Here’s How You Can Host A Girls’ Pajama Party

What comes to your mind when you hear the word pajama party?

Games, movies, food, and the best part – pajamas! When it comes to pajama parties, there’s a lot you can do to have fun with your girlfriends. Here, you can watch movies until late at night, eat plenty of food, play board games, and share stories, all in the comforts of your home.

Moreover, hosting one creates long-lasting and fun memories you’re sure to reflect on as you grow older. You could even hold one for your daughter if you want. Thus, if you’re looking to host a pajama party with all of your girlfriends or for your daughter, here’s how you can host the best one ever:

Decorate For the Event

Decorating the room is the first step you’d need to take. You’d also need vibrant and colorful decorations to set the mood for your pajama party. You could add disco balls if you want your friends to feel funky and groovy. You could even match this up with a pajama party backdrop just in case you want to take a trendy photo with your friends.

You could try adding fairy lights to your ceiling if you want to make the mood cozy and snug. You could also match this up with silk pillowcases and a plush blanket. You could also use scented candles to ease your friends into a warm mood, making them feel relaxed.

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Bring Out Your Cute Pajamas

You don’t want to spend your party in worn-out pajamas, do you? If so, this would be the perfect time to get new pajamas. You can treat yourself to matching tops and bottoms, or you could buy yourself luxurious silk ones. You could try spicing up your look by matching your pj’s with socks, slippers, and sleeping masks!

If you want to make your party special, you could coordinate your pajamas with your friends according to one theme. For example, you could go as the PowerPuff Girls and dress according to each color, or you could go with animal print pajamas with your friends. You could even set a specific attire for your event. Nevertheless, wearing your best pajamas for a fun-filled night is the best way.

Prepare Fun Activities

Entertainment and parties always go hand-in-hand. With this, you must prepare activities you want to do with your friends, such as movie marathons, board games, karaoke, painting, dance-offs, and charades.

If you’re up to it, you could go with one genre for movie marathons, like romance, coming-of-age movies, or horror! Board games are also one way to keep the fun going, and there’s a long list of games you could try, such as Uno, Cards Against Humanity, Monopoly, etc. However, if you need help with the activities to prepare, you could always ask your friends for suggestions and plan your entire night based on what everyone enjoys.

Overall, planning these fun activities is a way for you to develop your social skills. Here, you connect and bond with your friends over what you all enjoy doing – whether through movies, singing, or board games.

Find An Upbeat Playlist

It’s not a party without music. When you’re still waiting for others to arrive, it’s best to blast on a good party playlist that will get everyone into an upbeat mood. Believe it or not, music also sets a party’s mood and points an ultimate direction to the tone you want to set.

You could blast on a fun playlist to energize everyone once they arrive. If you’re planning a serene-themed pajama party, you could also try a classical playlist to get you and your friends in a tranquil tone. Nevertheless, music will become your best friend if you want to set the proper tone for your pajama party.

Plan Your Menu

You should never forget the food at a party. Here, you’ll want to prepare meals depending on what time you’re going to start. If your friends are arriving before dinner, you could prepare their meals, or you could also order pizza.

You can even ask your friends to contribute and bring food to share. You could even assign each other different selections, such as sandwich trays, sweets, fruit trays, or chips, to name a few. With this, you’d have various snacks all night long.

Final Thoughts

A girls’ night doesn’t always have to be enjoyed outside since it could also be enjoyed at home with a fun pajama party. Here, you can binge on movies, eat comfort food, and have a go at relaxation – all while wearing cute pajamas!

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