Pizza on a Stick

I have had some questions about the Pizza on a Stick that I made for the Rock Star Party.  This was a very easy snack to put together that everyone seemed to really enjoy!

Pizza on a Stick

Pepperoni – (I used sliced pepperoni and then cut it into smaller pieces)
Mozzarella string cheese (cut into smaller pieces)
Canned sliced black olives
Grape tomatoes

Thread pepperoni, cheese, olives, and tomatoes onto bamboo skewers. Serve.

I used bamboo sticks because this was primarily for the adults but you could use lollipop sticks if serving to children.

Since I was eight months pregnant at the time of the party, I did not want to worry about cooking too much but I had also thought about making some of these recipes.

Pizza on a Stick
Pizza is always a hit with adults and children at parties, so next time make the pizza a little more tempting by trying one of these recipes.