Ideas for Throwing a Rainbow Themed Party

A rainbow-colored balloon arch

A rainbow party is probably one of the most popular, timeless, and cheerful party themes. This colorful theme is ideal for all ages, and its unisex design makes it easy to adapt at any party and to recreate at home. Here’s a solid list of ideas for throwing a rainbow party: Decorations … Read more

French apéro, apéro, party, French apéro party

A cheese plate and glass of drinks

When it comes to pre-dinner drinks, the French got it right. Unlike the traditional American happy hour that has cheap beer, fried foods, and bottom-shelf liquor, the French apéro offers sophisticated sippers and some thoughtfully curated snacks that are perfect for transitioning to dinnertime. What is French Apéro? Apéro is not exactly … Read more

Guide to Different Pastries Served at Parties

Croissant bakery on white wooden table

Want to try baking? Been asked to bring some dessert to a dinner party? Planning a party for the holidays?  Brush up on your knowledge of pastries for the perfect treat. While pastries are always a part of baker’s offerings, they don’t always have to be sweet. In fact, pastries come in … Read more

Guide to Serving Coffee at Parties

Coffee shop's parent-child leisure time

Making coffee for yourself in the morning is pretty simple. You may finish preparing a cup without even thinking because it’s already a muscle memory. But serving coffee at parties? That’s another story. If you like to share your love for coffee, you’re probably looking for a way to serve it at … Read more

Style Your Custom Shirts for Day and Formal Wear

Style Your Custom Shirts for Day and Formal Wear

Everyone values individuality, and one of the easiest ways to be outstanding in both casual and formal settings is with custom shirts, while still remaining in keeping with corporate culture. Usually, when we speak of custom shirts, we refer to men’s wear because women usually wear blouses, but they can design their … Read more

Ultimate Guide to Party Foods

Food buffet catering

Food is a major component of any party. Whether you’re planning an intimate get-together or a large party for a crowd, your party will suck if you leave the guests hungry. We all know a thing or two about food, but if you’re not much of a host, you probably wonder about … Read more

Ideas for Throwing an Angelina Ballerina Party

The logo for Angelina Ballerina show

Angelina Ballerina is a little mouse who hopes to become a prima ballerina. This character is based on the books by Katharine Holabird and Helen Craig, and it became popular as a TV series for children. Girls who watch this show may like it so much that they are inspired to be … Read more

TOP 5 Best Gifts For A Student Day

TOP 5 Best Gifts For A Student Day

Students are sentimental. What may pass as a meaningless gift to you will be cherished for life. Interestingly, students are not looking for the most expensive gifts. For most of them and during all occasions, it is the thought that counts. You are likely to spend the entire day or weekend looking … Read more

Tips for Organizing an Awesome Gamer Party

retro gamer party with vintage video game consoles

There are many kinds of parties that you can organize and invite your friends and loved ones to, but one of the most fun types of parties is the gamer party, wherein you and the invitees can enjoy playing video games and competing as to who will be crowned as the best … Read more