A Sound of Music Party

As the holidays approach, I love all of the traditions that go with it!  One thing that I love to do every year and now my children are starting to enjoy is watching The Sound of Music.  When I saw this party, I just had to share it!

Each child had an outfit made for them that resembles the curtain outfits that are worn in the movie.  The backdrop was made from various fabrics to look like the Alp scene.  I love how the cupcakes were topped with images of her “Favorite Things”.  What a unique way to celebrate your birthday!




Backdrop Cupcakes2





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  1. FABULOUS idea! I’ve never seen a Sound of Music party before, but I must say I’m in love at first sight. Now I just need to have a daughter, so I can have a party like this…

    Thank you for your wonderful comment on Create My Event 🙂

  2. That is beyond adorable!

  3. Cari@ Socially Circled says

    What an original idea! I love it!!

  4. Um, this is an adorable idea!!!