Top Custom Mobile App Development Trends of 2022

The trends shift as time changes. Similarly, suppose you wish to stay relevant today. In that case, you must mold yourself and your business in a dynamic, technologically centered environment. Nowadays, people interact less with each other and spend more time on their phones. Therefore, it makes sense to identify the custom mobile application development trends for the present and the future years.

Instant application

Have you heard of instant apps? It is a growing trend in mobile application development in 2022. Consider beta testing to test the applications before downloading them. The users can provide feedback and shortcomings before the applications officially launch. Furthermore, the users can download the application on a trial basis.

The instant application helps to save memory on mobile phones. As a result, the users can try on more applications and download which ones they like the best. Instant application use is already growing. It facilitates the users to try out new things while helping the developers understand the mismatch between the demand and supply.

Low code applications

Second, on the list is low code app development. Applications previously have been using complicated coding, which elongates the process until they reach the user-end. However, mobile application developers are spending less time and resources developing applications with modern tools.

Low code app development provides a better interface and user interaction with the same outlook. These applications are increasingly on the rise since they have reduced developmental logistics drastically. Furthermore, since developers no longer need to write extensive codes, they are more motivated to create applications.

Machine learning

Machine learning employs artificial intelligence to execute modern apps. The facility has wholly transformed the modern technology industry. These applications offer innovative features while at the same time increasing their internal security to protect client information. Furthermore, machine learning is at the same pedestal of providing an excellent user experience as augmented reality.

Artificial intelligence’s most compelling examples include Google Voice, Amazon Alexa, and Apple Siri. Furthermore, machine learning also includes face recognition and fingerprint scanner. As a result, we can see artificial intelligence combined with automated learning in applications that require more security, such as bank applications and file storage for sensitive documents.


The next mention on the custom app development is a concept that has been alive since the 1990s. AOL first incorporated Chatbots into its user interface a long time ago. Therefore, they have developed into the Chatbots you use today after so many years. These are equipped with modern features and advanced interactive services to facilitate the customers.

Today, almost every website uses Chatbots to engage with its customers. Mobile applications have also incorporated the design into the layout to provide the modern customer with navigating through the logistic. Furthermore, since these Chatbots use artificial intelligence, it aligns with the newest trends overall.

Augmented reality

We have been hearing the term augmented reality a lot recently. Still, most of us are unclear of what it actually us. Augmented reality is a virtual reality concept beneficial for customers and sellers. The technology is customizable, displaying the services and products to the consumer. They can try it on and use it virtually before purchasing it officially.

Buyers have welcomed the three-dimensional technology as a step in the right direction. AR sincerely aids the buying process, and you can find it in the following applications:

  • Automotive/vehicle
  • Manufacturing
  • Education
  • Beauty
  • Fashion gaming

Voice assistant

Remember when touch screens were the newest revelation in the technology industry. Today, the same technology is slowly becoming obsolete with its voice-assist technology replacement. Developers are more inclined to aid their customers by reducing challenges as best as possible.

Therefore, mobile developers accommodate voice gestures and voice commands into application use. The users simply launch the application and speak to it like they do with other human beings. The feature can specifically target elders and the physically-disabled community into using the mobile applications. It promotes inclusivity and makes everyone feel like a part of a growing tech-savvy community.

Mobile wallet

Another mobile trend that is sweeping the customers is mobile wallets. The concept is not similar to making payments through the phone, and here is how. M-payments provide an interactive interface and promote cashless transactions. If used right, it can severely reduce cash theft.

We see the M-Payment and mobile wallets widely used during the Coronavirus pandemic. When people were asked to maintain social distance, wallets such as Apple Pay, Paytm, Samsung, and Google Pay made virtual purchases possible. It is expected in 2022, m-payment will be responsible for transactions over $13.98 million. The figure is just the trailer of the growing popularity of mobile wallets in the times to come.


The accessories compatible with mobile phones are continuously growing. There are watches, headphones, VR sets, and earpieces that enable practicality. Therefore, to facilitate these devices, applications are launched to use them efficiently. These devices are called wearables which act as data storage devices when en route. It tracks an individual’s action just like a phone does.

The wearables application ensures the accessories are easy to transport and use. Furthermore, these also track walking distance, heartbeats, blood pressure, dietary intake, and other variables that aid pre-set goals put in by the user. These applications have a lot to offer and are considered more than a “fashion accessory.”

Enterprise applications

Application use has grown tremendously in the industry sector for corporate use. These applications are responsible for implementing strategies into the business to raise awareness and increase profitability. Many companies that suffer from delayed production or ineffective management utilize mobile enterprise applications to streamline logistics.

These custom mobile applications are expected to influence the companies’ success with extensive performance logging and data assessment. Moreover, the applications will also maintain and preserve sensitive information such as future projects, customer trends, and purchasing patterns. It will continuously analyze the competitors for the goal of market domination.

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