Ideas for Throwing an Airplane Themed Party

People have been dreaming of flying since time immemorial. And airplanes have captured people’s imaginations since the Wright brothers flew one in Kittyhawk, North Carolina.

Flying in an airplane, let alone piloting one, is a dream for many kids, especially young boys!

An airplane-themed party would be perfect and a dream come true for children who dream of flying. At that age, it’s the closest they will get to feeling that they’re flying their plane. 

But aside from the great aesthetic of planes, it can also be taken as an auspicious symbol. The imagery of planes can represent the family’s best wishes and high hopes for the celebrant. 

Here are just some ideas for throwing an airplane-themed party that you might want to check out:

Send out airplane invitations

airport boarding pass


Perfect for showing off your creative side, you can make airplane-shaped invitations. If you have the time and can spare the extra effort, you can cut out airplane shapes from construction paper. One side of the airplane cut-out will be the invitation cover, while the other will contain the invitation text. 

You can add designs that match the airplane theme of the party to the cover of the invitation. Add windows, lines, and colors to make the airplane cut-out look even more plane-like. 

Add a picture of the celebrant to one of the windows in the cabin. You can even personalize the invitation by designing the plane cut-out with souvenirs or if you have pictures of the attendees, glue them on one of the windows in the passenger cabin. 

On the other side of the invitation, write out the party details. You can write the content in the invitation to sound similar to an onboard pilot by incorporating lines that pilots often use before or after take-off and landings. 

Aside from making a hard copy of the airplane-themed party invitation, you can also make a digital one using photo editing apps. You can create a copy of the airplane-themed invitation in a digital format and then send it out via E-mail or other messaging apps. 

You can also give out boarding pass invitations to stay in the theme. Include the name of the guests, the time of departure(time of the party), and either the flight destination or where the flight is leaving from (the party venue). 

Make banana airplanes

Woman cutting bananas

Another idea that you can do for an airplane-themed party is to incorporate the theme into the food. One way to do this is by making banana airplanes. 

Aside from being a great way of staying in theme, making banana airplanes is also a surefire way of making fresh fruits more appealing for the kids. 

Here are the instructions on how to do it:

First, you need to slice the bananas in half, lengthwise. Then place it on a plate flat side up and spread some peanut butter on it. To create the planes’ wings, put a whole graham cracker on each side of the banana and then place a quarter of a graham cracker at the end to form the tail.

Put the other half of the banana on top of the peanut butter spread. Then cut a small slice at the end of the top part of the banana, and then take a small piece of graham cracker to make a rudder. To top it all off, add chocolate chips to make the plane’s windows. 

Give away plane-related party favors

small blue boxes with red ribbons

You can also give away plane-related party favors to your guests. To give you an idea of what party favors to get, we have a short list for you to consider: Glider planes, Passport notebooks, Airplane keychains, Carabiner compass, Airplane stampers, Model wood planes, Airplane tattoos, Airplane stackable pencils. 

Bake some airplane cookies

Use an airplane-shaped cookie cutter to make airplane-shaped cookies. After cutting airplane shapes out of the doe, bake them, then after it cools, decorate it with icing! 

Serve in-flight snacks

Another way to keep the food in the theme is to serve in-flight snacks. To do this, you must prepare a snack bar and label it as “In-flight Snacks.” Serve snacks that are usually served on planes. 

You can serve some trail mix, candy bars, veggie sticks, bananas, apples, oranges, and other snacks you’d normally see served on a plane. You can also level it up by dressing as a flight attendant when serving food from the snack bar. 

Have a drink cart

Drink carts are a staple for many, if not all, airlines. To recreate this iconic sight for your airplane-themed party, make a drink cart, then append a “drink cart” label. The cart should have a wide selection of drinks, and it would be great if it carried the beverages typically offered on planes. 

Then after creating the cart, have someone roll it around. The person can also dress like a slight attendant to stay in the theme. 

Add some airport signs at the entrance

Recreate airport and plane ambiance for the party by putting up airport signs. Place an “On Ramp” sign on your driveway to greet your guests. Then place a “Boarding” sign on top of the venue’s entrance to remind the guests of the party’s theme before they enter. 

Set up a “passport” photo booth

passport an camera on top of world map

To emphasize the airplane theme of the celebration, have a passport photo booth. 

One of the essentials of air travel is a passport, so to recreate an authentic airport environment, set up a passport-themed photo booth. It can be set up like a standard photo booth but just as a Passport Photo Area label to highlight that it’s meant to remind everyone of air travel. 

Serve an airplane cake

cupcakes and airplane themed birthday cake

Of course, the centerpiece of any party is the cake. So it’s only fitting to have the cake design match the party theme. It’s only proper to have an airplane-designed cake for an airplane-themed party. 

You can create your airplane-inspired birthday cake. Bake a regular cake, then cover it with light blue frosting to mimic the sky. Add mini marshmallows or white frosting to create mini clouds. Then top it off with sprinkles and an airplane-shaped cake topper. 

These are just a few ideas you can try when you throw an airplane-inspired party. Read the blog to get an idea for making your dream airplane-themed party come true! 

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