Tips for Organizing an Awesome Gamer Party

There are many kinds of parties that you can organize and invite your friends and loved ones to, but one of the most fun types of parties is the gamer party, wherein you and the invitees can enjoy playing video games and competing as to who will be crowned as the best gamer in the group. While gamer parties are truly fun, organizing it can be quite tedious, especially when you need to set up multiple monitors and video game consoles in the party area. To help you organize the best event for your loved ones, here are some tips for throwing an epic gamer party. And if you are looking for a modern board game table and furniture, visit Bandpass Design.

Pick a Good Date for the Party

The first step that you’ll need to do before organizing a party is to pick a good date for it, particularly during the day where everyone you will invite will be free or available. You would have to contact the people you will invite and ask them when they will be available. The day where most (or, if possible, all) invitees are available will be the perfect date for your gamer party. Of course, there will be unavoidable instances where some of your invitees will not be free on the scheduled day, but there is always a time for more parties where you can invite them.

Choose a Spacious Venue

gaming controller

The next big step is to choose a venue at home, and if you are going to invite more than ten people to the party, then you should have a spacious area to set up several tables and chairs. If your home isn’t wide or big enough to host a gamer party, you might have to rent an events place or a special event venue, which would give you more than enough space to organize a gamer party.

Plan Out the Games to Be Played

After picking the most suitable date for the party, you should then move on to planning out the games to be played at the event. Of course, games found on home consoles (Sony PlayStation 4 and Xbox One) and portable consoles (Nintendo Switch) should be at the party, but you can also host different types of games, like board games, common party games (charades, scavenger hunter, trivia tournament), and casino games (blackjack, poker, baccarat, etc.). You can also host casino table games at online casinos for next to nothing if you use no deposit bonus codes. You are free to plan out whatever games you want to add to the party as long as it is fun and enjoyable for your invitees.

Purchase or Rent Equipment

If you have the budget to set up an extravagant gamer party, you can purchase multiple monitors and video game consoles. However, this isn’t ideal if you don’t know what you will do with those pieces of equipment after the party. So, the next option is to rent gaming equipment, which is quite easy to do since there are many renting services online. Also, you have the option to borrow consoles and monitors from your friends or family members, which is arguably the cheapest way to set up a proper gamer party.

Host a Proper Tournament

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If you want to make the party competitive, which can be very fun for most gamers, you should also host a tournament within the event. You can set up the tournament bracket and pin one person to another in advance, or you can make them draw a number, and the ones that had paired numbers (when two people got the same number on the draw) will be the player that will compete against each other. You can set up a tournament for many different types of video games, but the popular competitive genres are fighting and racing games. Of course, the winner of the whole tournament should be given a very nice prize, so make sure you have the prize prepared before the day of the party.

Order the Food and Drinks in Advance

To make sure that you’ll have enough food and drinks for the party, you will need to order them in advance instead of ordering them on the day of the event. If you order them on the day of the party, there is no guarantee that the restaurant or food service you will purchase food from will be open, so you will really have to order in advance so that you will already have the food and drinks prepared. In addition, ordering food in advance would also give you less stress on the day of the party and more time to focus on other aspects of the event.

Make the Food and Drinks Game-Themed

Besides ordering food and drinks in advance, you can also make them game-themed if you have the budget and time to do so. You can get ice trays that can make ice cubes that are shaped like popular video game characters, and you can also order food from restaurants that also have a video game theme. This tip is optional to follow, as ordering or preparing simple food and drinks would still make the party more fun.

Keep a Timer

In order to make the party flow as best as possible, you will need to keep a timer so that you will see how long you and your invitees are playing a specific game. Being stuck in playing only one game can make the party stale or boring, so you should schedule when the party needs to move on to the next game. Keep a timer so that you can better monitor the time within the party.

Setting up a gamer party can be tiresome for most people, but successfully hosting it on the day of the party will make all the effort worth it. Not only will you be able to provide the best and most fun event for your friends and loved ones, but you will also find the party very enjoyable and stress-relieving.  So, try and set up even a small gamer party with a few friends and enjoy the weekend or your day off.