Ideas for Throwing a Hello Kitty Themed Party

If you see a cat in your neighborhood or anywhere else, one of the characters you might immediately think of is Hello Kitty. It goes without saying that Hello Kitty has been a childhood favorite! Little kids and even grown-ups love the whimsical and cute vibe Hello Kitty gives. 

Indeed, Hello Kitty has evolved from being a kid’s party theme into the central theme for room decorations. Many party planners like to use want this theme, especially since kids love Hello Kitty toys and clothing. On the other hand, some adults love Hello Kitty-themed appliances and accessories for their homes and cars. Since the fictional feline was born in the ’70s, she has charmed her way into the hearts of little girls until today’s generation of working adults. Even if you have never watched the cartoon show, you or someone you know would probably be taken aback by the undeniable cuteness of Hello Kitty! 

If you’re planning to throw a Hello Kitty-themed party for someone, here are some excellent ideas to consider:

Hello Kitty Party Ideas

1. Give out cute invitations 

All the fun with a themed party starts with an invitation! You wouldn’t want to give out an effortless vibe if you also want your guests to take the theme seriously. Most hosts would overlook invitations, but it’s pretty essential if you want to set a tone for the guests. When planning your party, you can send out Hello Kitty-themed invitations to build excitement before your big date!

DIY invitations have become popular nowadays. It’s the most cost-efficient way of giving out invitations, whether physical or online. If you’re thinking of doing physical invitations, you can print out Hello Kitty images and paste them on cards that will serve as your invitation. You can write out your details on the back of your card. If you’re not confident with your handwriting or the style you’re going for, you can print out event details on the back. If you can hand-deliver them, tie them up with red or pink ribbons around each envelope. Don’t hesitate to decorate the cards with glitter glue, sequins, and other decorative items with some touches of red or pink! 

You can create fun and cute Hello-Kitty-themed online invitations if you are more confident with your digital art skills. Any software could cater to the basic designs needed for the invitation. Make sure to put the essential details on the invitation, but don’t put big blocks of text! Reading long messages is eye-straining insofar as receiving physical invitations. No matter what invitation you decide on, make sure there’s an RSVP so you’d know who’s going or not!

Pink and white invitation to a birthday party 

2. Use amazing decorations 

Hello Kitty is a cute, whimsical character, so your party venue should reflect that, starting from the decorations. You can consider using the classic Hello Kitty colors: pink, white, red, and black. You can also use light pastels like yellows, blues, and purples if you have more options. If it’s for an adult party or if you have a lot of adult guests, you can use metallic accents like gold, rose gold, and silver to modernize the party or make it fitter for grown-ups.

You can find a lot of party decoration sets online that already come with banners, balloons, tablecloths, and other decorative items. Use balloons and streamers in the corresponding colors that would perfectly fit your theme! 

Cute girl wearing white and pink motif for party 

3. Set up a photo booth 

Your guests would want to capture the good memories with some cute props! You can use a designated area for photo opportunities even without an official photographer in your venue! You can put flowers or put together bouquets of pink and white flowers so they can use them as props in their photos. 

You can also use Hello Kitty toys as a focal point for the photo booth. To be more efficient, you can use the Hello Kitty toys your celebrant probably already owns! You can have the Sanrio friends on an elevated table with some tiny plushies inside decorative apothecary jars as decorations.

You can inflate a Hello Kitty air walker balloon for the significant prop. Just make sure to have an excellent background that corresponds to the theme. You may also want to use foil curtains, other pre-made Hello Kitty backdrops, and some polka-dotted pink fabric to accentuate your place! 

4. Prepare good food

Planning out the food you’ll serve is where you’ll have all the fun! Hello Kitty-themed foods should be so cute that guests would race towards the buffet tables to take photos of the mouth-watering food before gobbling them all up! 

No birthday party is complete without a cake on the table! With your theme, you can have a wide array of ideas for the design. You can have a cake shaped like Hello Kitty’s face. You can also have a cake baked to your liking and top it with any Hello Kitty birthday cake topper. If you’re more into the taste rather than the design, you can have a plain-decorated vanilla, strawberry, or chocolate cake, then pair it with dainty cake toppers placed on the side of the cake. If you want something simple, you can have a white or pink cake, as these colors already fit your theme! 

You can make burgers, sandwiches, or toast using bread shaped like Hello Kitty for other food items. These items are great for luncheon and brunch parties! You can even use Hello Kitty cookie cutters to shape your mini pizza crust like the beloved character! You can add some chocolate chip cookies, oatmeal cookies, or any cookie you like and mold them in the shape of Hello Kitty characters. Lastly, cold drinks like pink lemonade can add the perfect dash of pink to your party!

Pink-themed party with tasty and cute food on the table

5. Prepare some fun activities 

You can prepare exciting activities, such as card games, to keep the guests entertained. You can have a Hello Kitty-themed UNO card game that will be a perfect addition to your party fun with guests!

You can also keep the kids busy by providing lots of Hello Kitty beads, hearts, and round beads. At the end of the party, they’d be flaunting the bracelets and necklaces they’ve made, and you can even let them take home their creations as a party favor! You can give toddlers an activity by providing jumbo coloring books and lots of crayons!

Girls enjoying under a pink pinata 

Make sure to give your guests a fun experience by going all out with your Hello Kitty theme! You can go back to this article just in case you’ve decided on your final theme.