How to use temporary wallpaper to create a perfect party backdrop

One of the biggest ways to create a big impact on your party is to create a party backdrop that is going to stand out. Party backdrops work great for dessert tables, buffet tables, or even favor tables. Many materials can be used to create a party backdrop. These include tablecloths, wrapping paper, chalkboards,  masking wallpaper vinyl wallpaper, and even wallpapers. Backdrops are an excellent way of expressing your creativity. At the party, they can be used as backgrounds for photography or videos. One of the easiest to make an outstanding backdrop is to use temporary wallpaper. Use the peel and stick wallpaper for walls for walls and you will love the final outlook of your backdrop. Furthermore, the temporary wallpapers can be used in other areas like the bathroom, kitchen, or even the nursery. In the nursery, the peel and stick wallpaper for a nursery is used to give the nursery an amazing look. It may seem like an impossible mission to use temporary wallpaper to create a backdrop but if you follow the following steps it will be easier than you think.

How to install temporary wallpaper on the party backdrop

As the name suggests temporary wallpaper requires very few steps to install as it is not meant to stay for long in the background. The first step is to assemble the tools you need for the project. This will save you a lot of time as you will not have to move from place to place looking for the tools you require.  The tools include the wallpaper itself, a cutting object like sharp scissors or a sharp utility knife, a smoothening tool tough most wallpapers usually come with a smoothening tool in them, measuring tape, a notebook, and a pencil.

Takedown the measurements of the wallpaper. This should be done accurately since failure to do so will have you face dire consequences. Translate the measurements to wallpapers and start cutting the wallpaper out. The next step is to place the temporary wallpaper on a smooth surface of the backdrop. and only peel a small corner of the backing. Continue peeling off the rest of the wallpaper as you continue installing the wallpaper. Do not force anything. Ensure you install the wallpaper in a straightway. In case of any bubbles just use a small pin or the utility knife to make a small hole at the center of the hole. This will ensure all the air is released from the bubble Lastly ensure that you smoothen the wallpaper. In case you do not install the wallpaper properly do not fret. Just remove the wallpaper and readjust it. Removing the wallpaper is a very easy process that will leave your backdrop undamaged and with no adhesives. Just pull the wallpaper at one corner gently and if it lifts easily pull it away. If the wallpaper does not lift from the backdrop just heat the section with a blowdryer on a low setting and repeat the same thing for the other sections.  If you follow these steps then you can easily install your temporary wallpaper to your backdrop.

The last step is to hang the backdrop. This may seem tedious at first as the backdrop is very huge and very heavy. But here are different tips that might assist you in how to hang your party backdrop.   The easiest way is to use a stand but the stand may not be available for some people. Thus you can use pins or wall hooks to hang the backdrop. Using pins and hooks is an easy and inexpensive way. Top pins work best on wooden walls while for concrete walls you can use the top pins. Just paste the hook on the wall and give it a few seconds to adhere. The number of pins or hooks to be used will be determined by the size of your backdrop.  Ensure that the backdrop is not wrinkled and is firmly fixed.

The next option is to drape the backdrop over a pipe, beam, or rod. You may make some holes at the top of the backdrop where you will put the pipe or the rod. However, some backdrops may already have hole designs in them thus this process may not be necessary. The method is very easy and there will be no additional costs. In addition, it doe not take up space and there is no need for stands to place the backdrops. Furthermore, you will hang the backdrop in a very straightway. The two methods are very easy to do and they do not require any budget. Therefore, do not refuse to hang your decorated backdrop just because you do not have a backdrop stand.

Advantages of using temporary wallpaper for your party backdrop

To start with you do not need a degree in design for you to install the temporary wallpaper. As earlier explained in this article the process is very easy as the temporary wallpaper has an adhesive backing therefore you need just to peel off the backing and just stick the wallpaper.  Secondly, you do not have to spend a lot of money. You can easily install the wallpaper yourself therefore you do not need to hire a professional. Then after removing the wallpaper you can reuse which will greatly minimize your budget.  Lastly, the temporary wallpaper on your backdrop is very easy to maintain. It is common knowledge that events at a party may sometimes be messy. For example, someone may accidentally spill a drink or stain the backdrop with food particles. In case that happens you just have to wipe the backdrop with a piece of cloth soaked in warm soapy water.


Party backdrops are the focal point of any party therefore they need to be strategically placed and they need to look exesquite. For this to happen, it is preferred you use temporary wallpaper also known as peel and stick wallpaper as it is cute. In addition, such wallpapers have different designs and patterns therefore you will have a variety to choose from. There are so many ideas to create party backdrops but using temporary wallpapers is one of the perfect ways as it is very easy as earlier discussed in this article. Generally, this article will help you create amazing backdrops using temporary wallpapers.