Kentucky Derby Party with FREE printables

This wonderful Kentucky Derby Party was submitted by Deanna from Mirabelle Creations.  If you are planning a Derby Party be sure to check out the FREE derby printables that Deanna is offering to everyone here!

 Deanna describes the inspiration for this shoot:

“Kentucky has been “home” my entire life – born and raised (as we’d say here).    And, there is no bigger day in Kentucky than Derby Day.  All eyes are on our beautiful state and every Kentuckian’s head is held just a little bit higher that day.   Early in life, Kentuckians realize that Derby day also means fabulous Derby parties.  Whether it is a small family gathering, an intimate catered event, or a huge blow-out, everyone attends some type of Derby party on Derby day.

Even as a child, my favorite Derby moment was crowning the Derby winner with the traditional rose garland.  Thus, the red rose was my starting point for this Derby dessert table.  The printables incorporated the red rose, along with a silhouette of the state of Kentucky and a horseshoe.  I chose a modern color palette of red, pale blue, and chocolate brown.  I designed party circles, cake bunting, blank and fill-in invitations, placecards, candy bar wrappers, and drink flags.

The rose theme was also repeated in the table décor.  I made a crepe paper rose garland, which hung above the dessert table.  Fresh red roses were placed in a mint julep cup.  The rose was also visible in the desserts for the Strawberry Rose Meringue and as part of the Jockey Silk Sugar Cookies.

For the desserts, I first purchased the White Cake from a local bakery, then adorned it with a pale blue ribbon and a Derby cake bunting.  I made one of my favorite Kentucky desserts – Bourbon Balls.  Every year at Christmas, my mom, like most Kentuckians, would make bourbon balls and I couldn’t wait to eat them.  These traditional bourbon balls are updated by being made into a pop.  Another traditional Kentucky dessert is the Derby Pie – a gooey brown sugar, pecan, and dark chocolate treat.  I made Derby Pie Inspired Cupcakes: a butter cake with mini chocolate chips and pecans in the batter, topped with brown sugar buttercream, mini chocolate chips and pecan pieces.   Jockey Silk Sugar Cookies were topped with a small red rose (I made the roses using a fruit roll-up).  Strawberry Rose Meringues also carried out the Derby rose theme.  Each of these ideas were planned with the home entertainer in mind, so that Derby entertaining could be easily accessible to everyone.”

Vendors –

Printables, Styling, Photography:  Mirabelle Creations,

Cake:  Burke’s Bakery,

Horse Frames:  Maple Tree Gallery,

Jockey Silk Sugar Cookie Cutter: Copper Gifts,

Be sure to download your FREE Derby printables here!

Thanks Deanna for sharing!