Should I buy XRP Ripple Right Now?

Ripple is a platform for fast and efficient money transfers around the world. The underlying technology enables cross-border payment settlements similar to the SWIFT system. However, Ripple has a great chance to surpass SWIFT. And here are the reasons why it may happen:

  • Ripple technology converts currencies and transfers them around the world much faster than traditional banks can do.
  • Commissions within the Ripple network are insignificant compared with bank fees.
  • There are no middlemen.

XRP is a native Ripple asset. It serves for currency conversion and facilitates its delivery worldwide. The Ripple price is $0,4044. Looking at the Ripple price chart, we can see that the rate does not change significantly, even during sharp market growth. What is it connected with?

First, the Ripple platform cannot develop and expand the scope of its technology use due to ongoing judicial proceedings with SEC. The committee demands the Ripple company claim the XRP token security. Due to long-lasting judicial proceedings, the Ripple trade price remains at the same level. However, the chances for the project to boost are great when the court case is over. Even now, the Ripple technology is used by several large financial companies, and 50 Japanese banks are willing to integrate this technology into their system. Crypto “whales” have bought XRP tokens to hold for the long term until the project solves all the issues with SEC.

How to Buy XRP?

WhiteBIT is the largest crypto exchange for trading and investment. On WhiteBIT, you can check out what is Ripple price now, buy tokens with fiat money, swap them, convert, trade, etc. It offers a convenient interface, intuitive even for beginner traders.

To buy Ripple tokens with fiat currency, you should register on WhiteBIT and verify your account. Then find the “Exchange” sector on the WhiteBIT website and pick the currency you want to sell and XRP. Then pay the fee (the exchange charges minimum fees of 0,10%), and proceed with the transaction. You can conduct Ripple trade in pairs with any other crypto assets. WhiteBIT offers over 400 pairs available.