Tasty Treats on a Stick

After sharing my Pizza on a Stick, I wanted to share some other great ideas of serving food on a stick.  It is such a fun way to display food for a celebration.

I adore these Cupcake Skewers from Pizzazzerie.

These Poptarts-on-a-Stick would be a hit at a children’s celebration.
Doesn’t this Hazelnut Ice Cream Pound Cake look delicious!


Cheesecake lollipops chocolate covered


Who could resist these Cheesecake Lollipops?

These Mini Cinnamon Buns on as stick would be nice to serve for a breakfast or brunch.

These are some great ideas from Sweet Paul.


Pie Pops: sugar cookie dough filled with jam. Yum!


Everyone loves a sticky popcorn ball!


Cake balls!


Tomato twigs: Get the kids to eat their veggies with mini-tomatoes perched atop bread sticks.


Salad sticks: use the cupcake liner to catch the dripping dressing.


Of course, Bakerella always has great ideas for desserts.  They also have a new book out that will have many great ideas in it!