily basis. It is a key chain that seconds as a bottle opener. The key chain is made from stainless steel. It measures 1.25 inches wide by 2.25 inches tall and is .125 inches thick.

The top part of the keychain has a personal quote. The quote says “First my brother, forever my friend” in a mixture of block font and cursive font. The lettering is laser marked instead of stamped, which will help the lettering to last even longer through wear and tear. The bottom of the keychain has the opening for the bottle opener.

There are many bottles that require a bottle opener, not just alcoholic beverages. This gift will make it easy for your brother to grab a bottled drink on the go or at home. Whenever he does, he will have the sweet reminder of the sibling that cares for him.


  • This is a very personal gift.
  • A keychain is very versatile as a gift.
  • This keychain has a practical use.


  • This is a smaller gift.

3. I smile because you’re my brother- Funny Loving Coffee Tea Mug

I smile because you’re my brother- Funny Loving Coffee Tea Mug

Being a sibling often times comes with the territory of constantly teasing each other and joking around. Siblings have many inside jokes from growing up that they love to bring up together. Here is a mug that brings the is a visual representation of the light-hearted relationship between two siblings that indicates that fun loves the have for each other.

This is a ceramic mug, formed into the typical shape of a mug. The ceramic is a white color. It is available in both 11 ounces and 15 ounces to accommodate both the casual coffee drinker and the extreme coffee addict. The mug is created by Sunmead. On the front of the mug is a humorous quote to keep your brother laughing. The quote says “I smile because you’re my brother…I laugh because there’s nothing you can do about it!” This sentiment is both sweet and sassy, making it the perfect sibling quote. It begins by establishing how close you are and how you care about each other. It ends with a slight tease to illustrate that light-hearted relationship of so many siblings.

Mugs are another very versatile gift, just like key chains. While mugs are typically associated with coffee, they do not only need to be a gift for coffee drinkers. Mugs can hold both hot and cold beverages. The handle on the side makes it easy to drink out of. It can also help you avoid holding a cup with condensation in the case of colder beverages. The handle also is a great way to keep your hand from being too cold or too hold from holding the actual cup. In this way, you can use the mug for tea, coffee, soda, lemonade, or even as a beer stein.

A mug can also be used for food. Many people have found mugs to be more convenient than bowls for some dishes. One very popular mug dish is soup. You can pour your canned soup or fresh soup into a mug and throw it in the microwave to heat up. You then can either sip the soup or use a spoon to eat the soup from the mug. The handle makes it easy to keep the mug closer to you so you won’t drip the soup traveling from the table to you. Mugs can be used for ice cream, so you don’t have to hold a cold bowl. There are even countless mug recipes online for fun items such as noodles or even cake in a mug. This is what makes mugs such a great gift for every person in your life, including your brother.


  • Mugs are a very versatile gift.
  • This gift has a personal message.
  • It is available in two sizes.


  • The mug only comes in one color option.

4. Men’s Slim Front Pocket Wallet ID Window Card Case

Men’s Slim Front Pocket Wallet ID Window Card Case

Every man probably owns a wallet. Most men keep this wallet in their back pocket. This means that they spend all day sitting on the wallet and pulling it out to get their cards and cash. As a result, men’s wallets have a tendency to wear through fairly quickly. This special occasion might be the perfect time to give your brother’s wallet a switch to something newer that may last a little longer.

This is a gift that is easy to choose one which suits your brother’s personality because there are twenty-four different color options. These color options range from different shades of brown and tan to blues and pinks. There is sure to be a wallet in your brother’s favorite color. Each wallet is made from premium synthetic leather. The wallets are eco-friendly made from very durable material. The wallet has an 18-month warranty to help give you peace of mind that if there is something wrong with it, you can return it for a fixed wallet. The wallet is made by HISSIMO.

The wallets measures 4 inches by 3 inches. They are very small and slim enough to easily fit in nearly any back pocket. They can hold just the most important few cards and a little bit of cash so you can be prepared without having to tote around a hefty and bulky wallet. Inside the wallet, there is one large cash pocket for your bills. There are then three card slots for your credit and debit cards. These slots are divided with two being horizontal slots along the inside while one is a vertical slot behind the other two slots. The inside of the wallet also has an ID window where you can slip a drivers license and be able to show it to anyone without having to take it out of your wallet, making it more convenient for taking with you as you travel.

This wallet is specially equipped with RFID blocking materials. These materials help keep your information safe. With the quickly expanding technology, people have found ways to scan and steal your information by simply walking by you with a machine. This machine snatches information from your credit cards and other cards in your wallet. This specific wallet is specially made to prevent this type of theft to further protect your identity and your money.


  • There are many different colors to choose from.
  • The wallet is RFID blocking.
  • It is a very slim wallet that can easily fit in a back pocket.


  • There are not very many card slots.

5. Aubrey D. EXTREME Hot Sauce Sampler

While you can usually turn any gift into a hit with a man by adding food, this gift takes that idea to a whole new level. While gifts like cookies and candy are always appreciated, now you can make the gift of food a little more unique with this hot twist. This hot sauce sampler by Aubrey D. is sure to spice up your brother’s meals and add an extra kick to otherwise regular meals.

This is a variety pack of hot sauces so your brother can have fun experimenting with each flavor. Each one of these sauces is very hot and are sure to be a hit to any hot sauce lover. The sauces are made from blends of the extremely hot Jolokia peppers and those infamous mouth burning Habanero peppers.

The sauces are created by Aubrey D. He has been rebelling against the ordinary since 2004 with exotic new flavors and spicy new ingredients that turn ordinary food into extraordinary food. His manufacturer is Gourmet Chips and Sauces. All of his sauces are made in the U.S.A. They are hand made from farm fresh ingredients. These fresh ingredients include some favorites such as peppers, tomatoes, and garlic. Each one uniquely blended with the sauces to bring out a different aspect of the sauce. The sauces are also mixed up only in small amounts at a time to ensure that they always are the absolute best and freshest they can be. Each of his hot sauces was created to bring out a different flavor of the hot peppers he uses so that you are not only tasting fire, but also a unique blend of spices and peppers from around the world.

The first sauce in the back is the Rebel Scorpion Hot Sauce. This is made from Trinidad Scorpion peppers as well as that Habanero peppers and Jolokia peppers. These peppers add a more exotic taste to an otherwise ordinary hot sauce. You are tasting peppers from around the world, blended together perfectly to mix a bang with an exotic twist.

The Rebel Carolina Reaper 51 is a sauce made from ingredients a little closer to home. It is a unique blend of Carolina Reaper peppers and Habanero peppers. This helps to create a longer sizzle after you drizzle. You will feel it tingling in your mouth long after the steak is gone.

The last sauce is the Rebel Jolokia Ghost Hot Sauce. This sauce is the king of all three sauces. Its very name implies what you are in for before you even apply it to your favorite dish. the Jolokia pepper is also known as the Ghost Pepper. It is known as one of the hottest peppers in the world. As this implies, you will definitely feel the burn when you throw a few drips in your next bowl of soup.


  • This gift has a variety of sauces so he can find the one he likes best.
  • The sauces have a unique taste that is different from the ordinary hot sauce.
  • The sauces are made from natural ingredients.
  • These sauces are made in the U.S.A.


  • These sauces are very hot and may not be meant for everyone.

6. Wooden Beer Caddy by The Stout Crate

Wooden Beer Caddy by The Stout Crate

Beer lovers across the country will love the design of this beer caddy that makes it so much easier to bring beer to your next party. If your brother enjoys his six pack of beer, he is sure to appreciate this caddy that is both sturdy and practical so that it is like he is carrying around his own personal bar around his home and to parties.

When you buy beer from the store, they come in flimsy cardboard caddies. These caddies often break or the handles do not hold up. They are not always very balanced and it can make it hard to carry the beer from place to place. This is especially true of you want to take a six pack of beer to a party. This beer caddy helps to eliminate this problem.

This beer caddy is made from pine with a plywood base for a very sturdy frame. It is handcrafted using only the finest materials for the highest quality. In total, the beer caddy measures about 10.2 inches long by 6.7 inches wide by 11 inches high. It has been stained using a clear varnish to protect the wood from spills and dirt. This makes the caddy easy to wipe down and keep clean and sanitary. The sealing can keep the wood protected for both indoor use and outdoor use. So, you can now take your caddy to both your friend’s basement for game night or to a family picnic in the local park without worrying about the caddy warping or getting too dirty.

The caddy does more than just hold the beer. On the side of the caddy is a vintage bottle opener. This makes it convenient to open the bottles right from the caddy. You do not need to worry about losing your bottle opener or trying to find one that is handy. It will always be right with the bottles themselves to make a quick drink both easy and convenient.

The caddy can hold up to six total bottles. Each bottle can be up to 12 ounces each. You can also use the caddy to hold six 12 ounce cans of beer or even six 12 ounce bottles of soda. This gives your brother perfect flexibility for taking the drinks of his choice to ever party. He can either fill it with his favorite beer, or mix and match the bottles so there is something for everyone’s taste. The caddy has dividers inside of the wooden crate that will keep the bottles separate to help keep them both upright and from crashing into each other. This also means, if you do not drink all the bottles at the party, you can easily bring the rest home without them falling over since they have their own slots that will keep then standing up.


  • The caddy is made from high-quality materials.
  • Each bottle has its own separate slot.
  • A bottle opener is attached to the outside.
  • The wood is sealed so you can bring the caddy outside.


  • It cannot fit bottles larger than 12 ounces.

7. Shot Glass Set in Stylish Vintage Bamboo Shot Glass Holder

Shot Glass Set in Stylish Vintage Bamboo Shot Glass Holder

If your brother is not a beer drinker, here is another creative option for his drinks. This vintage shot holder is both sturdy and sleek looking. It is a great addition to any part, or for him to use by himself in the comfort of his own him. He can enjoy his shots, while keeping them safely nestled in the shot holder.

This is a complete set with all he will need for a round of shots. The only thing he will need to buy himself would be his favorite liquor. You could even buy it for him to add to the gift. The set includes six shot glasses. They are very well made glasses. Their bases are heavier in order to help keep them standing up and avoid them being knocked over. This is helpful especially when pouring the shots. Each shot glass measures about 1 ounce. The shot glasses are safe to either wash by hand or wash in a dishwasher, to make it even easier to keep them clean.

The set also comes with a wooden shot glass stand. The stand is made from solid wood. It uses bamboo as bamboo is very lightweight and a cleaner wood to make it more sanitary for the shots to be placed in the stand. The side of the stand has the word “shots” engraved. The letters are stamped in instead of written on the side so you do not have to worry about them wearing off after extended use.  The stand measures 4.4 inches long by 6.8 inches wide and 2.6 inches high.  There are six holes in the top of the stand that fit the six included shot glasses perfectly inside with just enough of the top sticking up that it makes it easy to grab each glass without having to touch too much of the rim where your mouth touches. This helps keep the glasses more sanitary.

The entire set has an extended warranty so you can always replace the set if there are any issues with it. The set comes in a beautiful gift box, so it is ready to give right out of the box. Pair this gift with your brother’s favorite drinks, and gift it for either his wedding, birthday, anniversary, Christmas, or any other special occasion just so he knows how much you know him and how much you care about him.


  • All the items are easy to wash, and the glasses can be machine washed.
  • The wood is very lightweight.
  • The glasses are weighted on the bottom.


  • The shot glasses are very small which makes them difficult to get the full 1 ounce.

8. Doublefan Poker Chips Set

Doublefan Poker Chips Set

Blackjack and Texas Holdem are two very popular games among both males and females alike. If your brother is among those who love the thrill of throwing in his chips, taking a chance, and steeling his face for a game of chance, skill, and pure fun, then he is sure to absolutely love this stunning new poker set, complete with everything he needs for his next guy’s poker night.

This set by Doublefan is complete with all the pieces he would need for a variety of games. The set has three size options to choose from. You can either purchase the 200 piece set, the 300 piece set, or the 500 piece set, depending on how large of a game you plan to play.

The chips are designed with a composite resin. They each have a heavy insert that will keep them on the table. They have a very similar feeling to what you might find in a casino. Each chip has the typical color pattern and design of regular poker chips. The measure about 1.54 inches in diameter each and weight about 11.5 grams. The 200 piece set has 75 white poker chips, 50 red poker chips, 25 blue poker chips, 25 green poker chips, and 25 black poker chips. The package also includes 5 dices, two decks of cards, 1 deal button for the dealer, as well as an aluminum carrying case along with a key to keep the items safe inside. The 300 piece set includes 100 white poker chips, 50 black poker chips, 50 red poker chips, 50 blue poker chips, and 50 green poker chips. The other items are the same. The 500 item set includes 150 white poker pieces, 100 red poker pieces, 100 blue poker pieces, 100 green poker pieces, and 50 black poker pieces. Again, the rest of the items remain the same.

All the items in each set come neatly packages inside a lined carrying case. The case is made out of sturdy aluminum to keep the items inside safe and in place. The aluminum is both sturdy while still being lightweight, adding very little additional weight to the already weighted chips. The inside of the case is made of black velour. A key keeps the case locked between uses so that the case does not accidentally open and the pieces get lost.

This set includes everything you will need for either Texas Holdem or Black Jack. You can use it either for fun with the family or for a professional poker tournament. They are classy enough to be used for all occasions from the casual weekend poker player to the serious competitor. No matter where on the scale your brother falls, this set will be sure to fill his poker needs.


  • The chips are weighted.
  • There are multiple sized sets to choose from.
  • The items come in a carry case.
  • This is a complete poker set.


  • While the set is well made, the carry box does not seem to be of the same high quality.

9. Crescent CTK170CMP2 Mechanics Tool Set

Crescent CTK170CMP2 Mechanics Tool Set

This special occasion, you can gift your brother an updated tool set. As long as there are leaks in the sink, cars with mechanical issues, and furniture that needs to be assembled, there will also be a need for a good set of tools. Tools often get lost, broken, or even just rusty from continual use. This can make easy jobs take twice as long. If you gift this tool set, you will be helping your brother complete his tasks faster with sharper tools, and all the basic tools he could need so he does not have to try and make what he has fit as he will have all the basic sizes for household repairs.

This set by Apex Tool Group has 170 different pieces. All the pieces are carefully organized in a hard-cover, plastic case with a slot of each item. The case has a carry handle that makes it easy to take this tool set to wherever the problem area is so you can work quickly and have it fixed faster. The items are made to fit all the standard mechanical sizes as well as the standard sizes for consumer appliances.

This set includes a variety of different types of tools. There is a ¼ inch drive with a 72-tooth quick release ratchet along with a 1.4inch drive 3-inch extension. There are 22 different sizes of 1.4-inch drives with 6-point sockets. There is one 3.8 inch drive with a 72 tooth quick-release ratchet along with the same sized 3-inch extension and 6-inch extension. There is also a 3/8 inch drive adapter and spark plug sockets. The 2/8 inch drive has 25 12-point sockets. It also has 12 6-point deep sockets. There is a ½ inch drive with a 72-tooth quick-release ratchet. This comes with a 5-inch extension. This size has 10 12-point sockets. The set includes 12 different sizes of combination wrenches. There are two sizes of pliers, one is an 8-inch long nose cutting and a 10-inch tongue and groove pliers. There is one 8-inch adjustable wrench. The set has four magnetic screwdrivers of different sizes, two of which are slotted and two of which are Phillips. There is one Dura-Driver magnetic Bit Driver. The set has 44 1 inch driver bits with holders to keep them organized. These bits include Phillips, slotted, Torx, and Hex bits. There are 13 SAE Hex Keys with a holder as well as 13 Metric Hex keys along with a holder. All the tools have met the strict standards of the ANSI and ASME specifications. They also have a full satisfaction guarantee.


  • This set has all the tools and sizes to fit most standard mechanical and consumer appliances and equipment.


  • The carry case is not the best quality.

10. Backpack Water Resistant School Backpack by Vancropak

Backpack Water Resistant School Backpack by Vancropak

Backpacks are very practical carrying devices. You can carry more items that you normally would on your arm, by using the extra support of your back. You can also be hands-free to go about your daily tasks because the backpack is on your shoulders versus in your hand. Your brother is sure to make great use out of this sleek, classy backpack. It would be great to throw over his shoulders if he bikes to work, takes public transportation, or even just needs to carry things around day to day.

This backpack is available in six bright colors. These colors include black, green, gray, red, light blue, and teal. He is sure to find a color that matches his personality. The backpack measures 17 inches high by 13 inches wide by 5.5 inches deep. It can hold a total of 15.6 liters while weighing just 1.4 pounds making it ideal for all occasions. He will not need to worry about all the weight of his work items as the backpack barely weighs anything on its own. It is made from a high-quality canvas polyester that is water resistant so it will keep all your brother’s supplies dry and clean. It is also easier to wipe off between uses. Al the pockets close with a smooth zipper.

Unlike many other backpacks, this backpack is easy on your back. It is specially designed to contour with the natural shape of your back so it is not pressing uncomfortably on any one spot. It has an S design that curves with your every curve. It also has a breathable seismic decompression that will help your back breath so you will never feel overheated when wearing the backpack. Now your brother can wear it with that dress shirt without worrying about sweat marks when he takes it off. the shoulder straps are adjustable and padded so there is a minimal strain on your shoulders and they will not dig into your shoulders.

The backpack has one main compartment along with a smaller front compartment. There are two side pockets without a top that are easy to slip in a phone so it is easy to access throughout the day. The largest compartment can fit up to a 14-inch laptop as well as dozens of other pieces of equipment and books. Inside of the main compartment is a laptop pocket for the 14-inch laptop. There is also a smaller back zippered pocket for smaller items you d not want to lose. The front of the inside pocket has two larger open pockets for a cell phone and wallet as well as two smaller open top pockets for small items such as pencils.

This backpack is designed with electronics in mind. The top of the backpack has an opening for earphones. Your brother can now keep his phone or MP3 device inside the backpack while still being able to listen to music. On the side of the backpack, there is a USB port. This USB port can be plugged into a wall socket. Your electronics inside the backpack can then be plugged into the inside USB port and be able to be charged that way without ever having to take them out of your backpack.


  • This backpack is very breathable.
  • It offers plenty of back support.
  • There are lots of pockets for organization.
  • There is an earphone hole and a USB connection.
  • The backpack comes in a variety of colors.


  • The backpack does not hold too much weight so it would not work well as a school backpack with too many books.

11. Bowflex SelectTech 552 Adjustable Dumbbells

Bowflex SelectTech 552 Adjustable Dumbbells

A gym membership can be expensive, and making your way to the gym each day is not always possible. You do not need to sacrifice the body you want just because you want to afford the time and money to go to a gym every now. Now, you can bring part of the gym to your home. With this pair of adjustable dumbbells, you can get a variety of workouts done from the comfort of your own home and during the times that work best for you. This is a gift your brother would really appreciate if he is looking for a way to keep in shape.

This set includes two high-quality dumbbells. Each dumbbell has the ability to adjust from as low as 5 pounds to as high as 52.5 pounds. It adjusts in 2.5-pound increments. Once you reach 25 pounds, you can adjust it in larger increments. The weights are very easy to adjust their level. This allows you to quickly switch between weights while doing your exercises without having to take lengthy breaks to adjust your dumbbells. These weights are especially convenient for those who live in small spaces. Instead of owning 15 different sets of weight, you can save on space and money by only having to purchase one set that contains all the needed weights. It uses a very simple dial system to switch between the weights. the molding around the metal plates are very durable and quiet so you do not have any distractions during your workout. The dumbbell set is available both with an additional stand and as only the dumbbells depending on your own personal needs.

To help keep track of your workouts, Bowflex has an app available. The Bowflex SelectTech app has a variety of options for every aspect of your workout. You can choose a challenge to complete over a period of time to help keep you accountable. Each day, you can write down what you have accomplished and the amount of time you worked out in order to journal your journey. There are a series of guided workouts lead by professional trainers that can give you the results you need without having to go to a gym. There is also an option to create custom workouts to fix your own personal fitness level and help you on your journey to your own personal fitness goals. There is another option for just lifting instead of full workouts so you can focus on a specific area.


  • There are 15 different weight settings.
  • These dumbbells take up less room than separate dumbbells.
  • They are very easy to switch between weights.
  • There is a companion app available to help with workouts.


  • There are some plastic pieces that can break if dropped.
  • The dumbbells are very long which can make them awkward for some workouts.

12. Bowflex Weight Benches

Bowflex Weight Benches

If your brother already has a good set of dumbbells, you can instead gift him a new weight bench so he can finally retire that old bench with the rips in the fabric for a new one with better cushioning to give him the most support and ultimate comfort. A weight bench is a great addition to any workout space. It also opens up a whole new world of new exercises to help your brother gain a true full body work out.

This 5.1 adjustable bench has all the features he will need for a basic weight lifting workout. This specific bench has six different positions. This can allow him to adjust it for any workout as well as to his specific height to make it most comfortable. A wrongly adjusted bench can cause muscle strain among many other issues when working out. This adjustability will help him avoid unnecessary injuries. The bench can adjust from a 17-degree decline all the way up to a 90-degree incline.

The front of the bench has a leg brace. This is a padded bar that helps hold the legs down during workouts. This leg brace can be completely removed if your brother does not need it. Otherwise, he can keep it on for the additional support. The bench has a total load capacity of 480 pounds. This bench measures 56 inches long by 26 inches wide by 20 inches high.

For those who would rather something a little simpler, there is also the 3.1 adjustable bench by Bowflex. This options only adjusts to four positions. It has a decline, flat, 45-degree angle, and 90-degree angle. It still has the leg support and the same measurements.

The third option from Bowflex is the 5.1S Stowable Bench. This has the same adjustability options as the 5.1. What makes this bench different is that it is made from a heavy-duty commercial quality steel. It also has up to 600-pound load capacity. This bench also has the ability to fold up. There are wheels that make it easy to move the bench to storage between uses.

The bench is very healthy to use when working out. It will help your brother keep the correct posture all through his lifts. This will protect his back and other areas. It also helps to keep him stabilized to avoid falling over or overstraining a specific area due to leaning the strong way. In this way, he can complete dozens of free-weight workouts safely. There is a 30-year warranty for the frame and a one-year warranty on the upholstery so that your brother will have the opportunity to return the item if there is ever any issues with it.


  • There are three different size options.
  • The bench has a leg brace.
  • It comes with a warranty.


  • The leg roller does not pin the legs down.
  • The fabric on the seat is not the most comfortable.

13. Homall Gaming Chair Racing Style

Homall Gaming Chair Racing Style

In the world of technology, there are many hobbies that involve sitting for a prolonged period of time. These include computer games, video games, web design, and so many other options. A regular desk chair can easily become uncomfortable, especially if you game for hours on end. This is why there are racing chairs. These chairs are ergonomically designed to game in style and comfort without your back aching afterwards. You can gift your brother an upgrade to his gaming style with this sleek new racing chair.

The chair comes in six different bright colors. It is made from a high-density shaping foam so that it forms around your body and provides the support you need while you are sitting. It has just enough elasticity to be resilient without compromising on your stability. The fabric is also anti-oxidation fabric.  The chair is set on a sturdy steel frame while the cushions are made from Pu leather. It is skin friendly and wear-resistant. The chair lifts using a class-3 gas lift. In total, the chair can hold up to 300 pounds. The chair has rubber casters to help it move silently around the room so your gaming is not disturbed.

In total, the chair measures 22.5 inches long by 30.5 inches wide. The seat measures 19.8 inches long by 20.5 inches wide. The height of the seat is adjustable from 17.3 inches to 21.5 inches. It has the ability to swivel in 360 degrees. The wheels are also able to be moved in all directions. The chair can recline between 90 and 180 degrees for the ultimate comfort. There is a rocking function to keep movement and bounce as you sit. This bouncing function is adjusted using a knob under the chair. The cushions of the chair contour around your body. There is a neck pillow for head support as well as side curvature for holding your body in place. A lower back pillow helps reduce back pain. There are two armrests on either side of the chair.


  • The chair has plenty of support.
  • It comes in a variety of colors.
  • The chair can be adjusted.


  • The armrests cannot be adjusted.

14. Atlantic Gaming Desk Multi-Function

Atlantic Gaming Desk Multi-Function

If your brother already has a great gaming chair, you can instead treat him to an upgrade to his desk. While any desk can hold a computer, only a gaming desk truly supports all that a gamer could do. This desk is especially designed to hold all your brother’s gaming equipment and make it most convenient for when he has his gaming sessions.

This desk measures 15.5 inches in length and 7 inches in width. Its height is 625 inches. It can hold most average sized gaming computers, plus all his other equipment. It can hold up to a 27-inch flat panel monitor and up to 40 pounds of total equipment.

What makes this desk so unique is not its size as much as its other features. This desk has a charging station that can hold your brother’s electronic equipment like his phone or tablets while they charge. It also has a basket underneath the desk to hold smaller items he may need. A tall desk stand is specifically designed to hold a couple controllers. There is a built-in wire management as well as a rear power strip holder in order to make all those plugs more convenient to access and plug in. The desk also has a convenient hook for hanging up a pair of headphones and a cup holder for that daily dose of caffeine so your brother can game all night long.


  • The desk is designed to hold all of your gaming equipment.
  • It is convenient for all your plugs.


  • It is very complex to assemble.
  • It is not as sturdy as a regular desk.

15. Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones

Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones

In this world of always updating technology, people should not have to worry about wires as much as they do. There are so many different types of equipment now available that let you go wires free. One common item is headphones. No need to worry about pesky earbuds with those wires that get tangled up in your desk. With Bluetooth headphones, you can enjoy your music on the go and easily put them away when you are done. These noise-canceling headphones by Sony are one option in order to help your brother break free from wires.

These headphones will change the way your brother listens to music. They have a digital noise cancelation in order to provide a completely soundproof environment for listening to music or completing his work. Even though they can be totally soundproof, there is also a quick attention mode. With just a click of a button, he can adjust his headphones so that they cover up one of the ears in order to allow him to hear someone. This can allow him to still enjoy the conversations around him when he wants and go back to listening to music without having to continually take his headphones on and off.  He can keep the ambient sound adjusted to just the right level for his comfort.

These headphones are not just for listening, they are also for control. They have touch controls that allow him to control his music from the headphones. These controls include music tracks, volume, voice assistant, and accepting phone calls. Between uses, the headphones can be quickly charged up. When they are fully charged, you will have up to 30 hours of playback time. If you charge the headphones for just ten minutes, you can still enjoy a good 5 hours of music.

The music is very crisp and clear. This technology uses HiRes audio. Not only do they create good sound, they are also very comfortable to wear. They are designed to fit around your head and not give you headaches. When you are done, they come with an easy travel carry case. Just fold them up and take them with you to your next stop.


  • They are noise canceling.
  • They have music and call controls on the headphones.
  • These are Bluetooth headphones.
  • They charge very quickly.


  • These headphones can only pair to one device at a time.

16. Survival Gear Kits 13 in 1 by TRSCIND

Survival Gear Kits 13 in 1 by TRSCIND

If your brother is an outdoorsman, he is sure to love this all-in-one survival kit. It has so many different types of fun gadgets and helpful gizmos that he can use on his next trek around the woods or hike in the mountains. All these items are neatly packaged in one convenient travel case created by TRSCIND.

This little tool has 13 different tools all in one convenient carrying case. These tools include a compass to help him always find his way around. There is also a survival knife for cutting wire, small branches, or any other small item. A wire saw will help with some of the more larger cutting needs. A water bottle clip will keep his water always close to avoid dehydration. It attaches conveniently on any belt. There is an emergency blanket that can be pulled out if the temperatures suddenly drop below what he had dressed for or to protect him from the sun and other elements. There is a flint stone for starting a fire as well as a scraper. A flashlight will help him see in the dark. A credit card knife can slip easily in his pocket for quick  jobs, a tactical pen has a sharp edge to also be able to break through glass or ice when needed. A whistle will help him call for help if it is ever needed, having a sound that is up to 120 dB of volume. All these things come in a small black, waterproof box to keep them safe.

This box is both lightweight for easily throwing in a backpack and convenient for having all your essentials right at your fingertips. The entire box measures just 6.6 inches by 4.3 inches by 1.9 inches. It weighs only 1.11 pounds all together.


  • All the basic survival items are included in one convenient package.
  • Each item is made from high-quality materials.


  • Some of the items are too small for larger survival needs.

17. Citizen Watches Mens BN0151-09L Promaster Professional Diver

Citizen Watches Mens BN0151-09L Promaster Professional Diver

While phone clocks have their place, there are some circumstances where you need something that is a little bit more heavy duty. This watch is both fashionable, and can stand up to some basic activities so you can wear it when working out, going about town, or even swimming without worrying about it breaking.

The watch is made from stainless steel. It is a circular watch with a dark blue and silver color. The face of the watch has ever ten minutes marked with the minute number. The hours, minutes, and seconds are all marked with dots and lines. The hour and minute hand both are luminous so you can see them even when it is dark. At the 20 minute mark, there is a small window to mark the date. There is also a second hand for additional accuracy in time telling.

This watch uses Japanese quartz movement and has an analog display. It does not require a battery as this watch is fueled by Eco-drive technology. This means that it takes its energy from light. The watch face is in a 48 mm stainless steel case. It has a mineral dial window. The band is made from molded polyurethane and has a buckle closure. The watch is water resistant and can be worn while swimming and showering. You can even wear it while snorkeling. It is safe to be in the water up to 666 feet as well as WR200 and 20Bar.


  • This watch is water-resistant.
  • The hands and markers are all luminous.
  • The watch does not require a battery.


  • The face of the watch is rather small for a diver watch.

18. Nautica Voyage Eau de Toilette Spray for Men

Nautica Voyage Eau de Toilette Spray for Men

Whether your brother is a working man or businessman, there will always come a point in his life where he will want to dress up. While clothing can take him 50% of the way to a classy look, how he smells can take him the full 100% from everyday to black tie. The right scent can give a larger impression than even the perfectly chosen suit. This cologne from Nautica, called Voyage Eau de Toilette is just the right scent for nearly any man.

This scent comes from Nautica. They are an American brand that has been selling scents since 1983. All their items are water-themed, giving the wearer a feeling of coming right off of the ocean with a sense of adventure and mystery. Their nautical heritage is reflected in their packaging, scents, and design. They are now one of the most recognized brands in America and throughout the entire world. You can find their products in over 75 countries. In total, they have more than 3,000 stores around the world.

This scent comes in a 3.4-ounce container. It has a subtle mix of a couple different scents. The main scent is a dewy moss with subtle hints of woody amber in the background for a distinctly manly scent that gives off a vague sense of the ocean. The ingredients include green leaf, apple drenched mimosa, sailcloth accord, water lotus, cedarwood, musk, moss, and amber.


  • Cologne can be used by nearly any man.
  • It has a neutral enough scent for both casual and formal use.


  • It does not have a very long lasting scent.

19. Nautica Men’s Double Breasted Wool Peacoat

Nautica Men’s Double Breasted Wool Peacoat

As the weather grows colder, your brother will begin pulling out his thicker coats. After years of wear, winter coats can easily grow thin and the threads can begin to get pulled out. This year, give your brother an upgrade with this new, stunning pea coat from Nautica. It has all the warmth of a thick winter coat with all the class of wearing a suit.

This coat has a very versatile style. It can either be dressed up for formal occasions, or dressed down for everyday wear to work. It is available in several neutral colors such as black, charcoal, grays, and navy. The coat has two sections to it. The first portion is the shell. The shell is made from 52% wool, 30% polyester, 7% Rayon, 6% Nylon, and 5% from other fibers. The lining inside of the coat is 100% made from Polyester. These fibers combined together make it very warm for all types of weather.

The pea coat has a wider fit. While most pea coats are fitted for a sleek, suit appearance, this coat takes thicker underclothes into consideration. You can wear sweaters and other clothes under your coat and still have it fit your form nicely. The coat buttons down the front as its closure. It is a double-breasted coat with vertical side pockets. The lapels are notched. Each button has Nautica’s famous nautical symbol marking its authenticity. The coat should only be dry cleaned.


  • The coat is warm enough for winter time.
  • It can fit sweaters underneath the coat.
  • The style is very flexible.


  • The cut may be too wide for some men.
  • The buttons are not sewn on very strongly.

20. Alpine Swiss Men’s Plaid Scarf

Alpine Swiss Men’s Plaid Scarf

Scarves are very versatile accessories. They can be used to change up an otherwise regular outfit. Scarves can dress up a casual outfit or dress down a formal outfit. Not only are scarves a great way to add a different look to an old outfit, they are also a very practical gift. Scarves help to hold in the warmth and protect your throat and chest from the cold. This stunning scarf from Alpine Swiss is a great accessory for your brother’s wardrobe this winter.

This scarf comes in twelve different colors and patterns. The patterns range from plain colors to plaids. There are even some basic two-toned scarves. Each scarf uses neutral colors. The colors are mostly grays and blacks with a few browns, dark reds and lighter colors thrown in some of the plaid colored scarves. These colors and patterns make them more versatile for pairing with more outfits and coats. They add just a little bit of color and patterns to make the outfit pop without being too overwhelming.

The scarves measures about 12 inches by 80 inches. Each scarf ends with long fringes on either end for both style and utility. This length makes them able to be folded in multiple different ways. They can be wrapped, knotted, or just slung over your shoulders. They are made from 100% acrylic, making them very soft and warm for even the coldest weather. These scarves are thick enough to be warm, but thin enough to keep from being bulky.


  • The scarf is not bulky.
  • It is very soft and warm.
  • It is available in several different colors and patterns.


  • The scarf tends to collect lint.

21. LETHMIK Fleece Lined Beanie Hat

LETHMIK Fleece Lined Beanie Hat

Scarves are not the only accessory your brother could use this winter to help keep him feeling warm. Hats are another great way to keep out the chill in the air while not compromising much when it comes to appearances. This knit fleece hat by LETHMIK is sure to keep his ears and head warm even when it is blowing icy wind and raining down inches of snow.

This hat is available in twenty different colors and styles. You can choose from a solid colored hat in basic grays and blacks, or choose a brightly colors blue and green duo-colored cap for more of a statement this winter. There are different patterns to choose from. There are solid colors, stripped, duo-toned, and mixed fabric hats. Each hat is unique in appearance, which makes sure there is one for every occasion.

The hats are made from 100% soft acrylic. This makes them both very warm and super soft. The hats are lined with an extra warm fleece to ensure your head is wrapped up in the coziest materials during those harshest months of the year. Since the hat is very stretchy in material, it is one size fits most. It has a skull and cozy fit. This is a beanie hat and will fit like regular beanie caps fit. The hat is both fashionable enough to wear to work each day and warm enough to wear during your favorite winter activity such as skiing or snowboarding. It is durable and classy all rolled up in one warm offering your brother is sure to love.


  • The hat is warm enough for winter.
  • There are multiple different colors and patterns available.
  • One size should fit most.


  • The hat should be hand washed to avoid pilling.

22. Whiskey Globe Decanter Set with Etched World Map by Kemstood

Whiskey Globe Decanter Set with Etched World Map by Kemstood

Drinking whiskey has never looked so stylish. Instead of keeping a regular wet bar on the side table, your brother can take up his class a notch with this unique whiskey decanter. It is more than a regular flask, it is a decorative item that is sure to wow as much as its contents will after being poured.

This whiskey decanter is shaped like a globe. It is made from hand-blown glass. A world map is etched on the outside of the glass for an added unique appearance. The decanter itself can hold up to 850ml. The globe then sits slightly askew on a wooden frame, completing the appearance of being a regular globe that you would find in someone’s office or living room. The globe itself is clear, letting your guests see the beautiful liquid inside, which is, of course, the drink of your choosing.

The globe then has a glass stopper. It also has a pouring funnel. This allows it to be stored safely and without leaking between uses. The funnel also makes it easy to fill without it spilling. The decanter comes already packaged in a box that protects it from breakage. The box is wrapped up nicely and is ready to gift as is. The entire decanter has a 100% satisfaction guarantee. This gift would pair nicely with a bottle of your brother’s favorite whiskey or brandy.


  • This decanter is very unique.
  • It is made from high-quality materials.
  • There is a pouring funnel to decrease the chances of spillage.


  • The decanter is very fragile.

23. Magnetic Wristband by Magband

Magnetic Wristband by Magband

If your brother already has all the tools he may need, this magnetic wristband may be a handy accessory for a more creative twist on a gift for a handyman. This is a very practical tool that the regular handyman may not always think to purchase, but will be very glad someone gave him. It can save him the frustration of searching for lost screws or later stepping on runaway nails.

This handy little piece of equipment is a magnetic wrist band. It fits snuggly around your brother’s wrist using Velcro. Now, as he is working, he simply needs to attach the nuts, bolts, and screws to the wrist band and let the strong magnetic pull do the rest. No need to worry about finding a safe place to put those screws until you use them again and no need to worry about them getting lost around the room. They are now always convenient and easy to access. The wrist band itself is very comfortable in its design so it will not scratch or chafe as he is using it.


  • This is a very practical gift.
  • The size can be adjusted.


  • There are only enough magnets to hold a few screws at a time.

24. RIVBOS Polarized Sports Sunglasses

RIVBOS Polarized Sports Sunglasses

Sunglasses are one item that people are constantly misplacing, breaking, or wearing out. While many sunglasses can be bought for cheap at every gas station, a good pair of sunglasses that will last can be hard to find. You can gift your brother this nice pair of RIVBOS sunglasses this special occasion to replace that old pair with scratches all over. The next time he tries to work out in the sun or drive to work in the morning, he will thank you.

These Sunglasses are made from very high-grade materials. The frames are a sports style sunglasses. They are very lightweight and still durable for all occasions. The lenses measure 1.57 inches tall and 2.53 inches wide. The legs on either side of the sunglasses measure 5.51 inches long. The nose bridge measures 1.18 inches. the entire frame length is 5.51 inches. These dimensions will fit most faces.

The sunglasses have ten different lens color options for a more unique appearance. They are TAC Polarized with a mirror coating. They have 100% UVA and UVB protection. They will filter out all UVA, UVB, and UVC rays as well as harmful blue light up to 400nm. These sunglasses help protect your eyes by getting rid of all reflected and scattered light. The sunglasses come in hard protective cases along with a strap and cleaning cloth. They have a lifetime breakage warranty on the frame and lens.


  • These sunglasses filter out all dangerous lights.
  • They come with several different lens color options.


  • They do not fit well on people with more narrow faces.

25. Spalding NBA Zi/O Indoor/Outdoor Basketball

Spalding NBA Zi/O Indoor/Outdoor Basketball

If your brother is a sports lover, you can gift him a new basketball to give him another reason to hit the hoops this summer. This ball is an official NBA sized ball and is great for both indoor and outdoor basketball. It is made by the well-known and well-trusted brand of Spalding.

This basketball will give him the feeling that he is in the NBA. Its size is the official size 7, 29 .5 inches. It also has the official weight of an NBA basketball. It has a Zi/O tournament composite cover for the best bounce and play. The ball arrives already inflated so that you can play it right out of the box.


  • This is an official NBA style basketball.
  • It comes already inflated.


  • The ball tends to pick up dirt and because slippery quickly.