Fall Hostess Gift Ideas

If you’re attending a Thanksgiving dinner – be it a formal family affair or a more casual Friendsgiving – you don’t want to show up empty-handed. When you know your host has been cooking, preparing, and taking extra time to follow safety precautions, it’s just nice and polite to give a gift. And if you can’t be with your loved ones for the holidays this year, you can send a gift to remind them that you are thinking of them and are thankful for them.

Skip the booze or fruit basket and give your hostess something a little more thought-about and personal this year.

1. Natural candle scape set

Alpha Living Home Fall Leaf Napkin Rings Set

Give your hostess a new centerpiece by giving this set of glass votive holders on a wooden plate with stones. It’s an elegant candlescaping set with rich earth tones that suit the colors of the fall – and can even be in season during the spring and summer.

2. Cartoon turkey mug

Cartoon turkey mug

Warm up their day during the fall season and help them stay awake while prepping the Thanksgiving dinner. Fill it up with candy or sweets for an extra festive gift.

3. Throw blanket

Throw blanket

When the post-Turkey fog comes in, this comfy and huge throw blanket will be your hostess’ ultimate companion, along with movies and a cup of pumpkin spice latte. This throw is so soft – it’s the perfect weight for snuggling up during the fall.

4. “The Art of the Cheese Plate” book

The Art of the Cheese Plate book

Cheese, cold cuts, nuts, crackers, and wine – these are your common appetizers before dinner. If your host loves styling cheese plates, this book is full of recipes and unique serving ideas. This book can greatly help your hostess serve fantastic cheese boards.

5. Maple leaf napkin rings

Maple leaf napkin rings

If your hostess loves to decorate the Thanksgiving table, let her know you appreciate that effort and feed her obsession by giving this beautiful fall leaf napkin ring set. The beauty is all in the details.

6. “Who in the Room” party game set

Who in the Room” party game set

Before you dig into the feast, you can get honest and hilarious with your friends on Friendsgiving. This party game is complete with 300 questions that cover all the bases. Know your audience, though – some may not enjoy revealing negative things about themselves.

7. Wooden cake stand

Wooden cake stand

Let your hostess’s special pumpkin or apple pie take center stage on the Thanksgiving table with this wooden cake stand. This 13-inch stand can fit a standard pie plate with room to spare.

8. Fall apron

Fall apron

Get your entertainer this fall-inspired apron, so she can be inspired to cook the next fall get-together again! Anyone would look pretty wearing this as they cook their specialty dishes!

9. Fall coaster set

Fall coaster set

Coasters are always a welcomed gift for any entertainer. This set of colorful coasters can match any fall décor. It looks hand-painted, and the colors do not fade. Plus, it’s made of absorbent stone, so it won’t make a mess.

10. Book-shaped ceramic vase

Book-shaped ceramic vase

For the book-loving hostess in your life, this is a unique gift to give. Place your fall flowers in this vase as a gift, and once the flower has wilted, the hostess still has something to remember you by! This vase resembles a petite book, and once the party is over, she can move it to their office or library.

11. Serving plate

Serving plate

Instead of saying “Happy Thanksgiving,” get a serving tray that says “Happy everything,” so the platter would be perfect for all occasions. It’s paired with a cute spreader knife that can surely spread happiness.

12. Natural soaking baths

Natural soaking baths

Hosting a party during the holidays can be exhausting. With these calming bath salts, your entertainer can get much-needed rest and recreation once everybody leaves. This Himalayan pink salt infuses bath water with vitamins and minerals. Plus, the aromatic blend of vanilla and ylang-ylang can surely calm the senses.

13. French sea salt sampler

French sea salt sampler

Serious cooks will appreciate this gourmet French sea salt sampler. If your entertainer loves to serve delicious, exquisite dishes made with ingredients you don’t know about – this sampler is a great gift. This one comes with ingredients grown and harvested in France. If you gift this in time, your Thanksgiving feast may get an exotic twist.

14. Reusable food wrap

Reusable food wrap

Thanksgiving dinners usually taste better as leftovers, so give them a sustainable storage solution by using this reusable food wrap. Your host would appreciate this little thing that most people don’t think about. These reusable food wraps can keep the many turkey sandwiches to come fresh and tasty.

15. “Modern Comfort Food” cookbook

"Modern Comfort Food” cookbook

Your host may cook great turkey recipes, but every home chef could use a few more cozy recipes for the other days of the year. This cookbook offers homey favorites like Boston cream pie, cheddar and chutney grilled cheese sandwiches, and chicken and potatoes – and gives them a yummy twist.

16. Kyoto autumn leaves incense

Kyoto autumn leaves incense

Does your hostess love scents and fragrances? Let her home be infused with the scent of autumn with incense. This sandalwood and cinnamon spice incense captures the mood and beauty of a fall day in Kyoto, Japan.

17. Chestnut roasting pan

Chestnut roasting pan

Help your host serve chestnuts freshly roasted on an open fire, whether in their backyard or the fireplace. This cast iron pan has an extra-long handle that can be held over a roaring fire. The handles, apparently, won’t get hot!

18. Courtyard garden puzzle

Courtyard garden puzzle

Even the most eagle-eyed person would want to take their sweet time with this 1,000-piece illustrated puzzle of a hand-painted courtyard garden. It spells hours of fun for the host’s whole family!

19. Jam variety pack

Jam variety pack

If your host likes to eat bread and cheeses – and love to serve them – giving them this jam variety pack can upgrade their host game. It’s a jam pack with three fruity flavors that goes well with the clean and crisp fall weather. It comes with Forbidden Fruit Marmalade, Rosehip Jam, and Prickly Pear Jam.

20. Cinnamon pumpkin scented candle

Cinnamon pumpkin scented candle

Light and not overpowering, this scented candle is a delightful fall gift to a hostess or any homeowner for that matter. It gives off the autumn bliss and warmth feel with its silky aroma harmoniously blended by pumpkin, cinnamon, amber, and vanilla. The tin can packaging is gorgeous as well. After the candle is consumed, it can be reused as storage or as a planter. Win-win!