Ideas for Throwing a Father’s Day Party

Father’s Day is the one day of the year that we get to celebrate dads. On this special day, you have to make sure that you prepare something to make them feel extra loved and appreciated. And To make sure that everything goes smoothly in your Father’s Day celebration, plan ahead! 

Here is a collection of Father’s Day party ideas and inspirations you may want to consider if you’re tasked with throwing a Father’s Day party:

Barbecue Party

meat grilling over a fire

Dads are notorious for loving the grill. What better way to celebrate their special day than with a barbecue party in your backyard? 

Invite family and friends over. Set up chairs and tables in your backyard, and if you live in a place where it gets scorching hot, it might be a good idea to set up a canopy to provide guests with some shade.

Make sure to clean before the start so your designated grill master can start cooking immediately. Prepare the fuel double check if you have enough propane or charcoal briquettes so you won’t have to leave the party for emergency fuel runs. 

And no barbecue party is complete without a barbecue. Prepare assorted foods for grilling. Don’t forget barbecue staples like briskets and burgers, but since it’s a special day, you can also go the extra mile and prepare some high-end and premium cuts of ways. And to wash down the grilled food, serve your dad and his ice-cold squad beer. 

Finally, make your dad or hubby extra special by gifting them new grilling tools.  

Sports Tournament

four men playing golf

Men, especially dads, tend to get competitive with anything sports-related. Men love to be challenged, so why not organize friendly mini-sports tournaments? A sports tournament would be the perfect avenue to channel their competitive spirit and challenge your dad’s athleticism. 

Organize some friendly sports tournaments so your dad can live out his youthful memories. Plan something for your own backyard or go to your local park and host a day of sporting activities with friends and family. 

Organize games of different sports like badminton, basketball, bocce ball, volleyball, croquet, flag football, cornhole, or bowling. And for extra motivation, you can up the stakes by setting cash prizes for the winners and penalties in the form of household chores like lawn mowing for a month or washing the dishes for a week for the losers. 

For the food, you can serve sports-themed foods and sporting fest stables like corn dogs, cookies in the shape of different sports balls, burgers or pasta (or any filling food) in football-designed paper plates, finger foods (fries, nachos, chips, cookies, popcorn, etc.) on carnival-style paper food trays, and drinks in football-themed disposable cups. 


food on a picnic blanket

You can go the simple route if your dad isn’t a fan of big and fancy events. Invite your dad to a simple picnic at your local park. Prepare a meal from his favorite foods and enjoy outside in your favorite park. 

Apart from holding the picnic at your local park, you can also hold it in your deck garden or front yard if your old man prefers to stay closer to home. Either way, whether you hold your picnic in a park or in your home’s backyard, you’ll need to prepare a cooler, gingham blanket, a picnic basket, a bottle of wine, or a case of beer, 

Don’t forget the gingham blanket, picnic basket, a nice bottle of wine, and some snacks.

And since you’ll be dining al fresco, make sure to pack some bug-repellent body spray and sunblock. It might also be a good idea to check the weather too. 


boy fishing with a man

If your dad loves the outdoors and angling, what could be a perfect way to spend quality time with him during Father’s Day rather than knee-deep on a stream or on a chartered boat fishing. 

You can surprise your dad by organizing a weekend fishing trip for the family on his favorite lake, stream, or coast. You can charter a boat or rent a waterside lodge. And don’t forget to bring his favorite snacks and fill the icebox with his favorite brand of beer. 

And finally, make the father’s Day fishing trip extra special by gifting your dad a new fishing rod or a set of new fishing lures. 

Camping Trip

camper sitting beside campfire and tent

If your dad is a great lover of the wilderness and is a certified outdoorsman, then a camping trip would be a perfect way to celebrate Father’s Day with him. Hit the outdoors and spend quality time with your old man on Father’s Day! 

Let dad channel his inner mountain man by talking him to prime camping grounds. Let him showcase his outdoor survival skills by letting him teach the kids how to fish, hunt, forage, and build a fire. 

Pitch a tent, prepare sleeping bags, gather firewood, build a fire at your campsite’s center and make some s’mores. Not only is a camping trip a fun way to celebrate Father’s Day, it is also a great way to teach the family some practical and basic outdoor survival skills. 


Family looking over the landscape

Similar to the camping trip, hiking is also a great way to celebrate Father’s Day with your old man if he’s a big fan of the outdoors, only this time, there’s a lot more focus on climbing and trekking mountain trails.  Hit the trail and spend quality time with your old man on Father’s Day! 

Prepare by researching and mapping out the mountain trails in your area. Before heading off, ensure everyone’s properly geared for the hike. Make sure everyone has a map or GPS, an emergency first aid kit, a good amount of water, and some emergency flares. And be sure to capture every moment of the hike with a camera–you can use an Instant Mini camera if you want to make scrapbook-worthy photos instantly!

And if you decide to challenge yourselves with a difficult guide, it would be best to avoid caution by hiring professional guides. 

Finally, make the Father’s Day hiking trip extra special by gifting your dad new hiking tools like a compass, trekking pole, or hiking staff. 

These are just some of the Father’s Day party ideas and inspirations we’ve gathered. We hope this blog helps you organize a memorable Father’s Day celebration.

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