20 Ideas for a Destination Birthday Party for Kids

Trying to plan for a kid’s birthday party locations outside of your home to host your next birthday party can be time-consuming and stressful. Do you wish this year’s birthday celebration (and mess) wasn’t at your house? Check out these 20 kid-friendly destination birthday party ideas.

The Bowling Alley

Bowling partygoers will pick up brightly colored lightweight balls and proceed to designated lanes. You should also inform the location whether you want ramps and bumpers to make the event easier for younger children. Most bowling alleys also serve drinks and pizza, and for an additional fee, you can add cake, favors, balloons, and a pin that the kids can sign.

Camping Areas

Go camping with your family. Rent an RV for the trip and head to the nearest campground; your time away from phones and tablets is priceless. Spend the weekend roasting marshmallows by the campfire, playing board games, and taking in the great outdoors with your family.


a person holding the hotel door open showing the bed inside

Get your belongings and make your way to a hotel for the night. Make it a memorable occasion while staying within your budget.

You can also check the “name your price options,” which allows you to choose how much you want to pay for the room. The disadvantage is that you cannot select the hotel where you will stay. However, you can choose the location, quality, and price, which could be ideal for a single night away.

Escape Room

Escape rooms are great for fun, team-building nights with family or friends. They typically last about an hour, giving you ample time to go out to dinner and continue the celebrations all night.

Swimming Pool

What child can resist a swim in a pool? You can select a venue with lifeguards on staff who will lead activities such as rafting, water games, and kickboard relay races. Adults may also be able to enter the water.

Movie Theatre

You could take the children to your local movie theater to see the latest children’s film to keep things simple. Each theater has different options, but it is a unique way to keep a group of kids entertained for two hours.

Bounce House

Allow children to burn off excess energy by bouncing on inflatable toys. A specialized bounce house facility is among the most enjoyable birthday party locations for children. They’ll go crazy for huge inflatable slides, basketball nets, obstacle courses, and other fun activities.

Skating Rink

people skating on skating rink decorated with snowflakes

Skating might be more trendy when you were a kid, but it’s still a fun activity you and your family can do on your child’s birthday. Spend a couple of hours at the skating rink, whether you go ice skating or roller skating. Please notify the rink that you are there to celebrate a birthday so that the DJ can announce the occasion and play a special song.

The Amusement Park

Taking your kids to the amusement park for their birthday will be one big thrill ride. Many parks offer pre-purchased perks such as parking, discounted food, and ticket packages to help you save money. If your child’s birthday falls during the winter, you can take them to an indoor water park or amusement park.

Craft Shop

Without a doubt, children would enjoy celebrating their special day in an arts and crafts store. In these stores, you can organize an unlimited number of DIY projects. That means you can throw the most fun and best parties in this venue.

Craft stores are frequently pre-decorated. This means you won’t have to spend much time decorating the venue. In addition, the crafts store can assist you with activities and themes for the big day.

Galleries and Aquariums

To stimulate your child’s creative side, consider holding an outdoor birthday party at a gallery or aquarium. These are impressive venues where your children will discover new things. Maybe the trip will inspire them to try something new in the coming year.

The galleries and aquariums are also open to the elderly! Even adults are likely to have a good time at these kids’ birthday party venues/locations.

The Zoo

a close up of the head of a giraffe

You can have your birthday party at a zoo! Going to the zoo now necessitates extensive planning and preparation. You must be conscious of what you wish to see and what you want to avoid.

Hire a competent tour guide to reduce your workload. Request that the guide takes your children to the best areas of the zoo.

Build-A-Bear Workshop

Create a furry friend from scratch with your birthday guests. Have your kids pick, stuff, and customize their bear in the Build-a-Bear workshop before taking it home.

Indoor Soccer Facility

If your child wants a true indoor birthday party with lots of physical activities, you should think about renting an indoor soccer facility. Once again, this is an intriguing location for the celebration.

Of course, an indoor soccer facility is not the most affordable option on this list. But it’s a fantastic one! The ultimate objective of this event is to keep your children entertained while encouraging physical activity.

A Restaurant

Eating at a restaurant is the most common option for hosting birthday parties, and restaurants are fantastic locations for a child’s indoor birthday party. Dining at a child-friendly restaurant will be a memorable experience.

Many restaurants also offer birthday party packages. On their special day, some restaurants even allow children to become chefs.

Ice Cream Parlor

a person’s hand holding an ice cream cone

There would be no one who would object to having a birthday party at an ice cream shop. This is, after all, everyone’s favorite dessert. The ice cream parlor you select must be stocked with delectable flavors.

Choose ice cream shops that offer children’s menus. Shop around and choose the shop wisely, or ask your child, and the majority of your workload will be drastically reduced. Your kids will know which ice cream shop they want to enjoy their birthdays!

At the Farm

Farms will always be absent from any list of the best kids’ birthday party venues. The farm allows the children to interact with nature. This is among the most enjoyable ways to hold your child’s birthday party outside.

It’s easy to throw a party on the farm. The venue will be adequately decorated with balloons.

The Gym

Do your partygoers prefer an active, energizing celebration? Consider your local gym, which could be a surprisingly fun place for a toddler or child’s birthday party! Basketball, swimming, and other high-energy activities are available at many recreation centers, fitness clubs, and gyms.

Apple Orchard

Going apple picking allows kids to create their healthy goodie bag while getting some exercise and fresh air. Some orchards provide additional activities, such as farm animal visits.

Pottery Paint Store Party

a crop artisan and little girl painting earthware in a workshop

You can paint your pottery at a ceramics studio, such as bowls, mugs, and plates. These pottery painting studios are springing up in both small and large towns. These little stores have been around for over a decade, but they still provide a fun environment for crafty entertainment while someone else cleans up.

If you are looking for more ways on how you can make your child’s birthday party more fun, you may also read our Ultimate Guide to Throwing a Kids Birthday Party for more tips and recommendations.