Ideas for Throwing an Airplane Themed Party

Planes can be fascinating for kids, especially for boys. The thought of flying with an airplane or even piloting an airplane can be a dream for a child who loves to look at the sky and imagine what it feels like to fly.

Also, planes can represent high hopes for the future, fun, and adventure, so it’s no wonder that this theme is popular for birthday parties for a boy. These are some ideas for throwing an airplane-themed party:

Send out airplane invitations.

Start setting up the theme with the invitations. Here are some ideas:

  • If you have time and you want to show off your creative side, make some airplane-shaped invitations by cutting-out airplanes from construction paper. On one side of the invitation, draw some windows, color and decorate the plane, and glue a picture of the celebrant inside the window. On the flip side of the paper, write out the party details.
  • Using photo editing apps, create a digital design of an airplane-themed invitation. Send the invitation via e-mail or messaging apps, or print them out on paper.
  • Design a boarding pass invitation to invite your guests to your airplane-themed party. On the “ticket,” write the name of your invitee, the time of departure (time of the party), and where the flight is leaving from (the party venue).

Make banana airplanes.

Make fresh fruit more appealing for young children. Create yummy banana airplanes. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Slice a banana in half lengthwise.
  • Place it on a plate flat side up and spread it with peanut butter.
  • Put an entire graham cracker on each side for two wings, then place a quarter of a graham cracker at the end for the tail.
  • Place the second half of the banana on top of the peanut butter.
  • Cut a small slice at the end of the top part of the banana, and place a small piece of graham cracker to make a rudder.
  • Add chocolate chip windows to finish it off.

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Bake some airplane cookies.

Airplane-shaped cookies are a treat that your little guests would surely adore. Using an airplane cookie cutter, make airplane-shaped cookies. Bake them and once they’re cool, decorate your airplanes using any icing of your choice.

Serve an airplane cake.

A delicious cake is a must for a birthday party! You can bake your own cake and use light blue frosting to cover the cake. Then, add mini marshmallows or white frosting to create clouds. Then, add an airplane cake topper or a small airplane toy on top of the cake.

If you don’t want to bake a cake, you can always order an airplane-themed cake from a local bakery.

Decorate cupcakes with airplanes.

When serving cupcakes, remember they are one of the best desserts to use to establish your theme. Here are some ideas:

Bake any flavor of cupcake you want. Top it off with a sky blue frosting and two clusters of mini marshmallows at opposite sides of the cupcake. Then, finish it with an airplane candy made of chocolate or candy melts in your preferred color, shaped in an airplane candy mold.

Grab any store-bought cupcake with an icing color that matches your color scheme for the party. Then, use airplane cupcake toppers to decorate.  

Serve in-flight snacks.

Prepare a snack bar labeled as “In-flight Snacks.” Serve some trail mix, candy bars, veggie sticks, bananas, apples, oranges, and other snacks you’d normally see served on a plane.

Have a drink cart.

One of the best parts about traveling on an airplane is the drink cart that goes around the aisle. Create your own drink cart by making a “Drink Cart” sign, then place it on top of a bar cart with all sorts of different beverages. You can assign someone to be responsible for rolling around the cart. Plus points if they wear a flight attendant costume!

Decorate with airplane banners.

Banners are always a festive touch to any party. Get some banners with airplane-shaped cutouts or airplane images, then hang them on the walls, tables, doorways, or chairs to bring your party to life.

If you want to go the DIY route, you can make paper planes using specialty paper. Then in the middle of the paper plane, glue the string where the fold is. Keep on attaching paper planes on the string until you make a banner to your desired length.  

Hang some airplane balloons.

Yes, balloons complete a party but airplane-shaped balloons? It would be a hit for the kids! Hang some large airplane balloons on the ceiling to set the tone for your party, then let the little guests take it home after.

Add some airport signs at the entrance.

As the cars of your guests approach your driveway, let them be welcomed to the party by an “On-Ramp” sign. Then, add a “Boarding” sign on top of your front door. Or, you may use a yard sign to welcome your guests inside. This will show the guests the theme even before stepping foot into the house.

Have a cloud backdrop.

The best thing about air travel is knowing you’re traveling in the sky. To give an ounce of that feeling while your party is on land, you can set up a cloud backdrop on a wall. A cloud backdrop is a great base for more airplane decorations, whether it’s attached to the wall or hanging from the ceiling. Put it behind your buffet table or dessert table. Or make it a fun backdrop for picture taking with guests.

Set up a “passport” photo booth.

This one is simple. Just set up a photo booth like normal, but add a “Passport Photo Area” label using a chalkboard sign. You can use a big world map as a backdrop for this idea.

Set up a “baggage claim” for party favors.

Display your party favors in bags on a table and put a “Baggage Claim” label on it. It would be better if you added the guests’ names on each “baggage.”

Send them home with an air mailbox.

Here’s another idea. Get an “Air Mail” box and fill it with goodies like cookies, candy, a small cupcake, keychains, or any small thing you want.

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Give away plane-related party favors.

If you’re wondering what items to give away for an airplane-themed party, here are some ideas:

The airplane theme offers you lots of possibilities when it comes to party invitations, decorations, food, and party favors. Check this out to find out other amazing kids-themed parties you may want to try for your next celebration!