Children’s St. Patrick’s Day Party

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day by having a fun and crafty party for your kids.

Start with a shamrock invitation like this one from PaperStyle.


You can also have your children help make the invitations using heavy card stock.  Cut out a shamrock and decorate it using green glitter.

For decorations, of course everything needs to be green.  Hang shamrocks from the ceiling and in doorways like these from Skip To My Lou.


Decorate your table with a green table cloth and Irish flags and Irish Blarney Stones96_1424

For a centerpiece, fill a big black cauldron with gold coins with a Leprechaun beside it.

For food, there are a lot of green foods that you can serve:  Green chips with guacamole, Shamrock sugar cookies, Shamrock Toasties, Lucky Charms,Clover shaped sandwiches and green vegetables like cucumbers, celery and pickles.

shamrock-sugar-cookies shamrock-toasties-photo-180-ff0309efa12

Let the kids make their own Lime Sherbet Frosties with this recipe:

Take 2 scoops of lime sherbet and put it in a glass. Pour Sprite or 7up over the sherbet until it gets fizzy.  Top it off with whip cream and green colored sugar or sprinkles.

For activities, play Leprechauns Gold.  It is a tradition that a leprechaun will give you a gold bag if you ask for it.  Have all the children stand in a circle and one child becomes “Paddy” and stands in the middle of the circle.  While some music play, the children standing in the circle pass a bag of “gold coins” behind their backs.  When the music stop, “Paddy” had to point to the child that he believes has the bag.  If he is correct, then “Paddy” and the other child switch places and the game continues.  If he is incorrect, they they remain in the middle and try again.

You can also have a craft table set up to make different shamrock crafts like this one from Martha Stewart.


A great green party favor to send home with your guests is Green Butter Popcorn.


Hope you and your little Leprechauns enjoy this great Irish holiday and may the luck of the Irish be with you!


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