Ideas for a Great Halloween Party

Every fabulous fall bash starts with great ideas, and Halloween is no exception. After all the quarantine and social distancing, the parties are back as vaccines have come through – so epic holiday festivities are a must! If you plan to throw a legendary Halloween party for kids or adults, you can pick up some of these amazing ideas for your party:

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Realistic cobwebs

Not so sure how to spook up your party area? It’s actually easy – just hang this realistic cobweb complete with spiders over your furniture, across the ceiling, the stairs, or from your porch ceiling to your bushes of plants outdoors.

Gothic tablescape

Create a gothic Halloween spread on your dinner table with this spooky lace tablecloth and a skull centerpiece. Fill the skull vase with red roses, and you’re all set.

Smoke machines

Smoke machines are a mood. You can throw a party where everyone just sits there playing Monopoly or watching Netflix, but as long as a smoke machine is running, it would still be Halloween-themed.

Urn treat display

Fill a black urn planter with oodles of candies. Add a label that says “pick your poison” on the body of the urn.

Ghostly chair

Sheet ghosts are classic Halloween costumes, but a plain white sheet decorated with cutouts of black felt paper for the ghost’s facial feature makes a great slipcover for your dining chair.

Paper pumpkin balls

When it comes to making jack-o’-lanterns, real pumpkins are not the only way to go. You can make crafty ones to display on your fireplace mantel by cutting facial features out of black construction paper and gluing them to orange honeycomb pompom balls.  

Pumpkin vases

Mini gourds can become pretty vases for mums, dahlias, and ranunculus when you chop the tops off. Spray paint the outside of the gourds in white or gold, then insert a cut-off bottom of water bottles inside as hidden vases.

Lantern string lights

Decorate your walls, ceilings, or stairs with these orange lantern string lights. Use black construction paper and cut out facial features, then glue it to these lights to make dainty little jack-o’-lanterns.

Spider web backdrop

Sorry, it’s not a party if there are no pictures taken. Tape this spider web backdrop to your living room wall to provide the perfect background for everyone’s ‘grams while they are all in costume.

Snake wreath

Up for spooking Trick-or-treaters and your neighbors this year? Add some plastic snakes in a wreath made of twigs. Use hot glue to keep them in place.

Spiderweb placemats

Get a plain tablecloth (preferably in a light color) and use these spider web placemats for your Halloween dinner. These placemats are simple enough to use even after Halloween is over.  

Witch’s apples

Give your guests a frightening sight from the minute they arrive at the door. Make your own wood placard and paint the words “poison apples” using red acrylic paint. Put a couple of crates on your front door and fill them with red apples, then put the placard at one crate. For the other crate, put witch legs buried in the apples for the creepy effect!

Black ceramic candy bowl

Even if you’re planning to serve fun-sized Snickers and Twix bars, you can elevate your hosting game by putting the candies in an aesthetically pleasing candy bowl that says, “Witch better have my candy.” Plus, the nod to RiRi is always a great idea.

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Food and Drinks

Bloody cake pops

Make your own cake pops in any flavor and cover it in white frosting. Splatter some red-dyed corn syrups to delight kids and adults alike.

Witch cupcakes

Guests would take their hats off to you once you make them some crafty cupcakes decorated with witch hats. Bake some chocolate cupcakes, top it with buttercream frosting in your choice of colors, then top it off with black cupcake liners folded in the shape of a witch hat. Use toothpicks to attach them to the cupcakes.

Pretzel and roll-ups witch broom

Make a delightful witch broom with pretzel rods and fruit roll-ups. Unroll the fruit roll-ups and cut them into one-inch strips. Then, cut some fringe along one edge. Wrap them around the end of the pretzel rod and start rolling!

Drink glasses with puff paint

Transform your typical drinking glasses with black puff paint.Use it to draw spider webs on your glasses, then serve neon-colored drinks like Mountain dew or orange soda for a fun touch.

Creepy wine glasses

Serve your Bloody Marys in creepy wine glasses like this one with hand skeleton and skull. Your guests would surely delight in the details!

Graveyard pudding cups

Add a Halloween twist to your pumpkin spice pudding cups! Serve them in small dessert glasses and bury a Milano cookie for each of them to imitate a tombstone. Using an icing writer with chocolate icing, write “RIP” on the Milano cookies, then top the pudding off with crushed Oreos to make it look like a stone.

Jack-o’-Lantern soda floats

Using plastic cups, serve a new October drink of choice – orange Fanta creamy float. Decorate the cups with spooky Jack-o’-Lantern faces using a sharpie. Fill the cup with one-third Fanta, then add a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Pour more Fanta to fill the cup and watch as some bubbly magic starts happening. Finish the drink with Halloween straws.  

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Chocolate pumpkin cake

Give the naked cake trend a twist for Halloween, and keep your guests full! After dinner, serve a naked cake with layers of chocolate sponge cake and pumpkin-flavored icing. Display them in a pretty wooden cake pedestal for everyone to admire.

Ghost cupcakes

Even if you have minimal baking skills, you can still impress your guests with ghost cupcakes. Bake chocolate cupcakes and swirl on some marshmallow frosting. Using a piping bag filled with melted chocolate, draw a little ghost face on top.  

Halloween cocktails

Serve a variety of Halloween-themed alcoholic drinks for guests to enjoy! Here are some delightful ideas:

  • Blackberry rum punch – Mix blackberry soda, blood orange slices, and rum for an elegant cocktail.  
  • Shrunken head apple cider cocktail –Carve creepy faces in peeled apples sliced in half, dip them in fresh lemon juice, and bake them until they are dried and shrunken. Combine apple juice, apple cider, star anise, cinnamon, and rum, then simmer for 45 minutes. Cool at room temperature, refrigerate, then serve along with the shrunken apple faces as toppings.
  • Candy corn martini – While the kids munch on candy corn, help the adults enjoy a boozy version. Fill a martini shaker ¼ of the way with ice. Pour 4 oz. of whipped cream vodka and a cup of pineapple juice. Then, shake it with the lid on. Pour the mixture through the strainer to each martini glass and fill it ¾ of the way up. Add a tablespoon of grenadine to each drink. Finally, garnish with whipped cream on top.
  • Caramel apple sangria – Mix caramel vodka and apple cider for a boozy take on a classic fall treat. Top it off with freshly chopped apples.
  • Bloody whiskey – Pour 1.5 oz of whiskey in a highball glass and some Mountain Dew. Finish it off with a juice from a quarter of a lime and a little drizzle of grenadine.
  • Jolly Rancher spiked punch – This one doesn’t contain actual Jolly Ranchers, but it tastes like it. Mix pineapple juice, cranberry juice, sparkling apple cider, ginger ale, and Skyy vodka infused with raspberry or passion fruit. This punch will be a hit at the party.
  • Green apple vodka – In a wine glass rimmed with purple sanding sugar, pour 3 oz. of grape juice over ice, and mix 5 oz. green apple vodka.

Smoky drinks

Pretend to be a witch mixologist by using these swizzle sticks for smoky drinks. Pour a spiked seltzer into a glass with dry ice and dunk one of these stirrers in and witness the magic.

Trick or treat Hershey bar

Halloween candy is not just for kids. Give a little something for the adults as well by wrapping Hershey’s chocolate bars in these trick-or-treat candy wrappers to make it more special.

Mummy goodie bags

Hosting a Halloween party for your mommy friends whose kids are busy trick-or-treating? Give them a mummy bag full of candy to take home.

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Games and Activities

Pumpkin carving contest

Are your friends and family competitive? Does your group thrive on competition? Host a pumpkin carving contest and provide a pumpkin carving kit. Whoever executes the finest-looking jack-o-lantern wins bragging rights. As a prize, give some cash or a bottle of wine if you’re feeling generous!

Skeleton trophies

Add another competitive edge to your Halloween party by passing out these skeleton trophies for best costume titles. Telling them that there’s an awarding ceremony at the party would pump up guests to level up their costume game for your party!

Hocus Pocus board game

Want to entertain guests of all ages while keeping up the Halloween theme? Play Disney’s Hocus Pocus board game. It can offer a nostalgia factor, and it’s a perfect addition to the activities to do for your family’s game nights.  

Fear Pong

Fear Pong is a twist on the classic game of beer pong. It’s perfect for adult parties and game nights. Some dares might be a little too much, so it’s a great game to pick if you have a crazy group of friends!

Ouija Board

The classic Ouija Board is perfect for a smaller Halloween get-together where you want to keep the freaky factor at an all-time high. Get spooked with one another as the guests unwillingly move their hands to spell out answers to the group’s questions. Just always remember to say “Goodbye.”