Ideas for Throwing an Angelina Ballerina Party

Your childhood is only complete if you have seen at least one scene from Angelina Ballerina. Everyone wants to know about the story of the mouse training to be a prima ballerina. These 40-minute episodes adapted from the books by Katharine Holabird and Helen Craig have inspired any child who has watched them. It has become a popular TV series for children. Girls who watch this show have liked it so much that some are inspired to be ballerinas!

If your little girl loves Angelina Ballerina or shows interest in dancing or ballet, you should have her next birthday be a chance to bring the fictional character to life! A ballet party theme is gorgeous, classic, and adorable. It can also be an easy dress-up theme for your guests since they would have a fantastic reference to check. Here are the tips if you need some cool ideas for throwing an Angelina Ballerina party! 

Little girl wearing tutu skirts 

Ideas for Throwing an Angelina Ballerina Party

1. Ask guests to come in a tutu skirt

As mentioned above, dressing up for an Angelina Ballerina party becomes easier since there are books and series to check if you’re doing it well. To stick to the theme, you can ask everyone to join the party in their ballerina costume or with a tutu skirt. Wearing a tutu skirt fits the theme and makes it so apparent that people won’t even have to guess what the party is about!

If you want the girls to dress up, you can provide skirts if needed. If you’re feeling generous, you can give them skirts so they can wear them even when they’re at home. After all, everyone wants to feel like a ballerina sometimes! 

Don’t forget to take care of the prima ballerina herself! You must also ensure that she follows the theme by giving her the best costume or tutu skirt! You can dress the celebrant in a beautiful ballet dress complete with ballet shoes and cute headbands. 

Little girl in a white tutu skirt at a party 

2. Have a tea party

One of the classic approaches for fancy-themed parties, such as a ballerina party, is to turn it into a tea party. You can even do tea parties in your backyard or your dining room. Your guests can be dressed up formally while munching cookies and drinking tea. The mere tea and cookies can add finesse to the party! Like many scenes in Angelina Ballerina, the guests would likely enjoy a tea party.

You don’t have to purchase expensive tea sets for this party, as any dainty tea set would already be enough for use in your Angelina Ballerina tea party. Just make sure that all other decorations also adhere to your theme! 

3. Have a slumber party

When you know the girls will enjoy each other’s company, you might consider letting them stay for the night! Another idea is getting the girls to twirl until they drop with a slumber party! You can let your celebrant invite her closest friends over so you can have an Angelina Ballerina slumber party, just like the slumber parties in the book. You can organize a mini dance party in ballet costumes and serve them pizza and burgers for dinner. At the end of the eventful night, you can lay down some sleeping bags for their bedtime. If you have the extra resources, you can also set up a playhouse castle tent and let the kids’ imaginations run wild.

Adding another activity for the party would also make a prompt for the girls! The girls can have a manicure, spa, or jewelry making. Kids would enjoy and get busy with these, but ensure you’re also there to support them! 

Happy little girls lying on a bed during slumber party 

4. Decorate with pink, white, and lots of tulle

Any ballerina party can’t be complete without some pretty decorations. Good for you because decorating for an Angelina Ballerina party – or any ballet party, for that matter – can be fun and easy! Keeping it pretty with pink and white colors is the best rule when organizing this party. Lots of tulles can also add drama to the overall aesthetic! Even touches of lace can do some magic as well. 

If you’re putting out a lot of tables, you can decorate them with pretty tulle balloons while hanging some tulle pompoms on the ceiling. You can even use tutu shirts to form a garland for the backdrop or for decorating vases and candy jars! 

Moms preparing for a themed party with pink and white decorations

5. Stage the scene

You can’t have a great themed party without completing the scene from the show! Use it as a pro tip to watch at least one scene from the referenced show so you can know what setting to follow. Following this tip, have ballerina-themed party decoration sets for your party! 

You can complete the scene by covering everything with some tulle, from the costumes to the decorations. You can use curly skirting or a ruffled one for the side walls or chairs. Don’t forget to put at least one Angelina Ballerina plush doll on display! 

6. Set up the perfect dessert table

A ballerina-themed party is a special occasion that calls for the prettiest and finest treats prepared for the prima ballerina and her guests. The dessert table would be the centerpiece of your event as it features tasty and colorful sweets that also match the theme. The little guests would flock to it to see what was in store. 

Cakes are a must for birthdays and every other party. You can decorate it with Angelina Ballerina- or ballet-related elements as long as it has a pink exterior. It also goes the same for cupcakes, as you can also add ballerina cupcake toppers. You can even get creative by decorating it with the face of Angelina, the mouse. You can also have special cookies like macarons which look dainty and pretty. You can make a macaron tower out of pink and white macarons and top it with pink roses as an accent. Lastly, you can also serve candies at the bar. On beautiful apothecary jars, you can have pink and white candies like marshmallows and gummies. You can decorate the jars with pink lace or some tulle details if you feel extra!

Dessert table with a cake topped with ballerina-themed elements and other pink-colored sweets 

7. Send them home with pretty party favors

You wouldn’t want to send your guests empty-handed from an awesome party. To have a lasting impact, you can give out party favors which can serve as gorgeous finishing touches to the decorations you already have. If your decorations are as unique as the party, your guests will go home with a smile. 

You can bake your specialty cupcake or muffin for the actual party favors and place them in cupcake boxes. You can also make your DIY sweets and other specialties. You can give each guest a tutu skirt or some Angelina Ballerina merchandise if you have the budget. 

Kids are only young for a short time, but they’ll surely remember any notable themed party. Get some awesome pictures for memorabilia, and get your little girls to enjoy the party!