Check Out These Cool Cake Designs for Nature Lovers!

a cake decorated with berries and flowers on a table

Today’s cakes are much more than delectable desserts, thanks to a talented group of bakers. These modern confections are as aesthetically fascinating as they are tasty, with designs premised on everything from flowers to wintry landscapes, as evidenced by this collection of nature-inspired cakes. With these cool cake designs for nature lovers, … Read more

Check Out These Cool Cake Designs for Car Lovers!

a 3D Red car cake

Cars are a popular theme for both adult and children’s parties. You can use it at any party, not just birthdays, and you could use it at weddings, club events, or anywhere a special interest is highlighted. Do you have a teen who recently obtained their driver’s license? Are they receiving a … Read more

Check Out These Cool Cake Designs for DC Fans!

a two-tier Superman themed cake with a Superman topper

Getting traditional buttercream cakes for every special occasion, such as an anniversary or birthday, may appear rather boring. But, thanks to the cake revolutions that occur regularly in the industry, we can enjoy some out-of-the-box and exotic cakes. Currently, the cake that is most likely on everyone’s mind is a superhero cake. … Read more

Check Out These Cool Cake Designs for Marvel Fans!

three-tier Spiderman-themed cake

If the first notes of the Marvel Intro make your heart race, you’re undoubtedly a fan. We understand that nothing means more to Avengers fans than seeing their favorite superheroes race past the silver screen. So, what better way to pique a Marvel fan’s interest than with a Marvel-themed cake? Eating desserts … Read more

Ideas for Pet Birthday Parties


Every dog owner remembers a special day when his cute, little, furry pooch friend was born or adopted into the family. Why not consider holding a birthday party for your dog? This will surely bring out your playful side and boost everybody’s mood! If you’re looking for ways on how you can … Read more

5 Beverages Coolers for Any Outdoor Party


A summer party is incomplete without refreshing drinks and chillers. And drinks and chillers of course need to be chilled properly. In case you have an outdoor party, you can beat the heat by investing in a solid beverage cooler. You will find here a guide to how to pick a cooler … Read more

Fall Pumpkin Carving Party


Fall is my happy place! And while I love almost everything about this season, I do not like carving pumpkins!!!  Can y’all relate?  I have four kids, so by the time we are done with our pumpkins the garage and this mom are one hot mess! This year, because I had a … Read more

Why eating dessert is the perfect ending to a meal

Why eating dessert is the perfect ending to a meal

Be it a sumptuous selection of donuts or some deliciously fresh ice cream, we all need a sweet treat from time to time. In fact, despite the world becoming more aware of what we should and shouldn’t put into our bodies, there are still millions of people on the planet who can’t … Read more

What You Need to Throw a 90s-Themed Party


The 90s was a unique and magical time, especially for those who experienced their childhood in that decade. Most millennials have enjoyed their fair share of parties from that era, so it’s not surprising if they want to revisit all the fun in this millennium as well. A 90s-themed party can be … Read more

Birthday Party Games


Check out these fun, silly, engaging and great birthday party games. Keep the party going and everyone entertained and having a great time!

Ideas for Throwing a Boat Themed Party


Boat-themed parties are a lot of fun to throw. Invite your guests to a day at sea (or pretend you’re near the sea) with a nautical flair. It’s a great theme for both children and adults of all gender. The best way to throw this party is in areas near water, lakes, … Read more

Creative Ideas for Cake Toppers

Creative Ideas for Cake Toppers

The wedding cake is the centerpiece of your wedding reception, therefore, it’s important to decorate it with a personal touch. One of the best cake decorations today are cake toppers. Aside from giving style to your wedding cake, they can also be kept as a remembrance for the years to come. Wedding … Read more