Ideas for Great Kids Themed Parties

Kids usually are not hard to please, but this is not an excuse for parents and guardians not to make an effort to make them feel special during their special day. If you’re trying to think of ways to celebrate your child’s birthday, then we suggest you pick out a theme that will match your child’s likes and interests. We have here a list of some kid-friendly party themes that you may want to give a thought about.

Here is the list of the kid-friendly party themes that we’ve compiled. Check the themes out:

Baseball Party

baseball player trying to catch a ball

If you come from a family of baseball lovers or your kid is fond of football, then a baseball-themed birthday party would be an ideal match for your child. Playing a game of baseball in the backyard to celebrate is perfect for kids and a family with an active lifestyle. But to make the game extra special and worthy of a birthday celebration, level it up by decorating the venue with baseball-themed designs.  To do this, you can decorate the party venue with baseball balloons and banners. 

You can set up food stands filled with typical stadium food like hotdogs, burgers, fries, popcorn, peanuts, crackerjacks, nachos, and corn dogs. Serve the stadium food and snacks in disposable cups, plates, and napkins designed with baseball prints. And aside from the stadium snacks, you can also serve your guests vanilla-frosted cupcakes dressed up with red licorice to look like baseballs. 

To add a more sport-friendly option to your party menu, you can also serve your guest’s healthy treats like cut-up oranges and granola bars. 

To top the party off, organize a friendly baseball game between the guests by holding a “Baseball Little League” for the kids. And finally, pack some baseball treats into a baseball-themed goodie bag and give it to the guests at the party’s conclusion.

To pull off a successful baseball-themed party, consider buying these items: baseball party supplies set, 24 packs of baseball goodie candy treat bags, baseball party supplies, baseball plates set, zonon baseball banner baseball, durony 12 Pieces 18 inches baseball balloons. 

Arts and Crafts Party

different colored paints and different sized paint brushes in metal buckets

An arts and crafts party is tailored for people that prefer a hands-on party theme. This party theme is ideal if the birthday celebrant is fond of painting, drawing, coloring, or making other artsy crafts. 

To throw an activity-packed arts and crafts party, you must be creative and plan fun-filled activities to get the participants’ creative juices flowing. You need to make the party as fun and colorful as possible! And to do this, we recommend that you incorporate the arts and crafts theme in the party’s decorations and food. 

You can serve colorful cupcakes, cake pops, and cookies to your guests. And if you want to go all out with your party’s theme, have an artsy centerpiece cake. The centerpiece cake can be a rainbow cake, and it can be decorated to look like a paint pallet, or other designs associated with arts and crafts.  

Since the party will have a lot of hands-on activities that are sure to keep your guests busy it would be safe to assume that you will have hungry guests. To keep your guest’s energy up, prepare lots of figure foods and snacks. You can also schedule meals before or after arts and crafts activities. 

To make the activities go smoothly, set up different art stations. Designate an art station for each activity. 

Painting, stained glass painting, drawing, coloring, jewelry making, mask making, seasonal art projects, scrapbooking, stencil art, rubber stamping, and paper crafts are just some of the arts and crafts activities that your party can feature. Time and schedule the activities so that no activity goes in overtime and no activity gets left behind. And if your party is going to host very young children, it’s going to be helpful to change activities every 15 to 20 minutes so that they don’t get bored. 

Finally, at the end of the party send your guests home with their art and craft creations as a party favor. 

Prepare the following items for the party: art birthday banner, art party supply, art party favors pack, acrylic paint set, and art party supplies–paint palette paper dessert plates and artist brush beverage napkins. 

Avengers Heroes Party

Cosplayers wearing Avengers costumes.

Superhero characters have near-universal appeal to children. And with the blockbuster success of the Marvel’s Avengers franchise, their characters have become fan favorites. 

If your kid is a huge fan of the Marvel Avengers franchise, this party theme is perfect for your kid’s birthday party. Let your kid and guests play hero on the celebrant’s special day! 

Have your guests come in superhero costumes or you can provide them with hero masks and capes at the party venue. You can also serve them food with Avengers design. You can serve your guest marshmallows and pretzel hammers decorated to like Thor’s hammers, round sugar cookies that look like Captain America’s shield, pizza with the color theme of Iron Man’s face, and green-colored vanilla pudding topped with crushed Oreos inspired by the Hulk. 

Fortunately, due to the franchise’s commercial success and popularity, this party theme is relatively easy to pull off since Avengers-themed party supplies are readily available. 

Dinosaur Party

child playing with a balloon dinosaur

Dinosaurs have a way of capturing young children’s imaginations, making it a fantastic party theme. With a dinosaur-themed party, it can be scientifically accurate or fictional; it’s really up to you. 

Decorate your venue with tropical vines, flowers, and shrubs–make it look as ‘Jurassic’ as possible. You can also display life-sized dinosaurs or tiny banners with dino or fossil silhouettes. 

Place a life-sized inflatable T-rex near your door or on your loan to welcome the guests. Incorporating the dinosaur theme with party games is also a good idea, you can organize a game of pin the tail on the dinosaur!

Aside from the venue design and games you can also incorporate the dinosaur theme in the party’s food. Serve your guests with carved watermelon made to look like a dinosaur’s head, pretzel sticks shaped like dinosaur fossils, and snickerdoodles with dinosaur-shaped prints. 

And for the party’s centerpiece, you can set-up a dino themed cake. To do this just take a chocolate cake, fill the top with candy rocks and crushed chocolate chip cookies to mimic rocks and the earth, then for the finishing touch, top it with a clean dinosaur toy! 

These are just some of the kid’s party themes that we recommend. We hope that you found this blog helpful. 

And to end, just remember before pushing through with any party theme make sure that the theme is in line with the celebrant’s interests and that the needed party materials are readily available.

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