Dora Birthday Party

Come on!  Vamanos!

So here is a short birthday from the past.  We had a Dora birthday for my daughter’s 2nd birthday.


I made backpacks from felt for all of the kids.  When they arrived they were greeted with the backpack and a map inside that I made for the party.  We had a Dora adventure using the map. It consisted of:

1)  Backpack Brain Teaser – They had to feel inside a backpack and figure out the objects that were in there.

2)  Maraca Mountain – A table set up with maraca’s for everyone to decorate.

3)  Musical Valley – A version of musical chairs but using print outs of characters from Dora to stand on.

4)  Blindfold Forest – There were treats hidden in the back yard for the kids to find

5) Pinata Playground – We ended with the big Dora pinata.


Food – We had mexican food to go with the dora theme.  On the tables I set out chips and salsa, tortilla roll-ups, and dora fruit snacks.  For lunch, we had enchiladas and beans.

It turned out to be a great fiesta with a lot of food and fun!

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