Ideas for Serving Coffee and Donuts at Your Party

Donuts are a wedding trend that’s here to stay. And even if you’re not celebrating a wedding, donuts make a fun and tasty addition to your food offerings. Serve it up with coffee, and you’ve got the perfect pair. Parties nowadays tend to serve these breakfast food offerings for parties because there should be no rule to say otherwise! Coffee and donuts will surely pump up your guests and will keep them dancing at your party. Here are some great ideas for serving these two tasty treats at your next celebration:

1. Donut wall display

Donuts are whimsical, so feature them on a great donut wall display as a decoration and dessert in one. Donut wall displays are on-trend for the past few years, and it’s for a reason. You can see donut wall displays at brunches, bridal or baby showers, birthday parties, and most commonly at weddings. Usually, it comes in the form of wood (or illusion of wood), transparent acrylic, or white wall, which are all pretty neutral backdrops for the donuts that will take center stage.

Here are some donut wall displays to choose from:

2. Coffee cupcakes with donuts

As cupcakes weren’t good enough already, you can top them off with a mini donut. Bake some coffee cupcakes by infusing some instant coffee on a vanilla cupcake mix, and top it off with some coffee-flavored buttercream. Finish it with a small glazed donut for a carbs-packed, yummy dessert!

3. Donut garnish on coffee cups

For awesome brunch or holiday parties where you serve coffee, try to make something new and pretty. Know how people like to add citrus garnishes to cocktails? Do the same using mini donuts and coffee. Serve coffee on a transparent cup, and rim it with some cocoa powder or sprinkles. Garnish it with some little sprinkly donuts sitting on its rim. It’s a fun and yummy treat for all your guests!

4. Donut hole pops

Looking for a new way to serve donut holes? Serve them as cake pops. Just dip some store-bought munchkins in melting chocolate or candy in the color of your choice, and add a few sprinkles. Serve them on a cake pop display to make them more appealing. Your guests would probably be surprised to taste a donut in there, and not cake.

5. Donuts on cake stands

There’s nothing wrong with serving donuts in a more traditional way. Get a couple of cake pedestal stands, and stack your donuts high. Watch them disappear as the party goes.

6. Donuts as cake alternative

Celebrating a birthday or a wedding, and you love donuts more than cake? Don’t bend into party traditions to serve a cake you don’t like, and simply get a large tiered cupcake stand. Flip donuts sideways so you can fit in more treats for an impressive cake alternative.

7. Donut dowel stand

Make a perfect donut display using donut dowel stands. Line them all up together, and it makes a beautiful display of sweet treats. Serve same-flavored donuts on every dowel stand, so people don’t have to get in contact with other donuts trying to get the one they like.

8. Wall donut station

Set up a shelved wall full of different flavors of donuts for your guests to enjoy! Get a wooden wall and install it with open shelves for you to put the donuts. Keep the middle part bare so you can paint a white calligraphy word that says “Donuts.” Demarcate each flavor with calligraphy banners and add some greenery sprigs to help the display feel like an installation. This idea is perfect for rustic and farmhouse-themed weddings!

9. Donuts on a stair stand

Present donuts on a rustic stair-style stand for a unique presentation of your desserts at a rustic-themed party. It’s a whole new “level” of displaying your donuts for everyone to appreciate!

10. Donut shelf backdrop on a table

A grand celebration like a wedding or a milestone birthday or anniversary celebration calls for a grand dessert table. On your large dessert table, put your donuts on display as a backdrop for your show-stopping cake. Put a shelf full of donuts on top of the table, and place it on the backside, so that the space left in front of the table will be dedicated for the cake and some other kinds of desserts. On the shelf, you can serve the donuts on round trays or cake stands to give them some depth. It makes the sweetest backdrops ever!

11. Monochrome donuts

Not all people love donuts that are rainbow-sprinkled and covered in strawberry glaze. If your party’s color palette is on the side of classic black with touches of whites and golds, let your donut wall follow suit. Get a black donut wall and serve sugar donuts, glazed donuts, chocolate donuts, and donuts with nutty toppings.

12. Ombre donuts

If you need to stay true to your color palette, stick to donuts from one color family. Like for instance, if your party’s color scheme is pink, switch from multi-colored donuts and only serve donuts in hot pink, mauve, light pink, and white and neutral glazed options. It’s a tasty ombre trend that will ever be.

13. Coffee bar

Serve your brewed coffee and its fixings on a coffee bar rack. Serve a variety of Monin coffee-friendly syrups to allow your guests to craft their perfect coffee cup.

14. Donut over coffee

One of the best ways to serve coffee is with donuts included. Pour coffee on beautiful, Irish coffee mugs and top it with two donut holes on a stick. Serve this as a beverage for an after-dinner treat.  

15. Mini coffee mugs

Pass around small coffee mugs during the cocktail hour of your party for a quick pick-me-up. Serve tiny, easy-to-drink portions that are perfect for a quick caffeine boost.

16. Something brewed

Wanting to serve freshly brewed coffee at your wedding? Display a sign over your coffee station that says, “Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, and Something Brewed.” This witty sign will attract guests to the setup in a clever way. Then, serve coffee with art on top on clear, double-insulated coffee mugs.  

17. Vintage floral coffee cups

If you want to serve coffee at a garden wedding or any floral-themed party, these vintage floral coffee cups are the way to go. The floral pastel designs are lovely, and guests may not want to throw them in the trash.

18. Self-serve Keurigs and K-cups

Serve an easy-to-serve coffee bar with Keurigs and K-cups so guests can customize their beverages. Don’t forget to serve some mix-ins like sugar cubes, chocolate, cinnamon sticks, and marshmallows.  

19. Coffee shops look

Your coffee station doesn’t have to be catered to look upscale. Simply upcycle wooden crate boxes and use them as stands for a different style of Keurig coffee machines. On the table where K-cups are stored, add mini chalkboard labels. Serve your sugar in an industrial-style bowl to emulate the coffee shop look.

20. Donut centerpiece

Instead of decorating the center of your table with flowers, why not use a platter of pretty donuts instead? Serve it with your specialty coffee that you would like your guests to also love.