18 Stag Party Ideas

You and your best friend have been each other’s wingmen for years, but there’s no more important time to get it right then when you’re planning his stag party. No matter what you call it, the stag do, a bachelor party, the last hurrah, or a buck party, as the best man, it’s your job to get it right.

Sure, you could throw together a badly planned night of debauchery, but chances are, your bro deserves more. Here, we’ll give you some awesome stag party ideas to help you plan a memorable event.

Whether he’s the kind of guy that appreciates something low-key, classy, rowdy, or just fun, this list is sure to get your creativity going. We’ve layered in expert tips to help you plan ahead of time and some important considerations to ensure that the event or weekend goes smoothly.

Use this guide to not only retain your status as Wingman of the Year but also give the groom-to-be a stag party to remember.

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18 Epic Stag Party Ideas

Whether you’re considering an epic outdoor adventure, a once in a lifetime sporting event, the ultimate guys weekend, or just a fun night out with friends, we have some creative suggestions for you.

Talk to the groom about what he has in mind, and pick one of these options that you’re sure he’ll enjoy. Whether you go the traditional route or plan an epic weekend, know that you’re in for an awesome time with a great group of guys celebrating your best friend.

1. Plan an Extreme Weekend

If the groom is someone who loves a good adrenaline rush, planning a stag party that includes an extreme sport or two might be just what he needs to get his blood pumping. Skydiving or bungee jumping is on nearly everyone’s bucket list, so why not cross them off with a group of his closest friends?

If jumping out of a perfectly good airplane isn’t his idea of a good time, you can look for other once-in-a-lifetime type activities. Search online for opportunities to go high ropes obstacle courses, zip-lining, hiking, rock climbing, white water rafting, cave diving, or off-roading on dirt bikes or ATVs.

Many companies curate entire adventure experiences, and all you need to do is book the trip. They will take care of all the gear, accommodations, food, and help you stay safe while getting a thrill.

Not only are these kinds of trips guaranteed to become one of the groom’s favorite memories for years to come, but you’ll also get a huge dose of bonding time with the guys as you work your way through these exciting adventures.

2. Watch a Favorite Team Play

Are you guys huge sports fans? Does the groom have a favorite team? If they’re in season, heading to a game as a group is one of our favorite stag party ideas. You can keep it affordable by choosing a home game and planning to hang out before or after the event to make a full day of it.

You could also splurge by planning a weekend away traveling to see a favorite team. There are dozens of sports travel companies that will help you to build a package that includes your flights, hotel, tickets to the game, and exciting extras like stadium tours or VIP seats.

3. Do a Booze Tour

If there’s nothing that the groom appreciates more than a tasty local microbrew, a full-bodied glass of red, a smoky scotch, or the perfect Old Fashioned, then use his love of booze to plan an ultimate stag party experience.

Look for opportunities to do a tour and expand his knowledge of his favorite spirits while also doing a fair amount of tasting along the way. If a bar or pub crawl is more your speed, take the time to plan destinations in advance and be sure to set up the favorite spots first.

Coordinate the transportation before you head out to make sure that you have a safe way to get from place to place. You could use a ride-sharing service like Lyft or Uber, but you could also consider springing for a party bus, limo, or driver for you and the boys for the night. That way, you’ll know there’s always a car nearby to get you to your next destination, no matter how many samples you have along the way.

4. Hit the Links

If you guys have been talking about a weekend golf trip forever, a stag party is a perfect time to bring it to life. The groom will only ever have one bachelor party (hopefully), so treat him to a once in a lifetime course before the big day.

If you book with the course ahead of time, they’ll be able to accommodate your entire party, and you can plan to eat lunch before or dinner after you play. This is also a great option if the groom wants to involve more than just his core circle of friends. If dads, cousins, uncles, or members of the bride’s family want to come, it’s easy to include everyone in the fun.

Choose the course based on the level of the players. If everyone isn’t up for a full round, you can also consider high-end driving ranges like TopGolf, where you can swing clubs all day long and have a full-service restaurant and bar at your fingertips.

5. Head Out on the Water

If spending time soaking up the sunshine is the groom’s idea of a good time, planning a stag party that involves some water sports might be just the ticket.

For a posh experience, charter a swanky yacht with a captain to cruise you around for the day and night. Ask about food and beverage packages, or ask each one of the guys to bring their favorite high-end bottle of liquor or champagne. Then party the time away making memories in style.

Another option is to ask the group to pitch in to rent a house on a lake or the ocean for a long weekend where you can kick back, relax, and work on your tan.

Look for areas where you can rent jet skis or a boat, go wakeboarding, water skiing, paddle boarding, or tubing. For even more adventure, check out a guided white water rafting trip over the rapids for a memorable time. Be sure to spring for the commemorative photograph that he’ll have as a reminder for years to come.

6. Charter a Fishing Boat

Another water-based option that’s one of our favorite stag party ideas is to charter a fishing boat for a day or weekend. The captain will know all the best spots to catch fish, and can also educate you on what’s in season.

Be sure to check if you need a permit before you go. Not only will you enjoy a day of reeling in your catches while drinking beer in the sunshine, but you’ll have a fresh and delicious dinner once you get back to shore.

Even if you and your friend aren’t expert anglers, an experienced captain will have all the gear and know-how you need to make it a successful day on the water.

7. Rent an RV

There’s a reason why movie producers love the premise of a car full of rowdy guys heading out on a road trip – it’s guaranteed to be a good time. While you likely don’t want to end up in a situation as they do in The Hangover, you can recreate that hilarious magic by taking a road trip with the boys.

Rent an RV and choose a destination that sounds like fun to the groom. You could pick something traditional, like Las Vegas or the Grand Canyon, or you could go with something quirky like Atlantic City or Branson. You could also plan a scavenger-hunt style trip where you plan to stop at any place that claims to be the “world’s greatest” or have the “world’s largest” something, and just see where the open road takes you.

Make sure to pack snacks, and always to have a designated driver. Most high-end campers come equipped with everything you need to survive, like electricity, a bed, a restroom, and a kitchen, so you can literally go anywhere your heart desires as long as you keep the tank full.

8. Curated Driving Experiences

If the groom is a gearhead, then a motorsport experience might be his idea of a dream stag party. There are hundreds of different options to choose from that range from fun throw-backs to your childhood like Go Karting, to high-end adventures like a supercar driving experience.

Here are a few ideas that might blow your hair back:

  • Four-wheeling
  • NASCAR experience
  • Go Karting
  • Dune Buggying
  • Jeep 4×4 mud track driving
  • Supercar experience
  • Drive the Autobahn
  • Motocross
  • Ride a Harley

Consider your budget and what’s available near you and then start planning from there.

9. Cruise Down the Slopes

A weekend ski trip is a perfect stag party idea if you’re planning an event in the winter. There are lots of resorts to choose from, and all of them have the gear to rent and slopes for every level. Even the beginners in your group will have a good time carving through fresh powder, and you can all grab a bourbon by the fire after a cold day.

Even better, many resorts offer group discounts and may have packages that include fun extras like a whiskey tasting or snowboarding lessons.

10. Bring Call of Duty to Life

Is the groom a huge video game fan? Then why not bring those RPG’s to life and get the guys together for a paintballing experience? Head to a range where they’ll suit you up in military-style gear and give you a gun, ammo, and safety equipment and then set you loose on the course.

Not only is it a thrill to take down the “enemy,” but it will help the groom blow off some steam that might be building thanks to the stress of wedding planning.

11. Take a Riverboat Cruise

Riverboats might seem old fashioned or like a tourist trap, but they’re a grand time if you go with friends. Look for options that have amenities that make them a perfect choice for a stag party, like a full bar, a restaurant, or gambling below deck to give you a night in style with the guys.

12. Spend a Weekend at the Cabin

If your crew loves the great outdoors, you can chip in to rent a cabin where you can spend the weekend being guys. Pop a few beers, cook your food by the fire, grow out your beards, and bond in the wilderness.

If hunting, fishing, four wheeling, or other activities appeal, plan to bring along the gear you’ll need to do them while you’re there.

Be sure to bring food, booze, and snacks, like ingredients to make s’ mores by the campfire. Make sure you find a place to stay that’s appropriate for the weather and temperature for the time of the year you’ll be there. For example, if you’re camping somewhere up north during the winter months, look for cabins that offer heat or have a fireplace that will keep your group warm if it gets cold at night.

Thanks to the new trend of “glamping,” you might be surprised by the types of amenities you can find in rental cabins. Not only will many have central heat, but you could also rent ones with hot tubs, pool tables, indoor movie theaters, and more.

13. Win Big at a Casino

If the groom loves to gamble, then planning a guys weekend at a casino could be his dream stag party. You could go the traditional route and head to Las Vegas, where you can eat, drink, and be merry while playing any game your heart desires. You could also check out other destinations that have fancy resorts and gambling on-site.

In the US, there are swanky casinos across the country from Florida to New Jersey, California to Iowa, and nearly everywhere in between. If you’re going with a large group, call to see if you can get a discounted room rate or other upgrades to your package to make the weekend really special.

14. Laugh It Off at a Comedy Club

Does your best friend love to laugh? Then a comedy show might be the perfect combination of a hilariously good time and a guys night out.

If he has a favorite comedian, do some research to find out if they’re touring and have any upcoming shows. Some of the big names have permanent locations in cities like Las Vegas, and others often hit up local clubs to promote upcoming specials.

You could also head to a destination comedy club to see where now-famous acts once performed. Second City or the iO Theater in Chicago often have big-name visitors, the LA Improv is a well-known celebrity favorite, and Carolines on Broadway is a great place for spotting incognito stars.

There are also hundreds of local comedy clubs with up and coming acts that are sure to have you laughing until your face hurts, and that’s without the two-drink minimum.

15. Arrange a Scavenger Hunt

Not every wedding party starts out with a group of guys who are best friends. If you’re in charge of planning a stag party with people who aren’t yet close, starting with a fun activity that can break the ice is a great way to get everyone bonding before the big day.

Scavenger or treasure hunts are fun to organize and customize to the groom and his friends. You can either hire a company to help you plan out the details or do it yourself. Mix up trivia questions with locations and challenges to move everyone from point A to point B.

You’ll have the group collaborating, building morale, experiencing great teamwork, and having a blast at the same time.

16. Do an Escape Room

If you love the idea of collaboration and critical thinking, but don’t want to have to run all around town, you could also opt to do an escape room as a group. You can check out local options, or head out of town to visit one of the best in the world that feature extremely in-depth storylines, realistic props, and nearly impossible-to-solve problems.

New to escape rooms? Here’s what you need to know. These are set up as real-life adventures, and most have a time limit of around 1-hour. All of the participants are locked in a room that has a series of puzzles you need to solve to complete the mission and find a way to escape the room.

You’ll need to book ahead of time with the venue. Be sure to ask how many people you’re allowed to bring to make sure that there’s enough room for the stag party. Many places will also rate the difficulty of the room. If you’re all beginners, you can look for simpler options to ensure you succeed. Alternatively, opt for a challenging room to see if you and the lads have what it takes to make it out in time.

17. Hit the Road on Two Wheels

A road trip in an RV is always a good time, but you could also take the path less traveled. If it’s a time of the year when the weather is beautiful, consider going on a motorcycle tour to take in the open roads, beautiful scenery, and feel every inch of the pavement along the way.

There are several companies that charter and support long-distance tours that last anywhere from a long weekend to a full month across the country. They will rent you bikes, transport luggage and gear for you, and offer maintenance along the way to ensure a safe journey.

You may need to take a training course to rent and ride a motorcycle before you go. Do your research and know that these cost around $150 and require some time to complete. As the best man, you’ll want to make sure that everyone coming along gets this requirement out of the way before you’re scheduled to leave.

18. Get a Dance at a Gentlemen’s Club

Not every guy wants to hit a strip club for his stag party, but there’s nothing wrong with it if your best friend does. If the future bride is comfortable with her guy staring at beautiful, naked women on his last night as a single man, then show him a grand time in a classy way.

Avoid bringing strippers to a hotel room or other off-site location where things might get out of hand. Instead, head to an upscale gentlemen’s club and spring for the VIP entry. This might include nicer seating, a more private setting, bottle service, or other amenities, and it will make the night feel extra special for the groom.

Be an excellent best man and make sure that everyone puts away their cameras – even if he’s on his best behavior, there’s no need for photographic evidence of any of the shenanigans. Also, keep an eye on the groom to make sure that he’s having a great time, but doesn’t do anything he might regret in the morning.

If things start to get out of hand, it’s time to bail and take the party elsewhere. As the planner, you’re responsible for being sober enough to make the call and to get everyone out before things go badly.

Whatever You Do, Make It Memorable

No matter which of these stag party ideas is the right one for your group, remember that the most important part is to give the groom a night of weekend full of awesome memories with his closest friends.

Although you’ll always be like brothers, his life is about to change, and you are the one he’s trusting to send him off into married life as a happy guy. You can do it in a unique way by picking one of these ideas and adding in a bit of thoughtful planning and organization.

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