Where to Print Shirts in Smaller Quantities

Different printers offer different services and work with different quantities. While some will offer smaller quantities as well as bulk quantities, some will offer one or the other, or somewhere in between! When you are looking at where to print shirts in Singapore part of what you need to look at is whether they offer larger runs, mid-range or smaller and then compare other aspects to decide which one is best for you. Do you need a range of colors, is it a photo you want to look high quality? Are you looking for design help? Do you want to choose from images and fonts or design your own? Depending on what your needs are affects the printing service you will want to use.

Looking for the right service

With so many businesses out their offering printing services, it can make it harder to find the right one. There can be a lot of differences between them, not just in the quantity they handle but also in things like quality, other services and pricing too. As well as looking for someone with a few years of experience here are some more things to consider.

What comes first, price or service?

When you are looking at where to print shirts it is tempting to just look at pricing and go with the cheapest one, saves you money right? But it is actually much wiser to look at service first. Find some companies that offer the kind of printing you need, the quality you want, the quantity you want and the experience you want. You should also look for a business that makes you feel valued as a customer no matter what your order or how often you use them. When when you have several options in mind you can compare prices.

Is location something important?

You do not have to have a printer that is local to you. If there is one that meets all your needs that is great but nowadays you have printers all over the place and online, so location is less important. Just keep in mind the further away your printer, the longer the shipping might take and the harder things get if there are issues with quality and you need to return or something.

Understanding on-demand printing

The great thing about some of the recent developments in printing is the new technology which means on-demand printing is a lot easier now. You can have a more specific number in mind for what you want in print and they can meet that. There are some that have specific bulk numbers they expect you to order and this can mean you are left with materials after when you do not use everything you ordered. A waste of money, materials, and storage. When looking at where to print shirt in Singapore you can avoid waste and save money over time by ordering on-demand or smaller quantities.

You need a printer who has an eye for detail

Another important factor in where to print shirts is to find people that have a great eye for detail. From getting the numbers right to the colors to the right t-shirts and more you want everything just right.