Under the Sea / Little Mermaid Party

Here is an Under the Sea party we had for my daughter last year.  She loves the Little Mermaid but we were inviting boys to the party too so we choose Under the Sea as the primary theme.

The Food:






· Octopus on Seaweed – which were hot dogs on top of spaghetti that was dyed green.

· Mock Sushi – rice cereal with fruit leather strips

· Goldfish

· Crab dip and crackers

· Blue ocean punch

The Decorations:

· Blue and green balloons hanging from ceiling to give an ocean effect

· Blue and green streams

· Ariel, sea creatures and streamers

· Fish netting with ocean creatures

The Activities:





· Decorating door hangers and sea creature masks

· Sand art

· Water Balloons

  • Pinata

The kids enjoyed the water games and the cake! It was another fun and exciting birthday!