Ideas for a Picnic Party

Gathering with friends and family outside for a picnic in the warmer months is a wonderful idea. Elevate your picnic trips with easy meals, fun games, and fascinating themes. Whether you’re planning a picnic for the whole family or a lunch for two, we’ve got you covered.

Picnic-Themed Invitations

Sending out invitations to your guests is among the most crucial and fun components of organizing a picnic party. Your guests will have a better idea of what to expect from your party if you send them a themed invitation that includes all the pertinent details. While it’s fine to refer to the picnic in the invitation’s content, it’s also important to choose an invitation whose aesthetics convey the event’s subject.

Party Decorations

You shouldn’t feel like you have to decorate to the nines.   Balloons and checkered red and white tables would be nice additions.

To keep your guests cool, you can get inventive with how you use shade. You may transform your outdoor area into a relaxing retreat with minimum effort. You may also use a bright chalkboard to welcome visitors; it’s a creative, inexpensive option.

Use Eye-catching and Distinct Picnic Blankets

Throughout history, red and white checkered blankets have been synonymous with picnics. Nonetheless, there are a plethora of alternatives when it comes to picnic party setups.

Use a tapestry or any other decorative woven fabric to upgrade your picnic spread from boring to chic. Make sure the color scheme corresponds with the rest of your theme.

different types of flowers displayed in buckets

Use Fresh Flowers

With the help of flowers, you can feel more at one with nature. However, if you want to put a new spin on the traditional midday picnic, try putting together a bouquet to bring along. Either choose blooms from your garden or visit a flower store to have a professional arrange a bouquet.

Bring a glass vase and fill it with water if you want to use these flowers as a centerpiece during your picnic. A bouquet of mixed flowers in the middle of your picnic is a low-key way to make the gathering feel more special. Flowers are a great way to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your picnic, and any arrangement you choose will do the trick.

Pile on the Decorative Cushions

Among the favorite ways to celebrate outdoors is with pillows. Adding cushions to the layout of your picnic is not only a cute way to spruce up your alfresco lunch, but it also creates a comfy seating space for you and your friends to relax in. As soon as you’ve settled on a color pattern for your picnic party, it’s time to start shopping for some colorful and unusual outdoor pillows to scatter around.

Attendees can use these pillows for sitting comfortably on the floor for the duration of the party if a picnic blanket is used. You should bring blankets to your picnic if you plan on staying for the evening. As such, feel free to pile on as many cushions and throws as you wish; the cozier, the better!

Use Real Glassware

Food and drink are essential for sustaining oneself over a day of festivity and amusement. The drinks you serve your guests will look all the more elegant when served in real glasses. 

Plastic cups are a great option for children. Adults, on the other hand, should use a proper glass when drinking wine or cocktails. 

picnic food and drinks on a blanket and a tray

Picnic Food

Enhance your picnic adventures with these quick and easy recipes for sandwiches, salads, drinks, and sweet treats that the whole family will love. Delicious and warm any time of year!

You can build a picnic out of your favorite takeout if that’s more convenient and affordable than cooking from scratch for your group.

Put Together a Fruit and Cheese Platter

Make a fruit and cheese board to share during your picnic. Do you know where to begin? When planning your picnic, keep the following in mind as you assemble your cheese and fruit board:

Choose Seasonal Fruits

The fruits in season when you have your picnic will give your spread the most flavor. For instance, fruits like berries, plums, and cherries are at their tastiest during the summer when outdoor gatherings are common.

Add a Few Different Kinds of Cheese to the Mix

When it comes to the cheese on your spread, variety is key, so use at least three distinct varieties. Mixing hard cheeses like cheddar and gruyere with softer cheeses like brie and goat makes for a visually appealing spread. You can add more flavor and texture by including crumbly cheeses like feta or gorgonzola.

a picnic spread on a blanket

Other Cheese and Fruit Board Favorites

Don’t be afraid to get imaginative and add more to your board in addition to the cheese and fruit that will likely be a major attraction. If you’re looking for some more finger food options to complement your fruit and cheese board, consider the following:

  • Nuts
  • Dark chocolate
  • Crackers
  • Prosciutto or salami
  • Olives
  • Cornichons 

Make Some Exciting and Entertaining Games

It’s important to think about the party games you’ll be playing with your company. Picnics are fantastic get-togethers for socializing, eating, and playing. If your visitors are not energetic, play games that do not demand running.

You have time to prepare by reading up on the topic and thinking of a game that suits your overall theme. Fairy lights aren’t sufficient to make everyone at the party who prefers to celebrate outdoors enjoy themselves.

Games that kids and adults will enjoy at the picnic will ensure everyone has a good time.

Picnic Party Favors

Throw a picnic and have your guests take home the blankets you gave them. It is a wonderful present that everyone in the household can use. They’ll think of your fantastic celebration as they relax on the blanket and make new park memories.

You can also provide picnic fans. When the temperature rises too high at your picnic party, your company will appreciate being given adorable fans. And when they learn they can keep them, their joy will be absolute.

a man, woman, and a small girl laying on a pink picnic mat with their food by their feet and a bike near them

A picnic is a wonderful opportunity to spend quality time with loved ones and commemorate special occasions. Delicious picnic fare, traditional BBQ, and fun activities may make for a memorable outdoor event.