27 Valentine’s Day Gifts For Your Girlfriend

On February 14th, thousands of couples around the world gather together to exchange gifts and sentiments of love towards each other. It is a special holiday to celebrate those relationships that mean the most to us. Choosing the right valentine’s gifts for her can be a bit of a challenge. You want something that is both personal and full of meaning, and yet, you want it to be unique. Here are twenty-five great ideas, both traditional and a little out of the box, for giving a gift that expresses your love to that special woman in your life.

27 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Girlfriends

1. Sinvitron Gold Dipped Rose



When Valentine’s gifts are brought up, one of the first ideas every man has is to give their special woman roses. Roses are a traditional symbol of love, so it is no wonder roses are used on so many items. They are sold in nearly all stores and promoted as one of the main gifts for Valentine’s Day. While roses are a beautiful and symbolic way of expressing love, the one main downfall of giving a dozen roses is that they do not last. Here is a chance to still give a rose, but this rose will last forever. It is a gold dipped rose from Sinvitron.

This rose is more than just a golden rose, it is an actual hand-picked rose. The rose has all of its original beauty preserved in a way that will help it last forever while still looking as fresh as the day you first give it to your significant other. You can still see the thorns on the stem and the veins in the petals.

The rose undergoes 65 steps in order to preserve it. The company uses environmentally-friendly resin to keep the rose in pristine shape. The petals are delicately placed, and the original leaves or preserved. Each leaf has its pulp removed. The veins of the leaf then undergo a process to keep them free of moisture and mildew so that they will never wilt or fade. To protect the outside of the rose, it is gold plated in 24K gold then polished till it shines.

In total, each rose measures about 11.5 inches by 1.8 inches by 2.3 inches. They are approximately 1.8 inches wide. Since each rose is made from a real rose, the rose will be entirely unique. The veins and patterns on the stem will be preserved from the original rose. In addition, the measurements may differ slightly from rose to rose. All roses are red roses.

All roses come in a beautiful box that makes a great gift box. In addition to the box, you will also receive a gift bag for presenting the gift. Inside the box and bag is a stand for your loved one to set their rose to display it. There is also a certificate of authenticity.


  • This is a unique twist on a traditional gift.
  • This will last longer than a regular bouquet of roses.
  • The rose is made from a real rose.
  • The rose comes with a gift bag and a stand for displaying it.


  • Some find the resin gives off more of a plastic feel than elegant feel.
  • It is more expensive than buying regular roses.

2. Handmade Wood Love Valentines Day Card

Handmade Wood Love Valentines Day Card

While gifts are a great way to express your love, there is no better way than through words telling that special someone just how much they mean to you. If you are going to give a Valentine’s Day card, you can invest a little more into the actual card so that the card itself gives a little reflection of the priceless words within.

Here is a unique twist to the typical Valentine’s Day card. The card is made from real Walnut polywood. You can even see the grain in the wood on the front and back of the card. The wood entirely encases the card, but is thin enough to still remain lightweight and thin. The card measures 6.1 inches by 4.3 inches.

The wood is then laser cut. The card has a heart decoration cut into the front. There are also the words “To My Love” written at the bottom of the card. Inside of the card is paper. On one side is an additional picture of a heart cloud over a heart tree that looks very classy. The rest of the card is blank to leave room for your own words. You can write a sonnet, or just simply say how much you love your special someone. Whatever you choose, the words will look twice as elegant in this card.

Instead of a regular envelope, you will have a special envelope for this card. It is shaped as a regular envelope, but closes using a red ribbon that can be wrapped beautifully to make for a special presentation.


  • This is a gift that can be personalized.
  • The wood is real wood, which adds to the elegance.


  • This card is more expensive than a regular card.
  • Because of how thin the wood material is, there is a high risk of it breaking depending on how it is transported.

3. Sterling Silver Round Diamond in Heart Pendant

Sterling Silver Round Diamond in Heart Pendant

Diamonds may not be every girl’s best friends, but this beautiful sterling silver diamond heart pendant can become your girl’s best friend. Jewelry has long been another standard for Valentine’s Gifts. It is a way girls can wear a token of your love for all others to see.

What better way to say I love you than with a heart necklace that says it for you. This sterling silver necklace ends in a beautiful heart pendant. The heart pendant has diamonds ingrained into the sides that make it both beautiful and subtle enough to be worn everyday.

It is made from solid 925 sterling silver. This combination adds a little more strength to the jewelry so that it is sturdy enough for daily use without breaking or scratching. It has a .10 CT diamond pendant that uses white round diamonds. The diamonds are held in using a prong-setting. There are 26 diamonds in total along the sides of the heart. The pendant does come with a chain.


  • This is a more affordable piece of jewelry to gift your significant other.
  • The pendant is tough enough for everyday wear.
  • The diamonds are real diamonds in a secure setting.


  • The chain is very thin, and should probably be replaced before gifting it.
  • The diamonds are considerably smaller than most diamond necklaces.

4. NAK Globes Illuminated World Globe

NAK Globes Illuminated World Globe

When you are in love, you may feel like nothing short of giving that special someone the world would be enough to express how much you care about your significant other. Now is a chance to quite literally give them the world. While the saying is slightly cliché, the thought is profound. A gift is worth a thousand words. This gift of the world represents all you wish you could give to your special woman. It is a reminder to her of how much she is worth to you in a fun and creative way.

This gift is both sentimental and practical. Globes are a great addition to any home. It will allow you to find locations that are discussed, or plan trips and vacations. Globes are also just nice to have as a classic decoration. This globe has an antique look. Instead of the regular bright colors and blue oceans, this globe uses dull colors for the countries and a tan for the oceans. This helps the globe be neutral enough to fit in any room and with any décor.

The globe measures 17 inches tall and 12.5 inches wide. It has a cherry finish and a 2-tier base. The globe is held in place by a solid brass metal meridian. The countries are very clearly marked. The borders are clearly visibly marked. The countries also all have a highlighted capital.

This is more than just a globe. It has a multi-use. It is also a table-top lamp. It is not a lamp for reading as much as being a general nightlight. It is controlled by a remove, which will allow you to turn it on and off from any place in the room. The globe then has 16 different LED light-up colors to choose from to change the mood lighting of any room. The colors can also be controlled from the easy-to-use remote.


  • This gift is both practical and beautiful.
  • It has a romantic message with the gift.
  • The globe doubles as a nightlight.
  • The lights can be controlled by a remote.
  • There are 16 different color options.


  • There is no timer function on the light.
  • The borders of some of the places are not very precise.

5. Little Jar of Big Ideas Ten Reasons Why I Love You

Little Jar of Big Ideas Ten Reasons Why I Love You

Writing a Valentine’s Day card is not the only way you can tell your special someone you love them. A card is read one time, but here is a way to write down many reasons you love that special someone and spread out the love for weeks to come.

The Little Jar of Big Ideas is not a new idea. Couples have been creating romantic jars for years. They use the jars to write reasons they love each other, or places to have dates. They also record memories and special moments and place it in the jar. Now, you can purchase a set to make this age-old tradition even easier. Because this is a jar specifically designed for this purpose, it has a more personal and romantically centered design.

The jar is a tall, elegant design. It is narrow and tall. It measures about 90mm tall by 30mm wide. The top is sealed with a cork that can easily be removed to read the messages inside. The cork goes far inside of the jar and the outside of the cork is engraved. In black lettering, the words “Ten Reasons Why I Love You!” is written. Above the lettering is a small, white heart. The engraving can be seen outside of the jar, but without the fear of it being scratched off as the lettering is safely protected inside the glass jar.

The jar comes with ten small paper scrolls each written on a different colored paper and wrapped with a gold tie. These scrolls have pre-written messages on them. The ten reasons listed are kindness, intelligence, smile, laughter, kisses, hugs, honesty, voice, humor, and touch as well as the special addition of “I love you because I love you!” These notes are just the start. There is still room left in the bottle to add some additional reason for why you love your significant other.


  • This is a gift that can be personalized.
  • It is a unique gift that can be kept as a keepsake.
  • There are messages pre-written for those who would like help with messages.


  • This is a smaller jar, so you are limited in the number of papers that will fit.
  • Some of the pre-written reasons are generic.

6. 12 + 1 Red Heart Shape Balloons

Red Heart Shape Balloons

If you are looking for something a little different to present to your special someone this Valentine’s Day than the traditional dozen roses, try giving her a dozen balloons. Balloons are great for those free-spirited girls who love quirky and different twists of classic traditions. Balloons are also very versatile and become a part of any larger gift, as well as just a great decoration for your home while you celebrate your love together.

The balloons arrive deflated. They do come with a straw. They are ready to inflate, just take them to your nearest party store and just add helium. The balloons come with a 100% money back guarantee, so you know that you can easily trade them out if there are any issues with inflation.

The balloons are red foil heart-shaped balloons. Each balloon has a ribbon that twists in a spiral all the way to the floor. There are a dozen heart-shaped balloons. In addition, there is one  “I love you” balloon. The “I Love You” balloon consists of three smaller heart balloon stacked on each other with one word on each balloon.

These balloons can be used as general decorations by allowing them to float along the ceiling of a room. You can also use the ribbons to tie romantic notes or small gifts for her to open up. A dozen balloons are a great way to give her a dozen reason you love her. Balloons are flexible to be used for a romantic game, presenting gifts, or just as a gift in and of themselves.


  • These are a unique twist on a traditional gift.
  • There is a money back guarantee with the balloons.
  • They are high-quality and will hold air for a good length of time.


  • These balloons work better as a companion gift.
  • They are not an item that can be kept as a keepsake.

7. BOLDLOFT You Mean Everything to Me His & Hers Coffee Mugs

BOLDLOFT You Mean Everything to Me His & Hers Coffee Mugs

When choosing a gift for Valentine’s Day, you can not only get a gift to express your love on that day, but also a gift that will constantly remind her how much you care, every morning each additional day afterwards. Mugs are one item that makes the perfect canvas for declaring your love in a unique and fun way.

Mugs are very popular. Nearly all households have them. One of the first items people use in the morning is a mug. Mugs hold coffee or tea. Some use them for chocolate milk, or regular drinks. Mugs can also be used as a small bowl for cereal or other food items. The handle on a mug makes them very versatile and sometimes preferable to regular bowls or other kitchen items. Even if your loved one does not use a mug in the morning, at some point in the day she is sure to reach for a mug for a quick drink or snack. It is in these moments you will have a chance to remind her of you.

There are two mugs in each pack. The mugs both have the same design, and it is a great way to share a common bond by sharing matching mugs. The mugs are packaged separately in gift boxes, ready to be presented for the special occasion. They are made from stoneware ceramic. Each mug is 12 ounces. They are both microwave and dishwasher safe, which makes them more versatile in their use as well as easy to clean up afterwards.

There are five different image options. Each one depicts a different aspect of the relationships. The images all include on an adorable design on one side of the mug, and a romantic quote on the other.

One mug says “I heart You” with the quote “There is only 1 thing, 2 do, 3 words, 4 you” on the other. This is great for those in a committed relationship to remind each other how much they love each other. For those who may not quite be at the stage of saying “I Love You,” there is another mug with a picture of a couple sitting together. On the other side, there is the quote: “Sitting next to you doing absolutely nothing means absolutely everything to me.” For those in between, a third option is a humorous image of a girl running off with a heart with the saying “I want your heart because you stole mine.” If you are not able to be with your special someone this Valentine’s Day, you can also get her the design that shows a couple together in a telephone wire shaped like a heart. The quote says: “Together forever never apart, maybe in distance but never at heart.” The fifth option is a Christmas theme that can be saved for a Christmas gift.


  • This is a practical and cute way of telling your significant other how you feel.
  • This is an item that will last for years.
  • These come in packs of two.
  • They are dishwasher and microwave safe.
  • There are different quote options that suit each type of relationship.


  • There are no different color options.
  • They have a matte finish, not a gloss finish, which does not hide dirt and stains as well.

8. BOLDLOFT Say I Love You Couples Pillowcases

BOLDLOFT Say I Love You Couples Pillowcases

BOLDLOFT does not just make mugs. Their cute and romantic designs are also available on pillowcases. If you like the design of the mugs previously mentioned, but your special girl already has plenty of mugs, or perhaps you just already got her a mug before, you can still gift her the adorable pictures in this alternate form.

If you live with your significant other or are married, these adorable pillowcases will make a great addition to your home. There are two pillowcases in each pack, the pillows are not included. These are his and hers pillowcases, each one with its own design, but the designs work together to make a full picture.

The pillowcase comes in two different size options. You can either order it a standard/queen size measuring 20 inches by 30 inches, or you can order it the king size. They will fit nearly all pillows, with room to spare.

Both pillowcases are white. On the white fabric, there are two signature BOLDLOFT stick figures for him and her. This particular design has them connected using cup phones. The red wire twists between the pillow cases into heart shapes. There are other designs available as well such as the boy blowing bubbles in the shape of hearts across the pillows to the girl, the girl dropping hearts in the river as the boy is fishing for her heart, and the couple riding their bike past a romantic tree. Each one uses the signature BOLDLOFT figures against a white backdrop.


  • This is a romantic gift that works well for those who live together.
  • There are multiple designs available.


  • They are very highly priced for just being regular pillowcases.
  • The white background shows dirt easily.

9. Chanasya Love You Miss You Message Print Super Soft Ultra Plush Warm Cozy Fleece

Chanasya Love You Miss You Message Print Super Soft Ultra Plush Warm Cozy Fleece

On Valentine’s Day, you can wrap your arms around the one you love to let her know how much you care. Once the day is over, you may not be around every moment to hold her. This is why this gift is a great option. Giving a warm fleece is a way to let her be wrapped in your love, even when you are not nearby.

The blanket measures 65 inches by 50 inches. It is made from 100% microfiber polyester. It is a reverse fabric Sherpa, with one side being colored while the other side is white. The fleece will not shed as the yard is twisted tight enough to prevent the common shedding of other cheaper blankets. It is also made from hypoallergenic materials and is from completely synthetic material so that it is free of animal cruelty.

The material can be machine washed on a gentle cycle with cold water. You can also tumble try it at a very low temperature. This keeps it clean, while still preserving the quality of the fleece. The fleece comes with a lifetime warranty.

The fleece is warm and very soft. That being said, it is still ideal for all seasons. It is lightweight enough to be used all year. It is more of a medium warmth blanket than a heavy fleece.

The material is not the only positive of this fleece. It is also the message on the front of the fleece. It comes in a beautiful dry rose color. It is quite literally the deep red of a dried rose petal just before it starts to brown. This color is neutral enough to suit every bedroom style and décor.

All over the fleece are written words of love. It is covered with phrases like “Thinking of you” and “You are my sunshine.” That is followed by “You make me happy” and “I love you more.” You have more generic phrases like “Life, love, laugh” as well as the classic “Love you to the moon and back.” At one spot it even says “I miss you,” “Thinking of you,” and “Never forget I love you” as reminders of your love while she’s wrapped in the blanket, even when you are apart.


  • This is a practical and romantic gift.
  • This gift will last for years.
  • It is a medium weight blanket that can be used all year.
  • It has a good variety of romantic phrases for all couples.
  • The blanket is very high-quality.


  • While other designs come in a variety of sizes, this romantic blanket only has one size.
  • The romantic message throw is only available in one color.

10. Big Plush I Love You 5 Foot Giant Teddy Bear

Big Plush I Love You 5 Foot Giant Teddy Bear

If giving a fleece is not the route you want to go, you can still provide that cuddle buddy for your girlfriend with the traditional gift of a Valentine’s teddy bear. The one big difference is this bear’s size. He is not just a small item that can be tucked on a shelf. He is quite literally nearly the same size as your girlfriend.

This teddy bear comes in at a looming 5 feet tall. It arrives in a very big box, which makes it a lot easier than having to wrap the entire bear yourself. The bear is made from a soft polyester. It is very plush and comes in a light brown color with adorable paw prints on the bottom of each foot. He is holding a heart pillow with the words “I Love You!” stitched on it. The pillow does not detach from the bear. He will make a great companion and movie partner for your special girl when you are unable to be there to wrap her up in your arms. It also takes the classic gift of stuffed animals to a new level by changing an average teddy bear to one with a big message to share.


  • This is another traditional gift with a fun twist.
  • It is a high-quality bear that can stand up to lots of cuddling and love.


  • Due to its size, it will require storage space.
  • This is a more expensive gift for being just a stuffed animal.

11. Kendal Huge Leather Jewelry Box/Case/Storage

Kendal Huge Leather Jewelry Box/Case/Storage

If your girl already has plenty of jewelry she loves, or if you have given her jewelry the past few Valentine’s Days and want to switch things up, why not give her a beautiful jewelry box to store all her gift from you in. This jewelry box is very large and versatile to hold all types of jewelry so that no matter your girl’s personality, she will have a place to store her special items.

The jewelry box measures 12 inches long by 6.7 inches wide by 12.75 inches high when it is closed. The outside of the jewelry box is finished in brown leather. This gives the box a sleek and modern feel, while still looking elegant. The inside of the box is made from an ivory suede fabric. The box weighs 8 pounds 10 ounces.

This jewelry box has plenty of compartment and organizational areas for all her special items. The top of the lid opens up to reveal a beveled glass mirror in the lid. The top compartment has a removable organizer. The organizer consists of a large open area as well as a notched lining that can hold rings or stud earrings. This notched lining can be removed to create an entirely open top area. The top compartment can be removed entirely to be used separately as well.

Either side of the jewelry box opens up. These doors that swing out reveal an area ideal for hanging necklaces and large earrings. Each side has eight hooks for hanging items, making a grand total of sixteen hanging areas. The bottom of the swinging doors and compartments have elastic top pockets for other items to be stored.

The front of the jewelry box has a stack of five drawers, each with their own unique storage option. The bottom drawer is a large compartment measuring 7.31 inches long by 5.81 inches wide by 2.25 inches high. This drawer is just a large, empty compartment for storing larger items.

The remaining four drawers all measure the same 7.31 inches long by 5.81 inches wide by 1 inch high. While their sizes are the same their organization differs from drawer to drawer. The top drawer has twenty small compartments, each of equal size. The second drawer has just twelve compartments divided up equally. The third has four compartments divided up equally while the last drawer is again just one large compartment. This will allow you to organize your items easily by size in each of the drawers as they gradually increase in size.

The entire jewelry box seals up securely. Buckle straps keep the size compartment and the top compartment sealed shut when not in use to keep them from swinging open. The top of the jewelry box has a handle to make it easy to move it from place to place when getting ready in the morning or traveling.


  • This jewelry box has plenty of space for storage as well as compartments for organization.
  • The jewelry box seals closed so it is easier to transport.


  • This is not real leather, but rather leather imitation despite the advertising.
  • The mirror is not very high quality.

12. Knock Knock What I Love About You Fill in the Love Journal

Knock Knock What I Love About You Fill in the Love Journal

For those who like the idea of creatively listing reasons they love their special someone, but want something a little more than the jar, here is a love journal to help guide you in writing all the reasons you love that woman in your life. This journal is a perfect gift that is sturdy enough to be kept for years. She can open it up and remember all the reasons you love her.

This book is very small, measuring just 4.5 inches by 3.25 inches. It is hardcover and has a total of 112 pages. It provides more areas for content than just a card, but is not quite large enough to be considered a regular journal. It has plenty of prompts to let your special someone know just how much you care. The pages are filled with prompts such as “You deserve the _____ award,” and “You have the greatest taste in _____.” This is a story by you about your true love. What goes inside is completely up to you.

The front cover has the title written in a large block print. Underneath is space for you to write who the book is for and who it is written by so that you are noted as the author while that special woman in your life will know it has been personalized just for her.

With being the author you can choose the direction of the book. You can choose whether it is a humorous look at your relationship dynamics or a sentimental confession of your deepest feelings for each other. Whatever direction you want it to take, you have complete control to make it your own and specific for your relationship.


  • The book is small enough to easily store.
  • It can easily be personalized.
  • It is a gift that can be kept for years.
  • The prompts are generic enough that you control the theme.


  • The book is only available with a pink cover.
  • The small size makes it more of a side gift.

13. Kate Posh- Loved you yesterday, Love you still, Always have, Always will- Engraved Natural Wood Picture Frame

Kate Posh

This Valentine’s you can express your love just through words, but also through pictures. This is a reminder of not just how you feel that day, but where you came from along with a promise of so many more memories in the future. This is what makes picture frames an ideal gift for any romantic partner. This specific frame not only holds the romantic memories inside the frame, it also has a romantic saying engraved on the outside as another reminder of just what she means to you.

Kate Posh is a Californian based business that was founded in 2007. They create unique gifts using natural materials. Each gift is personalized or engraved so that it is unique and more memorable. The items are all hand-crafted by artists in the Californian office.

The picture frame measures 6 ½ inches by 8 ½ inches for the 4 x 6 picture. The edges are curved beveled edges. The front is real glass. The back has both an easel for standing up on a table or shelf, or it has hooks for handing on the wall. The frame itself is made from high-quality real wood. Even the original grain can still be seen. The wood is from sustainable resources and is eco-friendly.

The frame has four different dimension options as well as two different engraving options. The two sizes are 4×6 and 5×7. These two sizes are then available in both horizontal and vertical.

The frame’s saying is “Love you yesterday, love you still, always have, always will.” This saying is engraved, not printed. This ensures the longevity of the piece as printing can fade, but engraving will last years. The phrase has two different styles. The first is a scroll style. The first two lines are at the top of the frame, while the second two lines are at the bottom. The words are accentuated by swirls and hearts that weave around the saying. The second style is the regular style. In this style, each phrase is listed separately. The first word of each phrase is written in a large, sprawling fond, while the other words are written smaller underneath. Both sides of the frame have beautiful little hearts.


  • This is a very personal gift.
  • There are different styles to choose from.
  • All the materials are natural and high-quality.
  • There are multiple sizes and orientations available.


  • Picture frames require wall or shelf space, which not everyone has.

14. I Love You Necklace 120 Languages Inscribed in 24k Gold on Round Onyx Pendant

I Love You Necklace 120 Languages Inscribed in 24k Gold on Round Onyx Pendant

If you do not think the simple words “I love you” can accurately express your feelings, try saying it in 120 different languages. Chances are, this is probably beyond your ability. That is alright, here is a necklace that will do it for you.

This necklace comes in four different color options. You can choose from sterling silver, white gold, yellow gold, or gold-plated silver. Each pendant comes with a high-quality chain. The chain measures 18 inches and is made from traditional Italian sterling silver rolo chain.

The pendant is what makes this necklace so special. The pendant may be made from different materials, but the backdrop is the same. It is a black onyx gemstone that measures .9 inches by .15 inches. Inside the onyx gemstone is a heart made from 24k gold. On the pendant are the words “I love you” written in 120 languages in a circular pattern using a miniature script.

The necklace comes with a special Nano jewelry box for presenting the jewelry as a gift. In addition to the box, it also comes with a special Nano jewelry magnifying glass so that your special woman will be able to read the inscription on the pendant. The necklace also comes with an anti-tarnish bag to keep the necklace safe from the elements and tarnish. To also help keep the jewelry in the best shape, the necklace comes with a mini jewelry polishing cloth.


  • This is a high-quality piece of jewelry.
  • All the materials are real materials.
  • This gift is not just a beautiful piece, but also a romantic message.


  • The chain is slightly weak, and may need to be replaced.
  • The pendant is very small, and can be difficult to read even with a magnifying glass.

15. Luxury Wine Socks with Cupcake Gift Packaging

Luxury Wine Socks with Cupcake Gift Packaging

You can pamper your loved one this Valentine’s Day by gifting this adorable and humorous pair of socks. Socks may not seem romantic at first, but this pair has some adorable surprises that make them a great gift to be given on its own or in addition with other items.

This pair of socks is made from a mixture of spandex and polyester. They are made as one size fits all. These fuzzy socks pull up to the mid-calf. On the bottom of the socks are written: “If you can read this, bring me some wine.” The words are written with an anti-slip material that will allow your loved one to walk across wooden floors without sliding around.

One of the most adorable parts of this gift is its packaging. The fuzzy pink socks come wrapped up together in a way that looks like a cupcake. It is then wrapped in a plastic bag that will give the impression of gifting a sweet treat. What better way to present these socks than along with some of your loved one’s favorite sweet treats. Even better, gift these socks along with her favorite wine.


  • These socks have very adorable packaging.
  • This gift is very well made.
  • It is a humorous gift and makes a great companion gift.
  • The socks have non-slip bottoms.


  • These socks are only available in one color.
  • The cost is higher than the quality reflects.

16. Aofmee Bath Bombs, 7pcs Lush Fizzies Spa Kit Perfect for Moisturizing Skin

Aofmee Bath Bombs, 7pcs Lush Fizzies Spa Kit Perfect for Moisturizing Skin

Valentine’s Day you can pamper your loved one. It is also a great opportunity to give gifts that can be used to pamper her after the day is over. This gift consists of seven bath bombs, each having a unique flavor and color. It is presented in a beautiful gift box that is ready to give to your loved one.

Each bath bomb is 2.1 ounces. When they are placed in your bath, they will fizz up and produce a relaxing aroma that will soothe and pamper your loved one. The bath bombs are each handmade. They are made from natural and organic materials. They include petals and natural pieces of the flavoring in the bath bomb. The gift box comes with a beautiful organza bag. This organza bag can be used to hold the bath bombs when they are put in your bath in order to hold the natural elements of the bath bomb, such as the petals, from floating in your bath if desired. That way you can receive the benefits of the other ingredients without having to clean up the non-dissolvable parts of the bath bomb.

Each bath bomb has its own flavor. Each flavor offers a different aroma to spark romance, rejuvenate your mind, or sooth your body. The yellow bath bomb is vanilla flavored. It is made with tea leaves and promotes a soothing feeling when using this bath bomb. The orange bath bomb is chamomile flavored. The chamomile flavor is made with calendula and helps promote relaxation. A light blue bath bomb is fresh mint flavored, and made with peppermint leaves. This bath bomb refreshes the body. The light green bath bomb is green tea flavored. It is made with jasmine and helps revive a person. The pink bath bomb is rose flavored made with red rose and helps promote romance. The purple bath bomb is lavender flavored and is made with purple lavender and will help restore. The white bath bomb is flavored with the scents of the ocean and made with Limonium sinuatum and helps to rejuvenate. The bath bombs have strong, relaxing scents. They are wrapped individually to preserve their scents and quality.

The natural materials do more than just let off soothing aromas. They also contain Shea butter and dead sea salt. This combination creates a material that is both relaxing and highly moisturizing. This will soften your skin. The bath bombs are also reinforced with vitamin E, with is another antioxidant as well as a moisturizer.


  • The bath bombs are made from the all-natural material.
  • The bath bombs each have their own unique flavor.
  • They come in beautiful gift wrapping.


  • Because they are organic and made from natural material, they do not smell as strongly as synthetic scents.

17. Da Vinci Code Mini Cryptex by MUCHENGGIFT

Da Vinci Code Mini Cryptex by MUCHENGGIFT

Giving gifts and romantic notes is a tradition on Valentine’s Day, but the method of presenting these notes is up to interpretation. This year, you can give a unique spin on an otherwise regular presentation of gifts. This mini cryptex is both fun and challenging. It is specifically geared towards the more nerdy females who love shows like Lord of the Rings, but is neutral enough to be fun for all women who enjoy a bit of a challenge.

This cryptex measures about 14 cm long and 2.5 cm in diameter. It is a cylinder shape and can hold small items inside. The box is made from a sturdy, heavy metal. It has a bronze color with an antiqued look. This makes the cryptex appear antique and adds to the mystery of the box.

The box is relatively simple to open. There are six rows of letters that can be rotated to form a password. The password row is clearly marked with large arrows. The default password is “Iloveu,” but this password can be changed to whatever word is unique to your relationship to give your loved one a challenge. Once the letters line up to form the words, the center compartment will slide right out. This center compartment has foam with an area for two rings to be placed. The foam stuffing can be removed and the interior can be replaced with whatever gifts or notes you desire.

While this box is first and foremost a cryptex for giving fun and mysterious notes as well as gifts, it does come with its own free gift. When you first receive the cryptex, you can enter the default password and open it up. In the foam cushion will be two rings. These are costume jewelry rings that are patterned off of the classic film, Lord of the Rings. There is one silver ring and one gold ring. Each has an elfish inscription from the films. While this is a fun gift if you and your significant other enjoy the films, this is not meant to be the actual gift given in the box. This is a free, fun item for you to keep. The box is meant to be filled with your own items, then the password reset to your own word. Detailed instructions are included for how to reset the password.


  • This gift adds a fun twist to a classic Valentine’s gift exchange.
  • The box is made from a good-quality metal.
  • You can add whatever small gift you would like inside the box.
  • The password can be changed.


  • There are ways around solving the lock box, where you can dismantle it on your own.

18. Blue Crystal Music Box by Scents of the World


Sometimes the words you would like to say most to your loved one have already been spoken by others, and you can express yourself the best by playing the songs of the other romantics who know just how to express those feelings you want to share. This is the wonder of a music box. It is not just a gift of music, but also the feelings and emotions of the author of the song. You can use the talents of musicians to help better express your own feelings, or use it to help back what you have already said. Along with a beautiful song, this music box itself is stunning and high-quality to the point of being able to become an heirloom and keepsake.

This music box is a Japanese Sankyo music movement. It is an 18-note windup music box with the capabilities of playing up to 3 minutes with one wind. It plays the tune of “Can’t Help Falling in Love.” The lyrics of the song are written on the box of the music box in order that the recipient will know the deep meaning behind the beautiful notes drifting from their box.

The music box itself is a gorgeous blue heart with two roses placed delicately on top. It is handmade from a high-quality k9 blue crystal that emulates blue sapphire in appearance. The heart has been carved out with 5 layers of cuts. The entire music box is just made from one solid piece of blue crystal. Due to it being a real crystal, the color will not fade, nor can it be scratched off. It will keep its high-quality appearance its entire lifetime.

The word “Love” is engraved in the corner of the heart. The roses on top are made from the same dark blue crystal with golden stems and leaves. The music mechanisms are placed inside the crystal with a turning mechanism on the bottom. The entire music box is about 5 inches by 4.8 inches by 2.5 inches. It weighs 1.1 pounds.


  • This is a beautiful music box with intricate detail and real materials.
  • The music box is made from one solid crystal, so it is less likely to fall apart.
  • The lyrics of the song are written on the box.


  • This is a quite highly priced item for what it is.
  • While it is beautiful, it is not a practical gift for daily use.

19. O.RIYA Valentines Day Gifts Jewelry Custom Cuff Bracelet

O.RIYA Valentines Day Gifts Jewelry Custom Cuff Bracelet

If you are thinking about getting your special someone some jewelry for Valentine’s Day, don’t feel like you need to limit yourself to a necklace. There are so many other fine pieces of jewelry that women will love, such as this unique and personal bracelet by O. RIYA.

This bracelet is not made out of expensive material, it is simply made, but it sends a beautiful message. This bracelet will make an excellent addition to any gift by adding a little romance to what would normally just be a regular gift.

The bracelet measures 6 inches by 5/8 inch. It is an adjustable bracelet which helps it fit nearly all wrists to the precise size. The bracelet is made from a solid silver-colored stainless steel. It wraps around the wrist with a gab for putting the bracelet on and adjusting it for sizing.

There are two engravings on this bracelet. The outside of the bracelet says “You will forever be my always” followed by a heart. Both edges of the bracelet have a small design. One side has a double heart while the other has an infinity sign. Inside the bracelet is the saying “Let’s grow old together” followed by a heart. The words are hand-stamped letter by letter.


  • This is an affordable add-on gift to turn any other gift into a romantic offering.
  • It is adjustable to fit all sizes.


  • This is a cheaper quality bracelet.

20. Willow Tree Hand-Painted Sculpted Figure, Promise

Willow Tree Hand-Painted Sculpted Figure, Promise

People have been collecting figurines for decades. More recently, Willow Tree has become increasingly more popular due to their beautifully crafted figurines for all occasions. This specific figurine is perfect for demonstrating your love for that special someone this Valentine’s Day.

Willow Tree figurines have a very personal touch due to their appearance of being handmade. Susan Lordi is the original artist, and has been making these figurines since 1999. She has hand-carved each figurine. The figurines are then cast, and duplicates are made from the original cast of her hand-carving. This is how she is able to produce each figurine to look handmade.

This particular figurine is called “Promise.” It is a romantically themed figurine. It depicts a couple embracing in what looks to be a close, slow dance or hug. The female has a long white dress while the male has a white top and brown pants. Both figures have brown hair. This romantic embrace is symbolic of an everlasting bond. The enclosure card expresses the theme of the figurine further through its simple phrase “Hold dear the promise of love.”

The figurine measures 9 inches tall. It is hand-painted and made from wood resin. It is then beautifully packaged in a box that makes it ready to be given as a gift. There is the extra option of paying a little extra for personalization. The personalization includes a stand with a name and date underneath, making it an ideal gift for a married couple.


  • The gift can be personalized.
  • It helps express some romantic feelings.
  • It is handmade.


  • It is a more expensive figurine.
  • Figurines are not as practical of a gift.

21. LA JOLIE MUSE White Tea Scented Candles

LA JOLIE MUSE White Tea Scented Candles

While chocolates and flowers are the main ssymbols of Valentine’s Day, a subtle second symbol has always been candlelight. Candles have a very romantic connotation. There is something about that warm glow that brings people together and promotes a closeness that an otherwise well-lit room would not allow.  You can now gift these feelings to your significant other in a candle that not only provides that romantic light, but also diffuses a relaxing scent to both rejuvenate her and remind her of this Valentine’s Day each time she smells those familiar notes of perfume.

The candle comes in a beautiful packaging and tin. It has a light and elegant hummingbird design, using pinks and mint greens in the patterns. The box is mint green with a hummingbird flying amongst a pink tree. Inside this beautiful gift box is the candle. The candle is in a tin with the same design. The tin has a lid that will keep dust out of the candle when it is not in use. In this way, it will look beautiful as a decorative piece, as well as function as a regular candle.

Inside the tin is the aromatic candle. The candle is 14 ounces. It contains two wicks to help the candle burn evenly. The candle has a sweet white tea scent to give off a wonderful aromatherapy smell around your home. The white tea is mixed with hints of grapefruit, peach, pineapple, jasmine, and more natural and soothing scents from nature.

The candle itself is made from natural wax that is biodegradable and eco-friendly so you do not need to worry about dangerous toxins seeping into your air. The natural wax also helps the candle burn slower so that it will last even longer and burn more evenly.


  • This candle is made from natural wax for a cleaner burn.
  • It comes in beautiful packaging.
  • The outside tin is decorative enough to set around the house.
  • The candle has a lid to protect it from dust.


  • The tin is a little cheap looking by some standards.
  • There is only one design option for this scent.

22. Barnett’s Gourmet Chocolate Biscotti Gift Basket

Barnett’s Gourmet Chocolate Biscotti Gift Basket

When in doubt as to what to get your special girl for Valentine’s Day, you can always gift her chocolate. Nearly all girls love chocolate, and it is an item that is always needed. Unlike mugs or blankets that once gifted, you probably do not need to gift again, chocolate can be given year after year and still be wanted the next year. It is one gift that most women will never tire of receiving. Instead of picking up the typical chocolate from your local supermarket, try switching things up this year with this beautiful and delicious box of chocolate biscotti for a unique twist on a traditional gift.

One of the main fears when buying chocolate is wondering if the recipient will like the flavor. This can lead to many gift-buyers wanting to move to the side of caution and go with more traditional and classic flavors than venture into some of the unknown worlds of chocolates. This box will take the guesswork out of flavor choosing. Instead of one flavor, this is a sampler box. there are six different chocolate biscotti flavors included in this pack. Each flavor has a total of two biscotti, making a grand total of twelve biscotti in the box.

Another benefit of these biscotti over some of the sample chocolate boxes you can find is that these biscotti clearly mark what their flavor is. Each biscotti has a specific topping that indicates what that biscotti’s flavoring will be. The toppings include candied almonds, caramel chip, craisins, peppermint, cookie, and coconut crunch.

The biscotti are all hand-crafted with top quality ingredients. The ingredients are all natural ingredients. The biscotti are free from additives, preservatives and trans-fat. They are baked fresh with ingredients you can trust for a delightful treat for your palette.


  • There are multiple different flavors included in the pack.
  • The favors are clearly identified through their toppings.
  • The ingredients are all natural.


  • They are more expensive for only receiving a few biscotti in a box.

23. WESTONETEK Heart Shaped Vintage Wood Carved Mechanism Musical Box Wind Up Music Box

WESTONETEK Heart Shaped Vintage Wood Carved Mechanism Musical Box Wind Up Music Box

The previous music box was very high-quality and had a price tag to match it. For those who would still like to gift a music box, without the extra price tag, here is a small gift that works well as a nice add-on item this Valentine’s Day.

The music box is a wooden music box. It is made from high-quality materials and built to last. The inside mechanics are made of metal. It measures 4.1 inches by 3.9 inches by 1.9 inches. It is carved into the shape of a heart. The top of the heart opens up so that you can watch the music box inside. You can also leave the lid closed and watched as the lid is carved in an intricate pattern that leaves gaps for the viewer to see inside.

The inside of the box contains the musical parts. It has an 18 note rhythm. There are five different songs to choose from, each music box only plays one song. The five songs that can be purchased are Canon in D, Castles in the Sky, For Elise, Happy Birthday, and Jingle Bells. The last two are occasion specific and would probably not make the most ideal Valentine’s Day gift. The first three are beautiful classics that have always been associated with romance and love in films and other areas of pop culture. The winding mechanism is located on the bottom of the box.


  • This is a small gift that can easily be stored.
  • It is not overly expensive, so it would work well as an add-on gift.
  • There are various song options available.
  • You are able to open the music box to watch it play.


  • This is a cheaper music box that will not last as long as others.
  • This is not a practical gift.

24. Gift Baskets for Women, Green Canyon Spa Gift Set for Her

Gift Baskets for Women, Green Canyon Spa Gift Set for Her

You get to pamper your loved one on Valentine’s Day, now is also a great time to gift her a way to continue pampering herself the next few weeks as well. The bath bombs mentioned earlier are one great gift, but you could also take it a step further and gift her this entire spa gift basket set by Green Canyon Spa. A gift that would go very nicely along with this gift basket would be an actual gift card to a local spa so that she can pamper herself both at home and at the spa.

There are three different styles and scents from Green Canyon Spa. The first is Cherry Blossom. This scent is becoming increasingly more popular, especially among many of the younger generations. This spa set is pink themed and comes beautifully packaged in a pink tote. The second is the vanilla. This is a sweet classic that is very soothing. To keep with this classic feel, the spa set is decorated with tan undertones and packaged in an all-natural wooden basket crate. The last is the well-loved lavender scent. This scent has stood the test of time and has become a staple in many bathrooms. This set comes in a modern, sleek tin.

The lavender and the vanilla scents both have the same items in their gift basket. This includes a set of shower gel and bubble bath. In addition, there is a small back of bath salts. A body mist will help you continue smelling as delicious as your soaps the rest of the day. A body lotion and body butter will help to moisturize and rejuvenate your skin. Last, but not least, there is a beautiful flower bath pouf that is as soft as it is attractive so that you can help scrub yourself even cleaner. The lavender has the same ideas with a few extras. They also add a hand soap, body scrub, and bath bomb.

All the soaps are made from natural ingredients that moisturize the skin and rejuvenate you. The ingredients include such natural materials such as sunflower seed oil and vitamin E. This helps to keep your skin moisturized and soften your skin. Each collection is scented with essential oils that leave your skin feeling and smelling fresh.


  • There are multiple different scents to choose from.
  • There are different items in the gift basket.
  • The ingredients are natural.


  • The smell is not very strong.

25. Disney Dreams Collection Thomas Kinkade Studios Coloring Book

Disney Dreams Collection Thomas Kinkade Studios Coloring Book

Thomas Kinkade is very well known for his beautiful artwork, including his renditions of classic Disney films into beautiful paintings. Many girls who grew up watching the classic Disney princess movies went on to collect Thomas Kinkade’s puzzles that depict those beloved classic fairytale scenes in a more mature, and elegant way. He built bridges between the simple artwork in the films known in our childhood to more mature renditions to be used in our homes as adults. Now you can allow your special woman in your life relive her childhood memories of princesses and fairytales this Valentine’s Day by gifting her this coloring book so that she can color pictures just like Thomas Kinkade.

The coloring book measures 7.2 inches by 9.5 inches and has 128 pages total. There are sixty-three drawings in this coloring book. Each drawing is an original drawing by Thomas Kinkade from his Disney Dreams Collection. The paintings feature Disney favorites such as Cinderella, Jungle Book, Lady and the Tramp, Sleeping Beauty, and Snow White. On each page, there are two drawings. On one side is the full-color drawing by Thomas Kinkade, on the other side is a black and white line drawing for you to fill in yourself either following his own color scheme, or putting your own unique twist on his classics.


  • This book has both the originals and pages to color.
  • All of the most favorite Disney Dreams Collection pictures are included.


  • The paper is thin enough for colors to bleed through onto the original Kinkade paintings on the other side.
  • The book is smaller than regular adult coloring books, making it difficult to fill in small spaces.

26. ROQ Silicone Wedding Ring for Women

ROQ Silicone Wedding Ring for Women

While getting jewelry for Valentine’s Day may make you think of stunning necklaces or sparkling earrings, here is a unique and practical jewelry option for those who are married and have been celebrating Valentine’s Day for years. You can gift your spouse a set of silicone wedding rings.

On every couple’s wedding day, they present each other with rings. These rings are usually made from silver, gold, or white gold. While the rings are beautiful, they sometimes are not very practical. There are many occasions where wearing those precious wedding, or even engagement and promise rings, would jeopardize the ring itself. The problem that arises is that many women will still wear their rings due in part because of the sentimentality and secondly due to not wanting to go without any rings.

Silicone rings are a great alternative. They are very affordable, so there is no fear of ruining them or losing them. They are also made of silicone, which can handle tough situations such as athletic activities, swimming, and manual labor. They also work well for women who are pregnant or have other medical conditions that may prevent them from wearing their regular rings.

By presenting the rings on Valentine’s Day, you then tie them to a romantic gesture. This way, your significant other will not feel as bad when they have to trade their beloved wedding ring for the silicone ring as they are both gestures of love from their loved one.

When searching silicone rings, most women find bulky and childish options that make them want to shy away from the option. What ROQ has created are beautiful sets that manage to still hold some elegance even though they are made from silicone. Each set includes a collection of colors ranging from light pinks and blues to neutral grays, blacks, and gold. The rings themselves are very thin, resembling the same size as a regular wedding ring instead of the common bulk of other silicon rings. There are also different textures from smooth to bumpy to even some that have added sparkle to the silicon. Each ring can be worn on its own, or paired with other colors in the pack to make a unique styled ring.

The silicone is medical grade silicone. It is also hypoallergenic. The width of each ring is 2.5 mm. They have a lifetime warranty backing their high quality. The rings can be ordered to size. They follow the regular sizing of other rings, so whatever size of wedding ring your significant other wears is what should be ordered.


  • They are made from high-quality, medical grade silicone
  • There are multiple colors in each pack.
  • This is a practical gift.


  • Not all women may find this the most romantic gift for Valentine’s Day.

27. 3D Printing Moon lamp for Home by HGhomeart

The phrase “I love you to the moon and back” is used by many couples to express just how deeply they care for each other. If this is a phrase you have used with your own special someone then this gift would be perfect for your relationship. It is a visual representation of that phrase that will remind her every night of how deep your love runs. It is a nightlight shaped like a moon created by HGhomeart.

This lamp is very small measuring just 3.94 inches. It sits neatly on top of wooden stands. It can sit on a nightstand or a shelf. The moon is a beautiful depiction of the moon seen each night. It uses 3D printing to create a similar texture. The moon is rechargeable using a USB cable. It can take up to 3 hours to fully charge the moon. When fully charged, the moon will last 8-12 hours depending on how bright the settings are. It uses one lithium ion battery.

You can choose whether you would like the moon to glow white or yellow, depending on the mood you are setting. the brightness can also be adjusted to better suit each occasion. It works well to help set the moon in a room, or simply add a comforting glow while you sleep with a constant reminder of their loved one staring up at the same moon in the sky.


  • This is a romantic themed gift.
  • The brightness can be adjusted.
  • It has a long run time that can last all night long with one charge.


  • It is a very small-sized moon.
  • This is a cheaper gift and can break easier.