Ideas for Throwing a Train Themed Party

Trains are not just a useful mode of transportation. There’s something very charming about trains, which explains why they are so universally loved, especially among boys. If you’re looking for great birthday celebration ideas, a party with a train theme would be fun and amazing.

Children often get obsessed with trains because of being exposed to Thomas the Train. Or possibly you brought your child to take a ride on a train with you, and they cannot get over that ever since. Either way, if you have a kid obsessed with all things trains, then these are some of the fantastic train-themed party ideas that they would love for their next birthday party.

1. Give out train ticket invitations

Invitations that are designed in a way that relates to the theme are pretty much standard. Take this idea to the next level by designing invitations that look like train tickets. This way, you’re like giving them free entrance to a fun time with trains! On your invitation, use train-related words like “All Aboard!” “Let’s start chugging,” and more.

2.Make your own train tracks

Set the stage as soon as your guests arrive by making some train tracks on the pathway to your house. Create some basic train tracks using black gaffer tape, and put some simple road signs for navigation. The kids can imagine being on a train in here by running along with it while wearing makeshift train carriages during the party. Continue the tracks along the floor, leading to the party area. Do this on the hard floor only – not on carpets.

3. Create a DIY train backdrop

If your theme is Thomas and Friends, you can create the train’s face on large cardboard withstand. Using paint would be the best option for this to make sure the colors are vibrant. Then, cut a hole on the area where Thomas’ face is so that kids can peer out of it for a fun photo to remember the day by!

4. Decorate the table with train tracks

Be consistent with the train track idea inside your party area by adding running tracks on the tables. Either use a railroad table runner or make your own using paper and tape. Add some small play trains so the kids can play with them while sitting down to eat.

5. Make food trains for serving

Here’s an adorable idea for displaying your food. For a buffet-style food serving, make it fit the theme by creating train tracks on the buffet table. Then, reimagine food serving containers as train carriages. Simply line up the trays, cupcake holders, or tin foil takeaway containers on top of the “train tracks,” stick some cardboard wheels on the sides, and put a toy train engine on the front. Voila! It’s an instant food train!

6. Add trains and railroads on top of a cake

A classic cake idea for a train-themed party is to get a rectangular cake and decorate the top with railroads, trains, and traffic signs. Either use fondant or real toys to top the cake for the best effect.

7. Let a train of cupcakes serve as the birthday cake

There are many cake ideas for train parties, but sometimes, the simplest is the most effective. For this idea, there’s no slicing or plates needed – simply line up cupcakes at the back of a train engine toy and have railroad tracks at the table.

For the best effect, you can fashion a carriage using Oreos and graham crackers. Line up Oreos on the “train tracks.” For every two Oreos, put a graham cracker piece on top. Use frosting to glue them up. On one side of the graham cracker, attach two Oreos side by side to serve as “wheels.” Glue them up with frosting. Do the same on the other side. You can put two cupcakes on top of each “carriage.”

Finally, top the cupcakes with “Happy Birthday” letter candles – one letter per cupcake.

8. Serve train-shaped cookies and sandwiches.

For a children’s party, decorated sugar cookies are essential. To go with the theme, use train-themed cookie cutters and decorate them with icing. For your simple sandwiches like peanut butter and jelly, or cheese spread, cut out the bread into train shapes for added fun.

9. Serve pretzel stoplights.

Serve “traffic lights” on the dessert table using pretzel rods! Dip some plain pretzel rods in chocolate, and stick on some red, yellow, and green M&Ms. Make sure the pretzel is thick enough to hold the M&Ms, like UTZ Pretzel Rods.

10. Make tiny teddy trains.

Another treat for your dessert table: a train made out of candy with a teddy cookie sitting on it. The kids are more likely to want to play with it than eat! Here’s how you can do it:

You will need: Tiny Teddy cookies, fun-size Milky Way barsLicorice Allsorts, black licorice sticks, M&Ms, and melted chocolate.

  • Using melted chocolate as glue, stick two M&M’s on each side of the Milky Way bar to serve as wheels.
  • Glue half a square of Licorice Allsorts into the top of the Milky Way, putting it on the backside of the candy bar.
  • Cut off a Tiny Teddy at the waist, and glue it on top of the Milky Way in front of the Licorice Allsorts.
  • Cut off licorice sticks in half crossways and glue them in front of the train to serve as the steam spout.

11. Let the guests dress the part.

Train conductor hats, scarves, and train whistles are great accessories, and they work well as a table decoration and gift for each guest to take home.

12. Let the children play with a train set.

For a party involving little children, you have to provide lots of open-ended play activities for entertainment. This way, the kids can be busy with what interests them at the moment. One of the best ways to entertain them at a train-themed party is to have a train table ready and open for playtime.

13. Set up a painting area for wooden train cars.


To keep kids busy, you can set up a painting area so they can color their own train cars. Let them play with it and make it a part of their party favor. Provide some unpainted train cars and some acrylic paint, apron, and other painting materials. If you worry about too much mess, you can simply provide markers.

14. Set up a “baggage claim” party favor area.

If your theme is leaning more on vintage trains, having “suitcases” as party favors would be perfect. On a table, display mini suitcase boxes filled with candies and goodies inside. Complete it with a “baggage claim” sign. It would be more special if the guests’ names were written on the tags!