Ways to Use a Heart Silicone Mold

Do you have a heart shaped silicone tray?  If so, did you know how many different things that you can make with it?

I found mine at Target in the dollar section but you can also purchase them from Michael’s and Amazon.

My kids love coloring so we have an overabundance of crayons and broken crayons.  Since we have so many broken crayons, we decided to put them to use for their Valentine’s.

We made these cute heart shaped crayons to give to their friends.  You can find easy instructions on how to make these Family Fun.


Another easy way to use these silicon molds is to make heart shaped ice.  You can make regular ice or make red ice using red food coloring or a red juice.  Kids will love to use the ice in any kind of drink and adults and add these to a Valentine martini.


Don’t these chocolate hearts with flaming strawberries from The Pink Whisk look like a great Valentine’s Day treat.  The heart mold was used to make the brownie and the ice cream filling.

These pomegranate heart jello shots from Confessions of a Chocoholic add a little excitement to Valentine’s Day.

These Caramel Hearts definitely look like a delicious treat.

These Heart Shaped Bird Feeders from Little Wonders’ Days would be a good gift to make for grandparents or as just as a fun craft with the kids.

Another great craft and decoration using the silicone molds is this Yarn Hearts Banner from Bliss Bloom.  They are simply made with yarn, fabric hardener and silicone trays.

If you are staying home and making a romantic dinner, be sure to make heart shaped butter to go with your meal like this from The Thrifty Couple.

Have you used heart molds to make anything?

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