Check Out These Cool Cake Designs for Nature Lovers!

Today’s cakes are much more than delectable desserts, thanks to a talented group of bakers. These modern confections are as aesthetically fascinating as they are tasty, with designs premised on everything from flowers to wintry landscapes, as evidenced by this collection of nature-inspired cakes. With these cool cake designs for nature lovers, let us celebrate the beauty of the world around us!

Whimsical Oblong Floral Cake

Flower cake designs don’t get any simpler than this! This Whimsical Oblong Floral Cake, with its simple floral border, is ideal for spring birthday parties and social gatherings. Add a message or top the cake with a cake topper or candles for the perfect finishing touch.

Wildflower Rustic Wedding Cake

When it comes to rustic wedding cake designs, you don’t need to stick to muted and neutral wedding color palettes. You can’t go wrong with wildflower accents!

Including wildflowers in your nature-themed wedding cake will give it a shabby chic appearance that will look great in a barn or farmhouse setting. These colorful blooms will brighten up any dessert table. Working with your florist and baker to pinpoint in-season blooms that will offer your confection a “cottagecore” vibe is essential if you’re planning a country cake.

Combine clusters of wildflowers with sprigs of greenery and grassy palms to create a rustic boho look. A three-tiered cake crawling with blossoms and woodland vines can appeal in its natural wildness.

Wildflower crowns that wind around every layer will appear to be plucked from a forest fairy’s hair. Look no more than these freshly foraged masterpieces for inspiration for a magical woodland event.

Rosebud Cake

This majestic Rosebud Cake honors all those who adore flowers and vibrant colors! This flower cake idea is bright and bold and ideal for almost any occasion, including birthdays, garden parties, showers, or girls’ night out!

Lilac Flower Cake

With this delightful Lilac Flower Cake, you can almost smell the flowers. This flower cake is simple and rustic, with a natural appearance, making it ideal for birthdays, weddings, and spring showers.

Breath of Spring Floral Cake

This soft and feminine cake makes it an ideal choice for a wedding or baby shower. Outline your design using a toothpick, then pipe flowers, stems, and leaves over the lines. 

Wintry Landscape

Three 8″ cakes are stacked on top of the other to form an 11″ tall barrel cake in this triple barrel goodness. It’s topped with a blue ombre buttercream—a combination of purple, black, and cyan. The palette knife painting on the cake depicts trees and mountains with a touch of bright white to simulate fresh snow.

White Rose Buttercream Cake

This cake does not require a bag or a tip! This Elegant White Rose Buttercream Cake is perfect for your next birthday party or bridal shower, and it’s decorated with a tapered spatula and green and white icing. 

The fine point of the tapered spatula is ideal for creating petals and leaves. Use it like a paintbrush to create a lovely rose and daisy design.

Rustic Three Tier Square Cake

This nature-inspired cake is adorned with whimsical vines and rolls of chocolate twigs. This cake is what happens when elegance meets rustic, with petite white blossoms, moss green-covered seed pods, and a magnificent wooden tree wedge for serving.

Greenery Adorned Rustic Cake

Make your rustic cake look like it came straight from the forest floor by adding an organic touch! You can continue adding eucalyptus sprigs and greenery garlands to generate an organic color palette. To complete the look, turn a barrel into a cake table and adorn it with tea lights.

You can also choose a thinly frosted white cake with a warm brown sponge and soft ivory colors. This almost-naked white cake’s exposed layers of beige sponge can be embellished with lush greenery. The all-white layering produces an eye-catching modern backdrop.

You can add an unusual and one-of-a-kind twist by using lavender frosting, which perfectly complements the fresh greenery and buds. With so many aromatic garnishes, we are confident that the beauty will smell as great as it tastes. Lush greenery and natural, muted tones are the perfect bucolic complements to a rustic fondant.

You can also trim a naked three-tiered wedding cake with eucalyptus vines to create a natural look that would be a nice complement to any outdoor fall celebration.

Edible Flower Cake

Flowers’ inherent charm makes them an excellent choice for cake decorations. And, like the flowers themselves, the methods of adornment vary. Some bakers create icing extension sweet buttercream florals, while others prefer the real thing.

But what’s the issue? Not every flower is edible, and after photographing the gorgeous embellishment, you must remove the entire carefully-crafted arrangement. Edible flower cakes are a delicious alternative for those who wish to have their cake and have it too.

There is a large variety when decorating with edible flowers, as attested by these stunning desserts. Peonies, hibiscus, and lilacs are a few examples of blooms that you can use to add color to bundt cakes or spongy layers. These are frequently arranged in small bouquets lining the top and trailing down the side of the dessert.

Candies and cookies are also mixed in with the blossoms to enhance the texture and flavors of the decoration. However, pressing the petals into the icing can produce an elegant appearance resembling a painting.

If you wish to incorporate edible flower cakes in your next get-together, even in a wedding cake—the ingredients are easier to come by than you might think. Online stores sell a wide range of blooms and all the necessary cake decorating equipment.

Succulents Cake


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Beautiful greenery and blossoms may have the upper hand in décor, but an arbor-inspired cake can make a strong statement among naturists and those who appreciate green details. You can use green succulents of differing sizes to decorate a four or single-tiered rustic cake, adding a refreshing twist to the more conventional desserts we’ve seen.

Each buttercream figure, like real-life cacti and other water-storing plants, is unique in size, color, and shape. The buttercream succulents blossom into verdant gardens and morph into cake-topping terrariums clustered together in bunch-like arrangements.

This cake design can also be customized and personalized with cake toppers and monograms. After all, what good is your tree-themed cake if the “bark” isn’t carved with your initials?

Rosette Cake in Pink and Purple

The Pink and Purple Rosette Cake is a simple sheet cake for beginners, blooming with buttercream rosettes. Combine different drop flowers and star tips for creating various shapes and sizes of rosettes, then finish with a few sugar pearl sprinkles.

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