Check Out These Cool Cake Designs for Car Lovers!

Cars are a popular theme for both adult and children’s parties. You can use it at any party, not just birthdays, and you could use it at weddings, club events, or anywhere a special interest is highlighted.

Do you have a teen who recently obtained their driver’s license? Are they receiving a car for their birthday? Sweet 16? A cake-themed car is a perfect representation of their newfound mobility!

If your special celebrant enjoys cars or the film “Cars,” you can certainly make a car-themed cake for their event. Here are some amazing car cake designs for you to choose from. As you’ll see from these examples, numerous options are available; the possibilities are limitless and only limited by the imagination!

Cool Car Cakes for Car Enthusiasts

3D Car Cake

When you bring this one out at a party, nothing beats the “oh” factor! There are numerous options for 3D Car Cake pans, explore now, ranging from sports cars to classic cars and everything in between.

Lightning McQueen Track

Lightning McQueen’s racing track was his life, and any true car fan would love seeing the same attitude on a cake.

Cars on the Cake

There are numerous options available, including car cake toppers. Here are some ideas:

  • car candle holders
  • toy cars
  • paper checkered flags
  • a road across the cake with a car on top
  • candles shaped like cars
  • cupcakes, each with a little car on top
  • edible images of a car

You will likely find many of these items in a local dollar store or your child’s toy box.

“Cars” Theme Cake Pans


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“Cars” is a beloved film, and for a good reason! The story is easy to relate to, and the personification of cars is spot on, making the story appealing to both children and adults.

Even though the film franchise has been here for a while, it remains extremely popular! A “Cars” cake pan is a great option if you are planning a “Cars” party (or any party involving cars).

Speed-o-meter Cake

Get ready for a fantastic birthday bash with a speed-o-meter cake. The needle and the minutely piped numbers on the dial are realistically designed to look like a speedometer. Perfect for a surprise birthday cake for a racing enthusiast.

Transport Cake

Is your child obsessed with everything and anything that has wheels? Then this is the cake for your kid’s birthday celebration. A transport cake adorned with delicious frosting in bright colors is visually appealing and delicious.

Each tier depicts a different mode of transportation, such as cars, trains, and planes. This cake will delightfully make all of the children at your party squeal!

Monster Truck Cake

If you want to impress young monster truck fans, this chocolate “muddy” edition of a monster truck cake with a favorite Monster Jam truck (the Grave Digger, for example) at the finish line for the win is perfect! This is a fantastic birthday cake idea for girls and boys, including big kids who adore trucks!

Who’s Your Favorite Maker?


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If the celebrant is a car enthusiast, this cake design is for them! For example, if your brother enjoys classic cars, particularly Mercedes-Benzes, propose the idea of designing a cake to highlight one of his interests at the event!

A cake with your favorite automaker’s logo is a simple design to implement! And tasty free publicity for the car manufacturer!

Creating a “Cars” Cake

Check out this recipe if you wish to make your kid’s favorite car, Lightning Mcqueen, from the Disney film “Cars.”

You can use the Ultimate Chocolate Cake recipe for this cake, but you can also use your own or whatever recipe you have on hand. The instructions for this tutorial will be based on that recipe, but feel free to use whatever cake you prefer.

Double the chocolate cake recipe and bake in a 9″ X 13″ baking sheet pan. Bake one recipe in an 8″ square pan and the remainder in muffin cups. The cupcakes will serve as the car’s wheels.

Torte the larger sheet cake in half and fill it with the favored filling after it has baked and cooled. Position the 8″ square cake on one of the cake’s sides and carve the sheet cake’s contours to give it an aerodynamic appearance. Save your carvings and place them on the hood’s sides.

Cut the car’s front “windshield” part at an angle for the car’s roof. Cut the top of the roof at an angle and the sides that taper to the back. Save the scrap pieces and place them on the backside. If necessary, carve.

Press a 2″ round cutter on the sides of your cake where the wheels will be. Scoop out inside the circle with a small metal help spatula.

Crumb coat the cake with buttercream next. Place in the fridge to chill.

Cover your chilled cake with red-colored fondant and smooth it with your hands or a fondant smoother, as desired.

a 3D “Cars” cake

Shape Lightning Mcqueen’s mouth with a veining tool. Make the mouth’s contour first, then press inside with the tool.

The wheels are made of cupcakes crumb coated with buttercream and covered in black fondant. You might need to trim your cupcakes to match the size of the holes you prepared earlier. Cut a smaller round of red fondant for the “rims” of the wheel.

With a plain pastry tip, make some holes all around. Insert the wheels into the holes, using buttercream as needed. With white buttercream, spell out “Lightyear.”

Paint the “lightning” signs on the side of the car cake with yellow gel mixed with a bit of vodka or lemon essence. Make the numbers out of red fondant and paint them as well. Trace the contours of the numbers and lightning with black buttercream.

Cut out the headlights, eyes (windshield), and teeth from white fondant. Cut a round chunk of brown fondant and paint the label “Rust-eze” on the hood with the gel color mixture. The windows are also painted with black gel paste color.

Use a red fondant cut to fit the back end to make the spoiler. The fondant must be quite thick and slightly stiff to hold its shape. It might be best to let the bit dry overnight before affixing it.

If you still have the energy, you can go all out and create all the details in the back.