Creative Ideas for Cake Toppers

The wedding cake is the centerpiece of your wedding reception, therefore, it’s important to decorate it with a personal touch. One of the best cake decorations today are cake toppers. Aside from giving style to your wedding cake, they can also be kept as a remembrance for the years to come.

Wedding cake toppers often jive with the personality of the couple as well as the wedding theme. They also help the guests understand the wedding’s theme and the couple better. There are different kinds and styles of wedding cake toppers and they come in different sizes, and materials. Traditional wedding cake toppers usually feature a classic bride and groom figurine. But today, modern cake toppers can be anything the couple imagines.

If you’re wedding’s coming up and you want your wedding cake to be topped with creativity and uniqueness, here are some creative ideas for cake toppers you might want to try.

Modern Figurines

The classic bride and groom figurines have been used too many times on wedding cakes, so if you want something new, try modern figurines which feature the bride and groom doing different activities such as sports, dancing, and other hobbies the couple love. It can also be figurines that match the bride and groom’s hair, wardrobe, race, and ethnicity.

Where to Buy
Humorous Figurines
Letter Monogram
Laser-Cut Sign
Classic Bunting Banner
Movie Themed Toppers

1. Humorous Figurines

Features the bride pulling the groom’s leg as he tries to crawl away. A silly twist on traditional wedding cake topper for your traditional wedding cake.

2. Letter Monogram

This graceful wedding cake topper proudly crafted and elegantly produced by Crystal Creations.

3. Laser-Cut Sign

Cake topper will keep the occasion eternal and makes a great keepsakes.

4. Classic Bunting Banner

If the couple are fans of a certain movie, character, or superhero, they can also use them as cake toppers. Cake toppers like these are usually seen on birthday cakes. But today, they are also being used on wedding cakes.

5. Movie Themed Toppers

Mr and Mrs Batman Wedding Cake Topper (The Dark Knight) – Custom Cake Toppers from Bakell.

6. Flowers

The 48 edible Flowers are 1.89?-2.26?,mixed size and mixed colors. Color of flower as the picture.It is made by edible rice paper which is made by starch.

7. Animals

Unique Wedding Cake topper!! Set includes 1 Penguin Groom and 1 Penguin Bride, he wears a bow tie and she wears a flower!! Perfect for wedding cake or bridal party cake!

There are indeed lots of creative designs of cake toppers for wedding cakes. In fact, wedding cakes today can be designed however the bride and groom wants. We hope these ideas will help you make your wedding cake look more unique and creative.