Guide to Different Pastries Served at Parties

Croissant bakery on white wooden table

Want to try baking? Been asked to bring some dessert to a dinner party? Planning a party for the holidays?  Brush up on your knowledge of pastries for the perfect treat. While pastries are always a part of baker’s offerings, they don’t always have to be sweet. In fact, pastries come in … Read more

Guide to Serving Coffee at Parties

Coffee shop's parent-child leisure time

Making coffee for yourself in the morning is pretty simple. You may finish preparing a cup without even thinking because it’s already a muscle memory. But serving coffee at parties? That’s another story. If you like to share your love for coffee, you’re probably looking for a way to serve it at … Read more

Ultimate Guide to Party Foods

Food buffet catering

Food is a major component of any party. Whether you’re planning an intimate get-together or a large party for a crowd, your party will suck if you leave the guests hungry. We all know a thing or two about food, but if you’re not much of a host, you probably wonder about … Read more

Ideas for Serving Drinks at Your Party

Cocktails served at a party

While it’s essential to have sumptuous foods at your party, drinks are equally important as well. A party where the host only offers water is a sad party. Serve wine, cocktails, and other alcoholic drinks for the adults, and make sure you have punches, juices, and other non-alcoholic fares for kids and … Read more

Ideas for Serving Coffee and Donuts at Your Party

Donuts on a wall display for a party

Donuts are a wedding trend that’s here to stay. And even if you’re not celebrating a wedding, donuts make a fun and tasty addition to your food offerings. Serve it up with coffee, and you’ve got the perfect pair. Parties nowadays tend to serve these breakfast food offerings for parties because there … Read more

45 Ideas for Party Food and Treats

Food served on a party

Parties are a lot of fun when spent with family, friends, and all the significant people in your life. Whatever the occasion is, it’s a day to socialize and enjoy special and delicious treats and drinks. If you’re a seasoned host who has run out of new ideas or a newbie party … Read more

Quick and Easy Valentine Cookie

Quick and Easy Valentine Cookie-jpeg

Here is a quick and easy Valentine cookie that you can make in no time! Simply purchase the white fudge covered Oreos and decorate the tops with red and pink icing.  These could even be made into Lollipop cookies or displayed in a cookie arrangement with Valentine decor. Picture source

DIY Candy Favors

Rock candy wedding favors

It’s hard to find a party favor that guests crave more than candy. Whether it’s chocolates, gummies, dragees, taffy, caramels, or lollipops – you can’t go wrong with gifting your guests something sweet for their trip home. If you want to give sweets for your party favors, try out these great ideas … Read more