How to Design Your Home to Let in More Sunshine

There is nothing more inviting than a home that is bathed in sunlight all year long. If you are building your home or renovating it, there are a lot of little techniques that you can use to let more of this light in. Here is a list of your top options:

Orient Your Home More Strategically

If you are building your home or simply trying to figure out where to put new windows, pay attention to how the sun hits your home at different times of the day. You should also think about where you are most likely to get sunshine in the summer, winter, etc.

Have your living room, dining room, and kitchen in areas that will get the most amount of sun. TV rooms, store rooms, and laundry rooms can be relegated to the darker portions of the property. In case your home has already been built, try arranging the house in such a way that the rooms with the most light are used for more social activities.

One thing to consider is repainting your interior for a fresh brighter look.

Install Larger Windows

This should go without saying but look for windows in Delta or wherever that you live that have a larger surface area for glass. The more glass there is, the more light that is let in which is why so many love sliding glass walls. Now, if your current frames are quite small, you may think that you need to create a larger space, but this isn’t the case at all. Instead, look for a bay or bow window design – these move outward, increasing the surface area.

Another option that you can think of is to install windows at higher points on the walls. The benefit of this is that regardless of the position of the sun throughout the day, light will come streaming in. You can get creative here, opting for round windows instead of square ones for a greater impact.

Go With Glass Doors

Wherever possible, install glass doors as well. This idea works especially well for patio doors and other outward facing doors. Not only do you let in more light but you also have a wonderful view of your beautiful garden and other areas of the property.

This is also something that you can implement indoors as well. If you have doors between rooms, using glass instead of wood could allow the light from one space to travel to another. It can also make the internal dimensions of each room appear larger as well.

No Exterior Walls? Use Skylights

What about those walls that aren’t exterior ones – where does the light come here? Well, for these areas consider sky lights. The light comes from above. This is great for long and narrow hallways where other such openings will not be possible.

You can have smaller skylights at intervals throughout such spaces so that it has a lovely impact on the overall design of the room as well.

These are the main guidelines that you should follow when designing your home or even renovating it. Combined, all of these ideas will help to allow an incredible amount of natural light into most spaces throughout your house.