Ideas for Baptism Party

Baptism is a holy sacrament that symbolizes ritual purification and an individual’s official acceptance into the Christian Church. This event is an essential milestone in the personal life of Christians. 

The baptism sacrament provides Christians worldwide with an excellent opportunity to celebrate the journey of faith. A child’s baptism is a big day for both the parent and the child. 

Though the ceremony is truly a righteous cause for celebration, planning the celebration can be challenging. Truth be told, planning and organizing a baptismal celebration is easier said than done.

Planning and organizing ordinary parties are challenging enough. You have to consider the party’s décor, food, drinks, activities, and party favors. With baptism parties, party planning becomes harder. Aside from planning the usual party’s décor, food, drinks, party activities, and party favors, in baptism parties, you have to throw in caring for a baby, choosing godparents, and entertaining well-wishers from the family and congregation. 

To help you make the party planning process go smoother, we have here a collection of baptism party ideas for your inspiration. Check them out:

Garden Baptism Party

food and table set under tree canopy

If you or your family are fans of the outdoors, you can consider throwing a garden-themed baptism party. With a garden theme, you can celebrate your child’s baptism in a simple yet classy way.

To achieve a garden-themed baptism party, incorporate natural, gender-neutral elements into the celebration. You can decorate the cake and tables with greenery, cute succulents in small terra cotta pots, and garden lights. 

For the party foods, to stay with the theme, you can serve your guests’ various green-colored foods. And to compliment the green-hued foods, incorporate green in your table dressing using greenery paper plates and green table runners.

Little Lamb Baptism Party

lamb stuffed toy

To create a little lamb-themed baptism party, incorporate white, gold, and rustic elements in the baptism party’s design. To achieve this party theme, you can reuse and repurpose decorations from your nativity set, like the hay, fences, and lamb figurines.

You can place sweets on a white cake and cupcake stand to compliment the decorations from your repurposed nativity set. Use plenty of white to imitate the lamb’s white wool. To do this, you can use white hydrangeas, serve marshmallows, and white fluffy frosted cupcakes.

Whale-themed baptism party

If you’re from a family or congregation with strong nautical traditions or are situated along coastal areas, then consider throwing a whale-themed baptism party. To add that nautical flair to your child’s baptism party, use a table backdrop with blue hanging fans and blue paper lanterns. 

Incorporate the whale theme using blue tableware and setting out blue-hued snacks on white cake and cupcake stands. To mimic the sea, compliment the blue tableware with whale-shaped toothpicks, whale cake toppers, whale garlands, and whale dinner plates and dessert plates. And finally, to top the party off, send your guests home with party favors wrapped inside whale-designed boxes. 

Noah’s Ark

Toy Noah’s ark with toy animals

If you want your child’s baptism party theme to be biblically inspired, then give Noah’s Ark a thought. A Noah’s Ark-themed baptism party is a great way to celebrate a Christian sacrament with a scriptural motif. That way, it will retain its spiritual significance.

To throw Noah’s Ark-inspired baptism party start by decorating and topping off a cake with a Noah’s Ark centerpiece toy. Just make sure that the toy is manageable to the point that it will obstruct your guests’ view. 

The toy could serve a dual purpose. First, it could function as a centerpiece design, and afterward, it could later serve as the baby’s toy. To make the centerpiece ark look more accurate and engaging, fill it with animals.

You can also take inspiration from the first rainbow story of Genesis by using a rainbow-colored tablecloth and adding other rainbow-inspired table decorations. You can also serve various sugar cookies, and cake pops in the shape of various animals. And to top it all off, use rainbow-colored party plates and cups to make it more fun!

Hot Air Balloon Baptism Party

A hot air balloon-themed baptism party will surely capture your guest’s hearts with its colorful patterns and chic designs. To achieve this party theme, decorate the walls with hot air balloon garlands and hanging paper decorations. And for the centerpiece of your hot air balloon, the baptism-themed party set up a hot air balloon replica and then set it against a cloud backdrop. 

While for the food, to stay in theme, you can serve cloud-decorated cupcakes and marshmallows, cloud cookie pops, and pretty hot air balloon cookies.

Aside from picking an overall theme, preparing party activities is vital. To give some idea on what actions to prepare for a baptismal party, here are some party ideas that you can consider: 

Prayers For the Baby

Prayers are an essential part of nearly all Christian ceremonies and more so for a vital sacrament like baptism. To encourage your guests to participate in your child’s spiritual journey, invite them to write a prayer for the baby and put it in a jar. To do this, find a large jar with a lid, wrap some burlap around it, then label it as a ‘prayer jar.’

You can also add extra decorations to the jar to make it look classier. You may add ribbons, jewels, pins, and buttons that match the look and motif of your chosen baptism party theme. Alternatively, you can use a prayer box with prayer cards for a minimalist keepsake. Have everyone fill in these cards before they leave to create a special remembrance for you and your child to remember.

Bible Signing and Highlighting

Open bible with highlighted text

The Bible is a staple for Christian ceremonies, and the sacrament of baptism is done in commandments and imitations of the gospels. It would only be fitting for your baptism party to have one or two activities that involve the Bible. And one way of incorporating the Bible in a baptism party is to have your guests highlight their favorite verses and sign a bible. 

Invite guests to sign the Bible and highlight their favorite verses, then gift the Bible to your child when they are old enough to read and understand the Bible. But do note that this idea works best if your guests share your faith and are well-versed in the Bible.

These are just some of the baptism party themes and activities we’ve come up with. 

We hope that this blog helps you plan a successful baptism party. And whatever theme and activities you choose, remember that the celebration should not drown out your child’s spiritual journey because it’s this, after all, that is the source of the celebration in the first place.