Toy Story Party Ideas

Toy Story has been a favorite for kids for such a long time now. When Pixar released the 1995 Toy Story film, it became an instant classic as it was the first full-length computer-generated animation movie. It is a beloved tale for kids since then, and as Toy Story 4 was out in 2019, the franchise is still gaining a new generation of fans. If you’re a parent, you may have grown up with Toy Story.

If it is your child’s favorite movie, you can easily make it a theme for their next birthday. Here are some brilliant ideas to help you out:

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The fun of the theme must start with the invites! Whether you’re making an e-vite or a traditional invitation, keep it in line with the theme. You may want to design your personalized invitation or simply buy ready-made, fill-in invites for you to send. Here are some options:

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Let the celebrant dress the part! It would also be fun if the whole family dresses up as Toy Story characters – it will surely bring a smile to your kid’s face.

1. For Boys

The Toy Story theme for a birthday party is usually done for little boys who come to love Andy, Woody, and Buzz. Here are some costume ideas for them:

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2. For Girls

There’s no reason to limit this theme for boys! Girls love Toy Story, too, and there are plenty of costumes they can go for, such as:

3. For Mom and Dad

As parents and hosts of the party, you may want to stay on theme! Here are some ideas on what to wear, from costumes to casual attire:

  • Woody and Jessie – Say “Howdy, partner?” while disguising as Woody and Jessie for your kid’s birthday! This is a great idea if you’re leaning more on the Western cowboy aesthetic for the party.
  • Buzz and Bo Peep – Mom would look great serving cookies as Bo Peep, and Dad would make a great narrator for the storytelling part of the party as Buzz 
  • Mr. and Mrs. Potato head – Keep it casual and dress up in Mr. and Mrs. Potato head! It’s also a great couple of shirts to wear outside.
  • Pizza Planet guys – Pretend that you’re there to bring pizza for everyone! Get a red one for mommy and a black one for daddy.
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Set the look and feel of the party with Toy Story-themed decorations!

Toy Story figurines

Use figurines of Toy Story characters to decorate your buffet table. Get this deluxe figure set and group them any way you like. Scatter them around the table on different levels to make your spread more interesting.

Balloon garlands

Make an arch or a garland atop a buffet table or a photo backdrop. This balloon garland set comes in fun colors that suit the Toy Story theme!

Cow print tablecloth

You gotta love the cow print, inspired by Sheriff Woody and Jessie. This tablecloth will pair well with the colorful decorations in your party.

Clouds balloons

These cloud balloons belong up in the sky – just kidding, up to your ceiling. You let them fly and stay at the ceiling or tape them on the top of your buffet table.

“Happy Birthday” background

Solidify your theme by setting up this background at the back of your buffet table. You can simply add the celebrant’s name by cutting out letters from red construction paper and sticking them to the background.

Alphabet blocks

Spell out the birthday celebrant’s name at the dessert table as a centerpiece using wooden alphabet blocks

Balloons with Toy Story-themed prints

Tie up these colorful balloons printed with assorted Toy Story characters and elements to the centerpiece on your luncheon table for the kids to delight about. Let them take it home after the party is over.

Toy Story party pack

Get the complete party makeover by using this Toy Story party pack complete with a birthday banner, dinner plates, napkins, candles, paper cups, plastic table cover, and sheriff badges.

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Make food exciting for the kiddie guests and make it in line with the theme of your party.

Toy Story cake

No birthday party is complete without cake! There are so many creative and brilliant Toy Story cake décor you can find online. You can make a show-stopper, three-layered cake that has everything a Toy Story fan could ever wish for. If you want to make it easier, you can bake or buy any cake and put some Toy Story figurines or cardboard cake toppers to decorate. You may also want to use a Toy Story candle set for the celebrant to blow!

Toy Story cupcakes

Cupcakes add a little sweetness to a birthday party. Here are some creative ideas for some Toy Story-inspired cupcakes:

  • Alien frosted cupcakes – Get some homebaked or store-bought cupcakes with green frosting and decorate each one with one, two, or three eyes Make each alien unique by adding a mouth using a black cookie icing   
  • Cloud and rocket cupcakes – Use a cupcake wrapper that shows a fluffy white cloud on a blue sky, as inspired by Andy’s bedroom wallpaper in Toy Story. Top it with a fluffy white marshmallow frosting and some rocket-shaped cupcake toppers
  • Cowboy sheriff cupcakes – Get inspiration from Woody and Jessie by dressing up your cupcakes in cow print cupcake wrappers and putting a sheriff badge on top of the frosting. The kids would love to take home the sheriff’s badge after eating the cupcakes, so be ready to clean it up for them before they go home.
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Toy Story cookies

Bake your own sugar cookies, and decorate them with colored icing to represent characters and elements from Toy Story. Make cookies shaped like cowboy bootsWoody’s cowboy hatBuzz’s rocketAndy’s cloudsRex and Hamm the piggy bank. After the party, there will be no cookies left!

Slinky Hotdog

Make some hotdog sandwiches and serve them on a tray. Label it with “Slinky’s Hotdogs” and put a Slinky toy beside the hotdogs.  

Pizza Planet’s pizza

Print out a big logo of the Pizza Planet in sticker papers. Bake some homemade pizza or simply order from your favorite pizza place, then replace the box and put on the stickers. Disney fans would love to know they’re eating pizza from Pizza Planet!

Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head peanut butter cookies

Play on the natural color of Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head by making cookies with peanut butter spread. Bake some sugar cookies in the shape of an egg, then spread peanut butter on top. Using fondant in different colors, shape and assemble the eyes, noses, ears, lips, and eyebrows of the potato couple. Use black fondant for Mr. Potato Head’s mustache and hat, and use white frosting and colored fondant for Mrs. Potato Head’s flower hat.

Toy Story popcorn

Serve different flavors of popcorn and serve it in Toy Story-inspired popcorn boxes.  

Alien Jell-O

Here’s an easy Toy Story dessert idea – make lime Jell-O or a green apple Jolly Rancher gelatin, serve them on dessert cups and top it off with candy eyeballs to look like aliens!

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Kids are full of energy, and after they ate loads of food, cupcakes, and sweets, they have built-up energy for fun and play. Keep them busy with these activities:

Make your Own Forky

Forky is a beloved new character from Toy Story 4, and it’s so easy to make your own. Set up a craft table with this Forky DIY set and some glue, then let the kids get creative! Kids can have fun making their own Forky while learning how to share and socialize.

Pin the Tail on Bullseye

Put a Toy Story spin on the classic Pin the Tail party game by using this Bullseye party set. It comes with lots of tail stickers enough for your guests and eye masks for blindfolds, so you don’t have to provide one anymore. Give the winner a Woody toy or a Toy Story Barbie

Mr. Potato Head Relay Game

This is a super fun relay game that kids of all ages can enjoy. Split up the guests into teams of four and have the Mr. Potato heads (without their parts) sitting on a chair at the end of the backyard. Each team will have with them a box with the parts of Mr. Potato head – the eyes, arms, teeth, nose, hat, feet, and mustache. The guests would form a line at the other end, and each team member had to take one piece of Mr. Potato Head and run over to attach the parts, then run back to tag the next team member to go. The first team that finishes fastest wins! Give the members of the winning team an original slinky box each!

Rex Piñata

Use a green dinosaur piñata inspired by Rex and fill it with Toy Story Candy Mix piñata fillers. With these, your party is set to be a blast!

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Party Favors

Don’t let the guests go home empty-handed! Besides letting your guests take home some balloons, hand them a goodie bag that they will get excited about! You can fill it with a couple of these options: