Creative Ideas for Cake Toppers

As the focal point of your wedding reception, the wedding cake should be decorated with a unique flair. Cake toppers are currently one of the best cake decorations. In addition to adding flair to your wedding cake, they can be preserved as a memento for future years.

Wedding cake toppers frequently match the couple’s personalities and the wedding’s theme. They also aid attendees in better understanding the concept of the wedding and the couple. Wedding cake toppers come in a variety of sizes and materials, as well as various types and styles. A traditional bride and groom figurine is frequently found on wedding cake toppers.

Modern cake toppers, however, can be anything the couple wants them to be. If your wedding is approaching and you want your wedding cake to be topped with creativity and originality, here are some inventive ideas for cake toppers you might want to try.

Rustic Wedding Cake Toppers

1. Deer Figurines

Rustic Wedding Cake, Deer Cake Topper

We adore this rustic cake topper idea: a pair of deer resting on the top tier if you’re having a woodland-themed wedding. The doe and buck figurines can be made to fit your wedding’s color scheme or painted a gorgeous shade of gold to add a touch of glitz.

2. Twig Initials

Top a straightforward, single-tier wedding cake with twig-made initials for the newlyweds. To create a rustic dessert display, put the wedding cake on a stand made from a wooden stump. To further accentuate the rustic wedding cake topper, place some fern branches, wild berries, or pine cones on the dessert table.

3. Pine Cone Couple

These cute pine cone cake toppers are appropriately attired for the event: the groom wears a handcrafted top hat and bowtie, and the bride wears a swatch of lace that is meant to imitate a bridal veil. They might make wonderful holiday decorations in the future to serve as a reminder of your wedding.

4. Mountain Silhouette

The ideal treat for a nature-loving couple celebrating a memorable outdoor wedding in the woods is a “naked” (a.k.a. partially-frosted) wedding cake decorated with fresh-cut figs, eucalyptus leaves, and a mountain-themed rustic cake topper with the slogan “Our greatest adventure begins.”

5. Squirrels Getting Married

How adorable are these squirrels perched on the top layer if you’re seeking for the ideal wedding cake topper to go with your rustic wedding theme? Burlap ribbon, twine, and a personalized pennant banner with the couple’s names are also used to decorate the straightforward, three-tiered cake, which can be filled with carrot cake and “death by chocolate” flavors.

Traditional Wedding Cake Toppers

1. Classic Monogram

Wedding Cake, Monogram Cake Topper

Each tier of a wedding cake may have a different flavor – lemon with crimson velvet, as an example. The couple’s initials can be engraved on a gold acrylic topper to finish it off. You can also look at the user-friendly generator tools that are readily available online if you want to design a special wedding monogram for your wedding stationery.

2. “Love” Stencil

Wedding cake, Love stencil

Use a “Love” topper, laser-cut in a festive font, to adorn your wedding cake. It would go in perfectly with a minimalist or traditional wedding theme because it is straightforward yet exquisite.

3. Intricate Crown

We adore the concept of using an old crown as the top of your own royal wedding cake if you’re searching for something formal and conventional. To make the crown stand out, keep the cake tiers’ buttercream icing decorations simple. The same regal theme might be used for party favors as well as table centerpieces.

4. Last Name

Use this provocative, laser-cut cake topper to declare your new status if you’ve decided to change your last name. How appetizing does these cake tiers will look?

Funny Wedding Cake Toppers

1. Dinosaur Figurines

These cheeky cake toppers will make your visitors smile! The exquisite cake adorned with olive leaves will be photographed by guests as they marvel at the little bride and groom dino miniatures. Ask your baker if they can make little dinosaur footprints in the frosting on the top layer for some extra chuckles.

2. Feature Man’s Best friend

Wedding Cake, Wedding Cake with Dog

Parents of furry children, take note: If you’re searching for a way to include your dog in the wedding, we think you’ll appreciate this concept. Add a personalized cake topper featuring your pet’s seal of approval on your wedding cake. A few paw prints in the frosting are usually a cute finishing touch.

3. Rollerblades

Love to skateboard? Get your cake decorator to make a personalized topper inspired by your favorite date activity, like this gilded, edible rollerblade, to celebrate your favorite thing to do together. Surfboards, a popcorn box (for the movies), or ski poles are some other amusing suggestions.

4. “Finally” Stencil

Perhaps getting married took the two of you some time. Use a humorous cake topper to commemorate your epic love journey and the fact that you both made it to the altar.

5. Gold Gorilla

This hilarious golden monkey perched atop this wedding cake has us going wild. Different animals might be a fantastic fit for your wedding, depending on where it is held. There have been a few weddings held at zoos that this concept would have been ideal for!

Modern Wedding Cake Toppers

1. Dried Fan Palm

Top your wedding cake with a sculptural dried fan palm if you want to create a more contemporary, desert-chic atmosphere for your nuptials. The style is especially perfect for a destination wedding held on a tropical beach. Put some hibiscus or plumeria on the dessert table.

2. Acrylic Shapes

Using acrylic, a newlywed couple created cake toppers that represented the desert in a contemporary manner. Other wedding locations that might serve as inspiration for a creative cake topper shape are a city skyline, winery, or rural farm.

3. “Love is love” Stencil

LGBT Wedding Cake, LGBT Cake Toppers

Make a statement by placing a cake topper that promotes wedding equality on a gorgeous cake that is, for example, covered with a rainbow of edible flowers. This can also be substituted by 2 groom or 2 bride figurines, because love is love.

Nerdy Wedding Cake Toppers

1. Batman Theme

Custom figurines of the two of you costumed as your favorite superheroes will complete your wedding dessert table. At your wedding, this concept is guaranteed to spark some conversation!

2. Super Mario and Princess Peach

Ask your cake designer to make a confection that is inspired by your favorite video game, complete with your favorite characters as the cake toppers, instead of the traditional all-white wedding cake.

3. Hardback Books

Two lovely and entirely edible hardcover volumes with the couple’s names on the cover would make the perfect wedding cake topper for a couple of bookworms.

4. Pixelated Image

This cake topper is ideal for a couple that enjoy playing video games. Hire a graphic designer to make some pixelated portraits of the bride and groom that you can use for menus, thank-you cards, and invites.

5. Lego Configuration

Wedding cake toppers, Lego cake topper

Lego bride and wedding figurines are the ideal cake topper for a young-at-heart couple. Don’t be afraid to create an altar as well, replete with flowers. You might also provide Lego kits to youngsters who are invited to your wedding so they can create their own scenes.


For wedding cakes, there are many unique cake toppers to choose from. In actuality, the bride and groom can design their own wedding cake today. We hope that these suggestions will enable you to create a more distinctive and artistic wedding cake.

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