What are the cheapest NBN gaming plans?

So you’ve bought the newest gaming system, or you’ve relocated to a new location, and you’re curious about gaming over the internet. However, before you sign up for the cheapest internet plan in Australia, it’s a good idea to do your homework.

If you’re going to play online, you’ll need a fast connection with low latency. Furthermore, downloading and installing the newest game may be a gigabyte-consuming operation, and upgrades are sometimes in the 40Gigabyte range!

It’s vital to have the proper speed level and a large data allotment, but it’s more than simply a speedy connection that may make or break a gameplay experience. Continue reading to learn what to look for when it comes to the cheapest internet plans in Australia for gaming.

NBN Plans for gaming  

  • Aussie Broadband NBN plans
  • Optus NBN Plans
  • Telstra’s NBN plans

Aussie Broadband NBN plans in Australia

Aussie Broadband is one of the carriers that tailors its package to the gaming audience. The Telco has optimized its NBN services to provide consumers with quicker gaming and reduced delay and real-time statistics on CVC capacity and ping times. For data speeds and overall enhanced dependability, Aussie Broadband provides international transit lines to key gaming locations such as the United States and direct local connectivity to Twitch and Steam.

From NBN 12 onwards, Aussie Broadband provides a variety of plans, including various super-fast choices with speeds of up to 250Mbps or 1000Mbps. Extra-fast NBN is accessible by creating a bespoke Aussie Broadband plan: unlimited data on the 250Mbps speed level costs $129 per month, and unlimited NBN 1000 costs $149. These plans are not accessible to everyone; you must have a Fiber to the Premises or chosen Hybrid Fiber Coaxial connection to be eligible.

Telstra’s NBN plans are geared toward gaming

If you’re a gamer, Telstra’s NBN offerings are worth looking into. Telstra is one of Australia’s fastest Telco’s, with NBN 25, 50, and 100 available at average nighttime rates of 25Mbps, 50Mbps, and 100Mbps. Furthermore, Telstra has launched a program known as the ‘Game Optimizer,’ designed to boost your gaming experience at the network level. The tool has been in beta for a while with a small group of clients.

The Game Optimizer is a PC application that prioritizes gaming traffic on your local internet access and gives you the greatest Internet servers for gaming, essentially giving you an advantage.

Optus NBN plan for gaming

Internet Gamer plans from Optus are now unavailable. Customers may still join up for a normal Optus NBN service and pay an extra $10 per month for Game Path.

Customers looking for a good gaming connection may be happy with what Optus has to offer. Game Path is an Optus service that improves online gaming by directing data through optimal servers. According to Optus, this technique can minimize latency by 30%. This tool costs $10 per month in addition to an existing Optus NBN subscription.

The Internet Gamer plan, available with NBN 50 speeds for $79 per month or upgrade to NBN 100 speeds for an extra $20 per month, is also available through Optus. These plans come with limitless internet and a variety of options to help you get the most out of your at-home gaming performance.