Check Out These Cool Cake Designs for Nature Lovers!

a cake decorated with berries and flowers on a table

Today’s cakes are much more than delectable desserts, thanks to a talented group of bakers. These modern confections are as aesthetically fascinating as they are tasty, with designs premised on everything from flowers to wintry landscapes, as evidenced by this …

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Check Out These Cool Cake Designs for DC Fans!

a two-tier Superman themed cake with a Superman topper

Getting traditional buttercream cakes for every special occasion, such as an anniversary or birthday, may appear rather boring. But, thanks to the cake revolutions that occur regularly in the industry, we can enjoy some out-of-the-box and exotic cakes. Currently, the …

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Ideas for Pet Birthday Parties

Funny cute puppy dog border collie wearing birthday silly hat isolated on white background

Every family who has ever welcomed a new furry addition into their home will never forget the day their dog or cat was born or adopted. If your dog or cat has a birthday, why not celebrate it with a …

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Fall Pumpkin Carving Party


Fall is my happy place! And while I love almost everything about this season, I do not like carving pumpkins!!!  Can y’all relate?  I have four kids, so by the time we are done with our pumpkins the garage and …

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