Mint Lemonade

I love having fresh mint in my back yard to use for great drinks like this.  Try making this tasty Mint Lemonade.

This lemonade recipe makes for a refreshing non-alcoholic cooler on warm days and a grown-up alternative to cocktails on summer nights.

Mint lemonade

Mint lemonade

Recipe from the BBC blog.


  • large handful fresh mint, leaves picked
  • 6 lemons, juice and zest of 3
  • 3 tbsp sugar cane syrup
  • sparkling mineral water, to top up

Preparation method

  1. Place the mint leaves into a tea towel and bruise with a rolling pin.
  2. Add the mint to a pitcher, with the lemon juice and zest and sugar cane syrup.
  3. Top up with sparkling water. Mix the cocktail well and add more sugar cane syrup, to taste.
  4. Chill in the fridge.

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  1. Wow, this means a double cooler…with the mint!