Coffee, Coffee and more Coffee

I LOVE coffee.  I don’t think I could survive without it.  There are many ways to incorporate coffee into your next celebration.

Why not have a coffee bar at your next party.  A simple caffeinated buffet for your guests to enjoy.

Serve different flavors of coffees depending on the event:  different coffee flavors to fit the season; cooled iced coffees, lattes, cappuccinos

Set out different toppings or mix-ins:  sprinkles; chocolate dipped spoons; cinnamon or peppermint sticks

Here are some coffee ideas from Martha Stewart:


Rachel Ray also has some great coffee ideas:


Spicy Mocha Milkshake; Mochaccino-Caramel Souffles; Iced Cafe Mocha; Middle Fork Coffee Cake

Enjoy all the caffeine!!!

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  1. I’m a coffee fiend, so I’m lovin’ all these ideas! That cupcake from Martha looks delicious…thanks for sharing.