Rainbow Slushie

My daughter loved helping me with her Rainbow Pool Party.  One of her favorite things that we made together were Rainbow Slushies.  The kids really enjoyed these and the some of the parents seemed to love them just as much!

Here is how we made our Rainbow Slushies.


Materials Needed:

Ice pops and Mason jars


1.  Pick out the colors of ice pops that you want to use.  We started with purple so it could go on the bottom.

2.  With a kitchen mallet or wooden spoon, crush the ice pop in the package.

3.  Empty the first crushed colored ice pop into the jar. Level out the crushed ice with a spoon to make it easier to put the next color on.

4.  Repeat this step with each color until you have completed the colors of the rainbow.

5.  Put the lid on the mason jar and keep in the freezer.  Take the slushie out of the freezer 20-30 minutes before serving so it can soften some.