167 Funny Birthday Wishes

Funny Birthday Wishes

  Birthday greetings don’t always have to be too serious. Sometimes, funny wishes make the birthday celebration more fun and memorable. Whether you want to greet a family member, your friends or your special someone, a funny birthday message makes it more personal. You don’t have to be a professional stand-up comedian … Read more

111 Happy Birthday Wishes for Your Niece

Happy Birthday Wishes for Your Niece

Nothing like having a beautiful and charming niece to brighten up your day! Aunts and uncles love to hang out with their nieces.  On her birthday, make the celebration extra special by writing her a sweet birthday wish. Let your niece know she is loved by you and that whatever happens, you … Read more

141 Happy Birthday Wishes for Brothers

Happy Birthday Wishes for Brothers

  Celebrating the birthday of your brother is something you must always take time to in spite of your busy schedule. Your brother is your protector, confidante, and your soulmate. It will make him happy once he finds out you prepared the most beautiful gift and birthday message for him. He may … Read more

96 Happy Birthday Wishes for Daughters

Happy Birthday Wishes for Daughters

  One of the most exciting and memorable events in a woman’s life is giving birth to a child. A child who came from her flesh and blood. A child made and formed because of love. If you really want to know what true love means, ask a mother or a father. … Read more

131 Happy Birthday Wishes for Sons

Happy Birthday Wishes for Sons

  Having a son is said to be the pride of a father because he will be the one carrying the father’s last name and his grandchildren. Although it doesn’t mean daughters are loved less, a son does have an even deeper connection with the father. To express their love towards their … Read more

99 Happy Birthday Wishes for Your Wife

Happy Birthday Wishes for Your Wife

  Birthdays always make us feel special and loved. We look forward to making the best and fun birthday parties for our loved ones because we know they deserve to feel special on this day. When it’s your significant other’s birthday, you do all that you can to give her the best … Read more

123 Happy Mother’s Day Wishes

Happy Mother's Day Wishes

  Mother’s Day is a wonderful day to honor our moms and let them know how much we appreciate them. Being a mother is a job that never ends. You cannot take time off, vacations, or sick days when you are a mom because your family will always need you. From needing … Read more

184 Wedding Wishes

wedding wishes

  Have you ever tried shopping for the prettiest wedding card in the store, brought it home, and realized you don’t even have any idea what to write in it? Or have you been asked by the newly married couple to step up on the stage to read your wedding wishes but … Read more

130 Happy Birthday Wishes for Sisters

Happy Birthday Wishes for Sisters

It’s your sister’s birthday today! We know you’re celebrating and thankful for having a sister who is not only your best friend but your soul mate as well. A sister is probably the closest person you have in your life right now and we know exactly why. Sisters are fun, understanding, affectionate, … Read more

124 Happy Birthday Wishes for Husband

Happy Birthday Wishes for Husband

  It might be a bit of a challenge to find the perfect gift for your husband, a thoughtful birthday message will surely be appreciated instead. You can write him birthday messages that are romantic, sometimes funny, but full of sincerity on his special day. It’s okay if you plan a bigger … Read more