Oh, Baby! How to throw a memorable gender reveal party

Gender reveal parties are more popular than ever, and most parents-to-be choose to share the gender of their baby with their family and friends via such an event. Some families held gender reveal parties in the place of a baby shower to invite everyone. Other couples prefer to host two different events, one for revealing the gender and another to celebrate the mother and baby. The purpose of a gender reveal party is to let the guests and sometimes the parents know the gender of the unborn child. The future parents are happy to spend quality time with their family and close friends.

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If you want to throw a gender reveal party for your friends, there are a couple of things to keep in mind. You’ll have to decorate the venue with blue and pink decorations or some gender-neutral colors. You’ll also have to figure out if you want to cook or cater the food and decide what dishes you want to serve. Suppose some guests travel from far away for the event, you need to figure out the accommodation solutions for them.

Keep reading to discover all the steps you must follow to throw a memorable gender reveal party.

Themed gender reveal parties are very entertaining

Picking the theme for the gender reveal party is the crux of the event because it sets the tone for the celebration. The theme helps you figure out the kind of decorations to use, the venue to choose, the type of foods to serve, and most importantly, how you’re going to make the big reveal.

It’s essential to keep in mind that even if you plan the party for the future parents, you still have to consult them when picking the theme. They most likely have some expectations from the event, and you shouldn’t take away the opportunity to plan the event as they dreamed of.

The decorations set the mood

If you’re going with a classic theme, filling the venue with blue and pink decorations seems the obvious choice. But if the future parents want something different, you can pick another color scheme, such as white and yellow, or a combination of greens. You can order food to match the decorations in color.

Ask the parents-to-be what sort of decorations they’d want for the event; it’ll make your job easier. If they cannot decide upon a theme and style of decorations, search for ideas on Pinterest and present them with a couple of options. Sometimes the theme helps you develop a list of decorations suitable for the event. For example, if the parents want to have a gender reveal inspired by fairy tales, you can use old books to decorate the venue. Ask the guests to bring their favorite book as a gift for the baby.

The invites help the guests immerse into the theme of the party

Now that you know when and where the gender reveal party will take place, it’s time to send the invites. Use an app like Canva to customize the invites according to the theme. Since it’s a special time for the future parents, it’s crucial to make the invitation as memorable as possible.

Ask the parents if they want to send physical invites or email them in a digital form. Alternatively, you can take advantage of social media or a messaging app and create a closed group with all the guests and send the invite after they all join the conversation.

Relaxed guests are happy guests

As stated before, if some of the guests travel from far away for the celebration, make sure to find accommodation where they can stay comfortably. If you don’t want to pay for a hotel room, ask your family and friends if they can host some of the hosts. Suppose you have more than one residence and can host the guests there for the celebration, make sure they have access to warm water and all necessities. If you’re not sure if your old boiler can heat the water properly for so many users at a time, you can rent a temporary boiler when they stay at your house. Compare the quotes for steam boiler rental services from several boiler rental companies before hiring one to ensure you get the best price.

The reveal should surprise everyone

The reveal is obviously the most important moment of the event, so it’s vital to pick a great idea. Establish all the details of what you’re going to do and how you can execute it to prevent unpleasant surprises. The most popular idea is the balloon pop gender reveal. You can fill an opaque black balloon with colored confetti or glitter and ask the parents-to-be to pop it to find the gender of the baby. If you’re looking for something more interesting, wrap a pink or blue baby clothing item in multiple layers of fabric or ribbon and ask each guest to unwrap a layer until the piece of clothing is uncovered. The future parents should be the ones to unwrap the last layer to reveal the surprise.

Another sweet idea is to order a cake with a pink or blue colored filling in the center.

Games make the party more entertaining

If you want to host a memorable party, plan some activities to encourage people to socialize and make the most of their time together. You can even plan the gender reveal moment as part of a game to surprise everyone when they expect the least. A fun game during gender reveal parties is to ask the guests to have a peek at an ultrasound image and guess the gender. Everyone who guesses right should get a present.

Another exciting game is to play time-capsule. Ask each guest to write on a piece of paper their advice, predictions, and hopes for the baby, place everything in a box or bottle and seal it until the child is 16 years old. You can also record short messages on camera, and the parents and baby can play after the party.

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