Toy Story Party Ideas

Kids have loved Toy Story for a very long time. Since Toy Story was the first full-length computer-generated animation movie, when Pixar released it in 1995, it instantly became a classic. Since then, it has remained a beloved story for children, and with the release of Toy Story 4 in 2019, the franchise is still gaining new followers. You might have grown up with Toy Story if you’re a parent.

You can easily make it the theme for your child’s next birthday if that movie is one of their favorites. Here are some fantastic suggestions to aid you:

Disney store front with Toy Story figurines

Ideas for Hosting a Toy Story Party

1. Invitation

Whether creating an e-invite or a traditional invitation, you can keep it in line with the theme to ensure that everyone attending the event has a good time. You can purchase pre-made, fill-in invitations or create a custom invitation yourself.

2. Costumes for Boys

It would be fun if the entire family dressed up as Toy Story characters – it will make your child smile. Let the celebrant dress the part.

You can throw birthday parties with a Toy Story theme since young boys who grow to love Andy, Woody, and Buzz will enjoy this kind of theme. By providing them with fashion cues through your invitation, you can give your guests ideas for dressing themselves. Your guests will love picking out which of Andy’s toys they want to dress up as, from a cowboy to an astronaut.

3. Costumes for Girls

If your girls enjoy Toy Story, they can dress up as Bo Peep or Jessie, for example. There’s no need to restrict this theme to boys. You don’t have to set any restrictions on their costumes because your guests can be as inventive as they like when creating their costumes; they could even dress up as Barbie if they’ve seen the part where Barbie was also a part of this series. 

Little girl in a costume

4. Costumes for Mom and Dad

There are some fantastic ideas on what to wear, from costumes to casual attire, so you should stick with the theme as parents and the party’s hosts.

For your child’s birthday, you can dress up as Woody and Jessie and say, “Howdy, partner?” This pair is great if you’re going for a more Western cowboy feel for the party.

Additionally, you can dress as Bo Peep and Buzz. Dad would make a fantastic narrator for the storytelling portion of the party as Buzz, and Mom would look amazing, serving cookies as Bo Peep.

Could you give it up for Mr. and Mrs. Potato head? You can keep it casual and dress up in them as they also wear great outdoor clothing.

Get a red one for mommy and a black one for dad, and pretend you are Pizza Planet guys there to bring pizza for everyone if you want to chill.

5. Cool decorations

With Toy Story-themed decorations, you can establish the party’s aesthetic and mood!

A Toy Story figurine is an excellent place to start. You can use Toy Story character figurines to spruce up your buffet table. You can arrange the figures in any way you want in a set. To make your spread more intriguing, scatter them on various levels around the table.

Balloon garlands are a great way to spice up your venue. Top a buffet table or a backdrop for a photo with an arch or a garland. You could also use a garland set that matches the Toy Story theme and comes in bright colors, or you could hang balloons from your ceiling. Either tape them to the top of your buffet table or let them fly and land on the roof. 

Sheriff Woody and Jessie-inspired cow print is a must! With your party’s vibrant decorations, a tablecloth with a cow print will look great. Remember to set up a banner at the back of your buffet table to emphasize your celebration’s theme further, especially if it’s a birthday. Cut out the celebrant’s name from red construction paper and stick it to the background to add the name.

At the dessert table, use wooden alphabet blocks to create a centerpiece for your table that spells out the birthday celebrant’s name. A Toy Story party pack, which includes a birthday banner, dinner plates, napkins, candles, paper cups, a plastic table cover, and sheriff badges, is available if you’re having trouble deciding which decorations to use.

6. Food

For your younger guests, make the food exciting and consistent with the party’s theme.

You can find many inventive and brilliant Toy Story cake decorations online, and no birthday celebration is complete without cake. You can create a three-layered, show-stopping cake that fulfills every toy Story fan’s desire. To make this process easier, you can use Toy Story figurines or cardboard cake toppers to decorate any cake you bake yourself or buy. Give the celebrant a Toy Story candle set to blow!

A birthday party benefits from the sweetness of cupcakes. Green frosting and one, two, or three eyes on each cupcake will make Alien-themed cupcakes. Cupcakes can be purchased or made at home. By adding a mouth with black cookie icing, you can even make each alien special. As a nod to Andy’s bedroom wallpaper from Toy Story, you can also make cupcakes that look like clouds and rockets by using a cupcake wrapper that depicts a white cloud against a blue sky. You can also make cowboy sheriff cupcakes by taking a cue from Woody and Jessie, dressing up your cupcakes in cow print cupcake wrappers, and slapping a sheriff badge on top of the frosting. After eating the cupcakes, the sheriff’s badge can be tempting to bring home, so be prepared to clean it up for them before they leave.

Make your sugar cookies, then decorate them with colored icing to look like Toy Story characters and objects. Create cookies in the shapes of Woody’s cowboy hat, Buzz’s rocket, Andy’s clouds, Rex, and Hamm the piggy bank. No one can leave cookies over after the party!

On a tray, you can also serve some hotdog sandwiches. Alongside the hotdogs, place a Slinky toy with the label “Slinky’s Hotdogs.”. By printing out the large Pizza Planet logo on sticker paper, you can order pizza from Pizza Planet. Replace the box and adhere to the stickers after baking homemade pizza or placing an order from your best pizzeria. Fans of Disney would adore knowing they are consuming Pizza Planet pizza!

Make cookies with peanut butter spread to mimic the natural color of Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head. Bake some egg-shaped sugar cookies, then top them with peanut butter. Shape and put together the potato couple’s eyes, noses, ears, lips, and eyebrows using fondant in various colors. While you can make Mr. Potato Head’s mustache and hat made out of black fondant, you can also make Mrs. Potato Head’s flower out of white frosting and colored fondant.

Finally, here is a simple dessert idea inspired by Toy Story. Make green apple Jolly Rancher gelatin or lime Jell-O, put them in dessert cups, and add candy eyes to make them look like aliens.

Kids birthday treats on a table

7. Activities

 Kids have a lot of energy, and after eating a lot of food, cupcakes, and sweets, they have extra power for play and fun. Use these activities to keep them occupied!

Forky, a unique new character from Toy Story 4, is so simple to create that you can have your own. Kids can have fun making their own Forky while learning how to share and socialize if you set up a craft table with a DIY Forky set and some glue and let the kids get creative.

Put a Toy Story twist on the traditional Pin the Tail game with this Bullseye party set, and kids will love it! You no longer need to provide a blindfold because it includes enough tail stickers for your guests and eye masks for them. Give the victor a Woody or Barbie from Toy Story toy.

Use the Mr. Potato Head Relay Game to get them to laugh. Kids of all ages can have a great time playing this relay game. At the far end of the backyard, arrange the Mr. Potato heads (without their parts) on a chair, and divide the guests into four groups. The eyes, arms, teeth, nose, hat, feet, and mustache from Mr. Potato Head will be in a box each team will carry. Each team member had to grab a Mr. Potato Head piece, sprint to the other end of the line where the guests formed a line, attach the piece, and then sprint back to tag the next team member. Give each winning team member an original Slinky box; the team that completes the race the quickest wins!

Use a green dinosaur pinata modeled after Rex and fill it with Toy Story Candy Mix pinata fillers to commemorate Rex. Your party is sure to be a blast with these! 

Girl hitting a pinata in a kids party

8. Party Favors

Don’t let the guests go home empty-handed! Besides allowing your guests to take home some balloons, hand them a goodie bag! They will get excited about this after the party! You can fill it with several options like Sheriff badges, self-inking stamps, stickers, Buzz shades, or keychains!

Toy Story has been a staple in every kid’s life. Make sure you commemorate such a great childhood staple through these fantastic ideas!

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